13 Nov 2016

Me and liefie where talking one night about all our fantasies and knowing me I create new ones every day. He is brand new in the lifestyle and meeting me must have been one helluva culture shock to this poor man's system. That said and done I decided lets try his cyber fantasy as I'm not really into cyber.............. when I see I wanna touch, suck, fondle, play and ofcourse fuck.

I organised with my longtime playmate haelje and dearest friend oudmaarniekoud to get their willingness and ofcourse participation and invited everybody over to our place one night when the boys where out.

We chatted in the pool and made sure the peeps who really knows us will be there to watch it. Come nine o clock and the cam started rolling. Remember people I write the story afterwards so the sequence might be wrong but I try to get everything as close to the truth as possible.

I'm still on the moonboot so a bit uncomfortable to really enjoy playing with it on so it just had to go. I was lying on the bed while liefie was kissing me and working me up in a frenzy with his hands on my boobs, twitching pulling and sucking gently in the beginning mmmmmmmm I love him kissing me and this makes me instantly hot............ while haelje open my legs and start to play with my pussy....... mmmmmmm fuckit love the feeling of a man between my legs expecially when he knows what he is doing... After a few minutes I'm hot as hell when he starts eating this pussy like only he can.............. ever heard of jan pierewiet on the national anthem tune mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cumming galore and once I start cumming I cant stop. Sucking on liefie's beautiful cock and hearing him enjoying it makes me soooooooooooooo horny. After about 5 orgasms and a squirt or two in haelje face he started fucking me real hard and deep, varying between slow and shallow deep and hard fast and furious (not the movie) and making me lifting off the bed.............. superwoman here we come. bucketing under my orgasms he needs a very steady hold otherwise he will be off the bed........... Liefie takes over and uses his cock as a mouth to bristle my clit making me squirt like mad.............. oooooooooooooo fuck I love fucking my liefie sooo much....... Finally carol is ready to join and haelje waste no time to properly heat her up by fingering her very tight pussy soooooooooooo hot to hear my friend next to me enjoying herself and def making me cumming all over again while liefie is now fucking me slowly and deep this is soooooooooo intense and I just cant get enough just want him deeper and deeper my legs almost around my ears lol..................

I think its time to take a smoke break and hush liefie over to join the other two and taste the forbidden fruit... I have known carol for three years now and this was the first time ever I actually heard carol so loud except for our 3 some a few nights before another fantasy. She was sooooooo horny and hearing the sounds of her enjoying my man while I can see he also loves every second keeps me horny as hell

To be continued............................

Feel free to write a comment and if you haven't cumm at least once then my story telling skills is up to shit