Written by MinglingSingle

14 Mar 2013

So after all your lovely comments, I have

decided to share part 2 of the story with


Work was dragging by at a pace that would

even have embarrassed tortoises. I could not

focus on my work at all and my thoughts kept

drifting off towards the conversations of the

last couple of weeks and the meeting that

was scheduled for the evening.

After what seemed like decades, 17:00 finally

arrived, and went home for a quick shower

and change of clothes.

Mossel Bay is round about a 45 minute drive

from George, and I hit the road at

approximately 17:30, allowing myself enough

time should I get lost.

I am equipped with a crudely drawn map with

directions of how to reach their place from

the highway.

The closer I get to Mossel Bay, the more

nervous I seem to get, but equally the more

aroused I got just thinking back to the

conversations via mail and the pics that were


I finally pull into their driveway at about

18:25 and try to gather myself for a moment

before I open my car door and slowly head for

the front door.

My shoes seem like they are made of lead as I

can’t seem to put one step in front of the

other one.

I reach the front door and I have barely

knocked on the solid wooden door when the

door opened and Mrs XXX stood there with a

huge grin on her face, wearing the same light

blue summers dress than in the picture she

sent me.

She literally flung herself at me and gave me

a surprisingly tight hug for such a built lady.

She asks whether I found the place okay and

all I seem to get out of my extremely dry

mouth is a shallow “Yeah, not too bad”

She takes my hand and lead me inside to the

lounge where Mr XXX is sitting scanning the

tv channels.

We exchange handshakes and pleasantries

before I take a seat on the double seater and

Mrs XXX takes a seat right next to me.

We chat about general topics before Mrs XXX

take the plunge and ask me about my previous

meetings with people in the lifestyle.

I stutter the reply that this is my very first

meeting, and thinking that I might just have

blown the whole evening, the exact opposite


It is as if the Mr and Mrs got even more into

the evening, and her hand was now placed on

my leg, very discreetly trying to move

towards the inside of my leg.

Mr XXX got up and put water in the kettle and

upon his return started fidgeting with the tv

and dvd player, all this while Mrs XXX is

chatting to me as if she had known me for


My hand has also now found her slightly

spread legs and I was gently rubbing the leg

through the soft thin material of her dress.

The music started playing and to my utter

surprise and shock, a pornographic movie

started on the tv.

The curtains were drawn and Mr XXX

commented that the viewing pleasure was to

loosen the atmosphere.

As the scene changed to a pool scene where

the lady were giving a bj to the guy on the

side of the pool, Mrs XXX hand reached its

intended destination as she cups it over the

bulge that has long formed in the crotch area

of my jeans.

She pulls me towards her and plants a kiss full

on my lips, taking me by surprise and before I

can gather myself properly her tongue forces

my lips apart and darts inside. My hand that

were on her leg shifted down until it reached

bare skin and then I slowly moved it up again,

causing the dress to ride up and my hand to

slide under the dress.

I can audibly here her gasp for breath as I

continue my quest upwards, until I reach her

slit and as I expected, she was not wearing

any underwear. My fingers wrap around the

little landing strip of hair and give it a playful

tug, causing her to gasp for breath yet


All this while she is feverishly kissing me and

massaging my throbbing bulge through my


My finger slides across her slit and I can

literally feel the juices oozing out of her, as

it coats my finger.

Suddenly she breaks the kiss and stand up,

grabbing my hand and pulling me along with

her towards the bedroom.

Mr XXX stayed behind in the lounge.

In the bedroom, in a few quick consecutive

motions, Mrs XXX had me completely naked

and my fully erect cock very grateful to be

released from his prison.

I pull her dress over her head and push her

back onto the bed, as my hand roam freely

over her body, stopping to cup and squeeze

those gorgeous tits of hers and pinching her

nipples making them even harder than they

already were.

I spread her legs and lower myself so that my

face is inches away from her clearly visible

wet pussy.

I lick across the length of her slit and cause

her to moan out loud in ecstasy.

I flick across her clit with my tongue, and

then again push my tongue as far as possible

into her wetness at varying tempos, and from

the way she is moving, I realise that she is

getting closer to her climax.

I zone in on her exposed clit whilst inserting

two fingers deep in her and continue to

finger her while nibbling on her clit.

The next moment, I feel her muscles

clenching together as her orgasm hit, and I

feel her juices multiply into my mouth.

I pull out my two fingers and lick the juices

from it while she lies there panting for


After a while she gets up and embrace me

whist kissing me feverishly again, and her

hand wraps around my hard cock, as she

starts to slowly stroke the length of my

shaft. Before long I can feel my own climax

getting nearer, and she sends me over the

edge when she lowers her wet mouth over the

tip of my cock and give it small soft suckles.

I warn her that I am close and with acrobatic

skills fit for the Olympics she manoeuvres

herself onto me and lower her pussy onto my

cock just as I start to shoot my man juices

into her.

After that I got dressed and had to leave as

they had a home owners meeting of some


Utterly satisfied and still sweaty from the

fun that was had, I drove back to George, the

taste of Mrs XXX’s juices still on me and in my


I got home and jumped in the shower and

when I got ready for bed I quickly logged on

to check my emails and there was a message

from Mr XXX with a picture and a link to a


I clicked on the link and the same attached

picture appeared on the screen.

It was a picture of Mrs XXX lying on the bed

naked with her legs spread wide open, cum

dripping from her pussy.

The caption read : “Wife showed me this

present after her first meeting with her new


Let me know what you guys think of Part 2