24 May 2016

I was tired again this morning. We had a late night surprise, this time NOT Jean and his wife. Stephane was home alone as Claudine was away on a training course in Paris. Her kids were with her mom so Stephane need not hassle during the day or evenings. That left him a free agent after eons! He decided to visit. He was wyfie's first swing experience, the first man after me to fuck her. Like Jean he was completely taken by her and we went through an intense period with Stephane. What sort of broke him was that he and Jean both wanted a kid with wyfie but Jean succeeded. After the first time, Stephane conceeded that his breeding rights were lost to Jean but still continued to share wyfie. Now with her having Jean's second, it's not been easy for Stephane. Still he is drawn to her.

Opening the door at 22H30, I was surprised but pleasantly so. He grinned and said he'd been idling around at home, then decided to do something about it. Wyfie was freshly out of the shower, dousing herself with chanel n°5 and still upstairs. Stephane looked like he was freshly out the shower himself, clean, shaven and his familiar Tommy Hilfiger competed with my Hugo Boss! I greeted him and ushered him in. He sat while I got him a glass of scotch. Around the same time wyfie came down, smiling and went to him, kissed him hello as the French do.

Sitting between us on the long L-shaped couch, we chatted. Seems like Stephane and Claudine have been caught in the wheel of routine with kids and work and he was glad for the 'me time' as we say. Wyfie wore a silky gown, nothing else beneath that. I liked it that way, because when it's just the two of us, it allows me to be physical or affectionate in the way that I prefer. I love the feel of her skin, her thighs, her soft velvet feel of her pussy and smooth breasts and crimson nipples. I liked having these beneath my fingers.

Stephane was taking all of this in and his hand touched her thigh. He chatted but his attention was elsewhere. His hand grazed her thigh through her silky robe and he made no attempt to hide his lusty intentions. On my side I found this sensual and I replicated his actions on the other side. Slowly, wyfie's chat became inconsistent as she herself became more aware and aroused. Her legs placed initially together, thighs closed, slowly parted. Stephane placed his scotch glass on the side table. He turned to wyfie and turned her face to himself. Kissing her, he slipped his hand inside her gown and cupped her pussy, squeezing it with his palm and fingers, then ran his palm over her pregnant bulge, soothing her, before caressing her left breast. As he did so, he broke the kiss from her mouth and trailed his lips over her cheek, down her neck and brough his mouth to her swollen breasts. As he manipulated her breast and squeezed her nipple, a bit milk appeared. Stephane licked it, looked at her and smiled.Then he took her nipple in his mouth and nursed. She moaned her satisfaction while she fed her lover from her breast. Stephane was in no hurry and having quenched his thirst or rather his lust, he moved to her other nipple. While his mouth extracted her milk, his hand moved lower and again cupped her pussy, this time he plied her thighs apart explicitly and she obliged..she had no choice at this point, she was between two very needy men with two very greed cocks. Stephane's hand on her pussy, I plied her other thigh a bit to open her up a bit. I stuck my middle finger into her mouth and she sucked it. I made a fucking motion with the finger and she played along. Then I removed the finger and lowered my hand. Steohane's middle finger on her clit, I got mine to her puckered ring and began to stimulate her. Stephane's mouth back to her lips, I dropped my head to her full breasts and nursed her; one side then then other, as Stephane had done. Our fingers, mouths soon had the familiar effect. We didn't let up until she orgasmed right there!

Mid orgasm, Stephane moved down to the floor, knelt between her legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the couch. Then he buried his face in her pussy, darting his tongue inside her, while his middle finger probed her ass. His tongue fucking and clit sucking made her hold his head and her thighs clamp him on either side, such was the intensity of her orgasm. Stephane licked her, kissed her inner thighs and nursed her clit until she almost begged to stopped. However she couldn't say anything, because I'd already taken up position to the side and put my cock into her mouth. Stephane looked up and smiled at me. " We took her milk, we should give it back ". I knew what he mean't. I found a position that was comfortable and I slowly stroked her mouth and throat, pulling back occasionally so she could suck a little. It's important that she suck as well. After what seemed a long time, I found mycock starting get ready for release. I steadied myself, held her head and she closed her mouth over my cock,gently pulling as I began to ejaculate. Damn she knew how to suck a cock and I pumped my semen down her throat until nothing could come forth.

About then I noticed Stephane insert his cock into her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast while I reached down and flicked her clit from side to side. The cream on his cock telling me how wet she was and my finger grazing his cock lubricated itself as I flicked her clit. She chomped down on my cock and nursed before Stephane groaned, then she yelped as his semen struck her inside. he held her legs over his shoulders while his cock threatened to reach into her pregnant belly. Just as suddenly, he pulled out and came up, took her mouth off my cock and pushed his in her opening mouth. He fucked her face finishing his last offerings of semen to her mouth. My own cock hard, I went down and slowly pushed into her asshole. Stephane groaned as her mouth made love to his cock. I slowly found a rythm and I buried it to the hilt before pulling out nearly completely, only to push it back in, over and over....Stephane looked down at my cock servicing her asshole...." hmm I want that next ....." he exclaimed! I raked her asshole inside out and ejaculated over clit and tummy....Instinct wanted me to put that in her pussy but being pregnant, hygiene is important. I went off to wash my cock while Stephane came down and immediately filled her gaped asshole as I pulled out, sliding in with her saliva on his shaft.His cock doing duty in her asshole, he leaned forward and sucked her breasts again.

Returning, I found her knee down on the floor, hands on the couch, Stehhane deep in her ass. I slid in front of her and she buried her head in my crotch, my cock again getting the royal suck. Stephane groaned, arched his back and filled her ass with whatever sement he had left. She yelped as his cock flexed and spurted in her ass. Spent, Stephane went to clean off to maintain hygiene. I got up and behind and this time I nailed her pussy. Slowly but firmly, I massaged her vagina, fucking her, revolving my hips, while keeping a two handed grip clasing her neck. Stephane returned and took up station in front of her on the couch. She sucked while I serviced her pussy. Stephane closed his eyes while his cock invaded her mouth and throat. Only his hands cupping her head at the back revealed his need to control.

I felt hard, long and thick. I didn't feel an orgasm near. I fucked her through an orgasm, before Stephane joined me at the back and pistoned her pussy through her orgasm while I held my cock in my hand. He didn't cum, but pulled out and let me do the same. She nearly screamed! We couldn't keep her on her knees too long. So we helped her up and moved to the guest room. Three in the bed, touching, fondling, sucking......until Stephane decided to get four fingers inside her pussy....he worked slowly, patiently, sensually, until his palm all but disappeared. Wyfie was in another world, So were we. When I awoke at 4am, Stephane was spooned into her from behind, and she facing me. They were asleep, but his hand was over her and cupping her breast.....they looked sexy.... we needed to go upstairs before morning, before the kids awoke. Stephane would let himself out. So I whispered to her. She awoke in a very tired, dreamy state. As she attempted to leave, Stephane also awoke. "You not going just yet"......He smiled, pulling her gently back to bed. I relaxed again on the bed, against the headboard. I watched him caress and kiss her in that spooned position. His hand dropped to her pussy and encircled her clit repeatedly. His mouth tracing kisses on her neck. I decided I'd help him. I sank down in the bed, got between their legs. My head reasting on her thigh, I licked and flicked her clit while Stephane caressed and cupped her breasts, kisssed her as she turned to him, her hand holding my head. I dragged my tongue across her pussy and probed her vaginal opening. She'd washed up before sleeping so it was all scented and delicious...I nursed her pussy and clit while Stephane ran his hands over her. Her moaning became constant and I could tell she was very aroused. At the same time, Stephane's cock appeared a bit lower as he sank lower behind her, while holding her knee up. A nice wide angle view! He held his cock and started to use to feel for her opening. I put my hand on his cock and guided him in to her fuckhole while I maintained nursing her clit. His entry was swift and she gasped feeling a cock and mouth and the same time.

Stephane fucked her slowly, sometimes holding it deep I didn't mind his cock milimeters from my tongue. I lazily pleasured her. At one point, Stephane withdrew his cock completely. I held it and sucked her pussy, pressing my tongue inside where his cock was moments before. Then I pushed it back inside her. Stephane's need grew and he started to fuck her with more vigour, more purpose until he was pistoning her. His cock changed from clear slippery glistening to whitish from her juices flowing. I sucked her clit and Stephane rolled her nipples while screwing her. I heard him groan, then she winced and held my head. I felt her body tremble and I got the strong distinct odour of semen. Stephane's cock driving into her drove her forward. He groaned and kissed and caressed her while his stroking of her pussy became hard and fast, hold, one, two three strokes, hold. He filled wyfie's pussy and plugged it shut, letting her enjoy it, while my oral stimulation made it all the more intense. I needed release. I went up. Took her mouth. Stephane caressed her neck and kissed her face while my cock quickly found a rythm. She held her tongue out so I could enjoy her throat. I loved how she selflessly offered it this way. I felt Stephane's hands cradling my balls and squeezing them. That was enough, I jetted into her mouth. She tasted some, and some went straight down her throat. I fucked her mouth a bit more while she sucked the semen........ I pulled out, Steohane kissed her mouth then pointed her back to my cock which she sucked again. Stephane got up, came closer and we shared her mouth. I wanted to stay finish with Stephane. Something inside me said to leave them, so I did, I went upstairs. I closed the door, watching Stephane's cock disappear into her mouth, his hands holding her head.......Later wyfie joined me in the shower, Stephane had left. I washed her and she washed me. We kissed. Then she told me that Stephane wants to come back this evening. She's tired, but unable to refuse him.......