Written by FootFetishGuy

28 Jan 2016

My girlfriend Cindy stayed overnight and as usual we had a great time before falling asleep in each others arms. The bedding was a mess, no surprise here, I loaded the washer this morning.

I came back with more laundry late and Cindy sat on the washer, looking almost innocent in her nice summer dress and bare feet - shoes on the floor, her hair down. I went to her, hands on the sides of her smooth thighs and kissed her. "What was that for?" she asked, arms around my neck. I said "Just for making me happy". She gave me a big grin and a kiss as a kept rubbing her thighs all the way up to her ass, Resting my fingers on the sides of her panties. Feeling them brought my thoughts back to last night when I was taking them off.

Then the washer started draining, going for a spin cycle. I had a creative moment, I took Cindy off the washer, and lifted the lid up to move the load all on one side. Cindy was puzzled, even more when I put the lid down and pulled the knob to resume the cycle. Cindy thought I lost a few brain cells "That won't work, its out of balance" With a grin and my eyes sparkling I said "EXACTLY .... out of balance" as I put her back on the washer. Then it dawned on her I hooked my fingers around her panties to pull them them off.

With a mock look of shock she said I am BAAAAD, and she lifted her ass off the washer.

I lifted her dress and when she sat back on the washer "Aaaah, it's cold, you have to warm me up".

I took my place in front of her and her knees parted like magic, I placed the head of my cock inside her pussy, and we looked at each other in anticipation. Then finally the spinning started, WHACK WHACK WHACK ... The rocking and shaking got worse - in my opinion it got better - and Cindy wrapped her legs around my ass, pulling me in deeper. When the shaking got wilder her eyes went wide, she threw her head back and then she pulled me deeper again.

Cindy took her hands off the washer and wrapped her arms around my neck, she started panting, her warm breath on my neck.

I could say this was the most unusual sex we ever had ...... then the spin cycle ended.

"Oh ..... oh no, I was about to cum" Cindy said. She unwrapped herself off me and reset the washer back to SPIN. Then she gave me this look, open mouth smile, her eyes that said "lets do this".

As soon as the ride started again I grabbed her ass and pushed deep again pressing my balls against the washer. She wrapped her legs and arms around me.

No idea how long it was into the spin cycle, Cindy pulled back and placed her hands back on the washer so my cock could rub where she wanted it. Usually she gets an orgasm before I do but this time we got it at the same time.

Cindy stiffened her body, arched her back and wrapped her legs tighter, panting and moaning "Oh shi-i-i-it!"

My knees got weak and I was screaming in a mix of pleasure and agony, my body tense and fighting to stay upright.

Oh man this was intense. I hard to push on the button to stop the rocking and give my cock a break. We physically loosened up and relaxed, looked at each other and laughed a bit.

Laundry will never be the same again.


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