Written by Anonymous

30 Jan 2019

Of all days, yesterday was the laziest of my days, I spent it in on the couch binging on series, a couple of times I would chat to friends but that was it pretty much,

Time went by so fast and I hardly noticed. Before I knew it, it was just after 5pm. I had literally binged and lay around the whole day and hadn't bathed or eaten. I woke up and took and shower then tidied my place, with the intentions of cooking afterwards. I was craving for some steak!! A nice Juicy steak. Sadly the fridge was empty save for the box of old fish fingers and bacon. BUT I WANT STEAK.

I took out my phone and asked one of the girls from church who also stays a few houses away to accompany me to a local butchery to get some steak, this side of town, checkers is the most decent place one could get steak from, otherwise I would have to drive a long distance just to get to a proper steakhouse, so then checkers it was. We were not long at checkers so we hit the road back home. We continued chatting as we drove home but I was famished. It really had been a long day.

About 10 min later, we were on my door. Finally i was gonna prepare my steak, I let her in as she had said she wants to chill a bit. I left her in the sitting room and as I walked to the bedroom I was in a state. Were my eyes deceiving me and my mind playing games on me or? I got out of my room and quickly walked back so that I could really confirm if what my eyes were seeing was politically correct!!! Damn!! The girl was finer than what i normally saw at church or any other ordinary day. A dark fine swiss chocolate FINE.

I dont know how I was feeling and I am sure she noticed it. I couldnt even look at her as her eyes kept on piercing mine! Damn I am hungry, in fact I am double hungry. I gave her a very promiscuous compliment. As she was leaving, she asked for a glass of water. Lord, deliver me from temptation, this is not looking good. Her nails were starting to trickle on my chest, and I just remembered that after taking a shower, I just wore my gym shorts, I have no underwear on.

I get her some water, and as she downs it, all i hear is her heavy breathing. I let her take the glass to yhe sink so i can quickly go for an inspection, of her thick butt in a long dress that follows her body.. Either she is wearing seamless underwear or no underwear at all. I let out a sigh. I stood there and froze, frantically looking at that butt in a long dress. She stood there too. She mumbled some stuff and I swear, she was asking me to touch it.. well thats not what he said but that is what I heard. I grabbed that massive butt and she sighed. I assured her I dont normally do this but she was too quick to respond, her hands were down in a flash and all that STEAK in my shorts was exposed in the middle of my kitchen. No one said a word to the other. I was on my knees and her long dress on her waist, yes, there was no underwear, working that vagina.. Slightly sweaty but very clean. She was nice, she was thick and she was yummy.

I worked on that vault for a good 5 min, then i lifted her and placed her on the kitchen counter. My hands ordered my legs to open and before I knew it, my face was buried deep inside her vault again. She moaned. She said i was good, she said my tongue was magical, l made her hear symphonies, she spoke in tongues. She grabbed my head squeezed my ears and squirted so hard. Her squirt gashed all over the counter and on the floor. I never stopped, it seems like this fuelled me to go even more intense. Damn it was good. She moaned and spoke words I dont even think exist. I think i was really a gentleman, i licked her up and she squirted even more. I felt like a magician, In a no time, my shaft was inside her vault , it was warm, wet and perfect. I dug deep into her most vulnerable of spaces, i ensured my strokes had so much precision, my aiming was on point, after a while into the act, she gashed again, this time it was all over me, only then i grunted a little and moaned as i delivered all my load inside her cookies.

We stood there for a few seconds in disbelief of what had just happened. She got down from the counter, pulled her dress down and headed for my bathroom. I stood there naked, when she was done, she came out, sucked my shaft once and asked me not to walk her out.

I wonder if that was yesterday's special. Double STEAK!