09 Jan 2019

Let me start by saying this, In the beginning I was never a willing participant in entering this lifestyle. Maybe because of being naive or judging those who were I resisted everything about it with a passion. I never knew about swinging heaven or the profile my partner had created with me on it. All I knew was that we had a very exciting and fulfilling sex life and for me that was enough but obviously not for him as I soon discovered.

He had subtly hinted and persisted with wanting us to visit a Adult Themed swinging club just out of curiousity sake. My response as always was "No" as I was not going to be forced to swop partners or do something I hated.

But he was not going to take no for an answer and on this weekend we were staying over at my familys for a birthday party and on the Saturday evening as we were leaving the dinner party he said it's early why don't we go for a couple of drinks and find a nice place to go dancing at. We stopped outside the club and he then for the first time informed me what club it was and that they were expecting us as he had registered prior. I was immediately not a happy partner as I felt lied to and deceived and i was not going to make it easy for him. Never the less inbetween being pissed off and angry he stressed it was only to have a drink and look...

I reluctantly agreed and we proceeded to walk in and be met in reception by the host who knew of prior registration and promptly took the cover charge from my partner and all I really wanted was a drink to calm my nerves. We had obviously arrived very late as in the club things were already in full swing excuse the pun. We were led to bar but I couldn't help myself from looking at the shirtless men and several topless woman who seemed very comfortable with what was happening. This was a completely new experience for me and my instinctive fight or flight response kicked in. I had that fuck off look on my face and the bitch in me kicked in and the alcohol did help. In the closest booth there was several couples semi naked and slowly they began caressing and fully undressing a sexy curvacious

blond who was left only in high heels and stockings and guided to lie on booths table.. I tried to look away but a guy caught me staring and he came over and introduced himself and politely requested from my partner if I could join.... Obviously I decined....

More to follow.