07 Jun 2017

Travelling a lot for work takes me to various places . so i landed up in a small town in the kzn midlands . the bnb was well catered for but small enough to know all 5 there for the time . as time goes on me and the one lady got more to talk and relaxed in each others company . we shared wine and drinks and it never occurred to me that anything would happen . day 3 and the others in the bnb went out to the local club . we sat watching tv and when there was a saucy scene we commented and laughed . i slowly massaged her neck and she came to sit infront of me on the rug . she let me do her shoulders and i would accidently touch her lower down . she said she never had such a sensual massage and revealed to me that she actually prefers a womans touch . revealing she is a lesbian was aturn on for me . as she relaxed andlet me slowly go lower to touch her boobs outside of her bra . we got more chatting on sexual preferences and she told me about her new vibrator . i said i got to see it . so she took me to her bedroom . on the bed she put it on and i said how does it feel on her nipples . slowly she stroked her boobs with it . i saw her nipples get rock hard . by then her blouse was open and i massaged her shoulders more . revealing gorgous big boobs was next . she was very turned on by now . saying a man hasnt touched her for years . i pushed the vibrator lower down till it reached the zip of her jeans . it mad a loud buzz and she giggled ..opening the zip . she hit the clit right on and was now in another world . i helped her out of her jeans and saw her gstring was soaking wet .

she stroked my now hard cock in my shorts and said he should get some attention . i took him out and slowly played with him as she pushed the vibr in het wet cunt . on and on we went till she ruddered out a deep orgasm and shook . she asked me to finger her now . i pushed 2 fingers in and thrust hard . almost on tune she came again ..but squirted a gush . ot was the biggest squirt i ever saw . as i was next to her she pulled me on top of her and said fuck me now hard . i couldnt believe my ears . i put a pillow under her ass and raised her pussy . i slipped into her wet cunt and started slowly . we were both lost in extasy and fucked for the world . we both came together with a bang . sht ...she said ..what a cumm .. iwas lost . we relaxed after that and slept for a while . later i slipped out to my bedroom . next day we greeted and went our ways . later she messaged me .. she made a booking at another farm bnb in 3 weeks time ...if i want more ..i should book there too . well i made the booking ...and 3 weeks later ...boy did she rape me in that cottage infront of the fire ...tell you more later