Written by Playtoy

17 Nov 2017

Well how my name became mine.....

My mom's friend was with us on holiday in the lowveld and was always a flirt and massive tease ....

We all had plenty of drinks and a long day behind us when i decided to go back to the boma....i went straight to my room and called my girl as i was horny as hell but also very loyal. Being alone i got stripped to my jockey and we had phone sex and sent photos up and down ...... i wished to be home and could think of nothing else. As we were talking and playing my mom's friend entered my room with her finger on her mouth showing me to keep quite....i was shocked out of my mind with a erect penis in the one hand and a phone in the other.

I tried saying i must go and tried standing up but she pushed me back and showed me to continue on the phone , i closed my eyes as i was ashamed but felt her climbing on to the bed and her hand joining mine on my now pounding hard cock .....she started licking and slowly put my dick in her mouth going up and down slow but hard...!!! My voice was gone and i could not get a word out over the phone, so i just started making noises and enjoyed both sides ....something so bad never felt so good. She stood up and started taking her clothes and wet bikini off ....i couldnt handle it anymore and told my girl i think someone is in our boma i had to go. I dropped the call and grabbed this magical mature goddess infront of me i wanted to tell her how it felt but she just stuffed two fingers in my mouth and pushed me on to the table she got on top of me and fucked me like i have never in my life been fucked before my whole body was shaking and before i could think i pulled out and came all over her...... she let go of my mouth and told me to shut up and go down on her till she says to come up ......i fingered and licked and bit softly and licked every inch of that pussy she came and came but yet when i wanted to come up again or re enter her as i was also ready again she just forced me back down and ended up getting on top of me she pushed herself down on my face and joined my tounge with her fingers and long nails......after a while she squirted all over my face neck and chest as she moved back ........she hit me softly in the face and said shut up im not done she got on my aching dick and went all out , moaning like she did not care who heard and after about two minutes of hard pounding i needed to go again but she did not want to get off and without any more trying i came in her a full load and just relaxed .......my whole body giving in after the most intense sex i have ever had. She told me to get some sleep took her clothes and left me drained and extremly satisfied.

Till this day we have encounters from time to time and the requests for more exploring never stops.....

I later found out that our rooms was linked with one sided glass as my room was a childrens room that parents could have peace of mind and privacy while on holiday.

I now only go for older woman and i submit to their requests hoping for the day i could beat that unforgetful night