Written by Tonguemansa

04 Jul 2013

Since I got divorced, each year I took my holiday in Mpumalanga by a lake in the mountains. I rented a cabin, played a lot of golf, swam and did whatever I feel like. The days were great and filled with activities but the nights were a different story. I'd been divorced for three years and really haven't had time to date much.

During the summer of 1997 I again went to my usual holiday spot. And here starts my story.

The nights were usually fairly warm at the lake. The swimming area was usually pretty dark at night. Lots of times I went down to the docks of the swimming area and sat out on the end of one of them. Sometimes if I got a little daring I took some of my clothes off. I'm a fairly attractive man. But a little short and a bit too much over-weight. I've got soft brown eyes and a quick smile. I get a lot of compliments on my butt and legs especially when I wear shorts.

This particular night was very warm. The temperature was still in the high 30's and I couldn't sleep. I had dozed a little but ended up waking up to a sensual dream leaving me feeling erotic and horny to say the least. After laying there for a little bit I decided to go down to the lake. It was just after midnight. I figured no one would be around so I pulled on a pair of shorts and headed out. It was a really calm night with the moon just about full. I knew the moon would light up the swimming area some but I thought, "What the Heck".

When I got to the swimming area I looked to make sure no one was around. I walked out to the end of the dock and sat down. Convinced I was all alone I undid my shorts and slid them off. My penis was already a little hard and formed a rather nice sight in the moonlight. As the moon danced on the water I suddenly felt the urge to swim naked out to the raft. I slid off the end of the dock into the cool water. While a little cool the water had an unusually wonderful feel against my naked body. I swam for the raft feeling free and yet wanting so badly to have someone with me. I climbed up the ladder of the raft my body dripping with lake water from my swim. My penis partially hard stuck out a little making for quite the sight in the light of the moon. I sat down on the raft and stared out over the moonlit water. After a bit I laid back and thought about the times I had swum at night with some of the guys and girls at this lake. One night in particular came back to me. Two girls had talked me in to going skinny dipping with them. We were too young to get really crazy but we did enjoy seeing each other naked. Suddenly.....my thoughts were interrupted by the sound of sloshing water. I sat up rather startled and looked around.

"Oh, I'm sorry" I heard a female voice say, "I didn't know there was anyone out here."

Peering up over the ladder of the raft was the head of a lady. Her hair was slicked back from swimming through the water and I could make out a faint smile on her face. "Mind if I come up?" she asked.

"UMMMM...er.. I....well," I said. "I sort of didn't expect anyone to be out here."

"Me either," she replied.

"May I come up?" she asked again.

"Well I sort of don't have anything on," I said realizing suddenly that I was in a rather peculiar situation.

"I don't mind if you don't," came the reply. "Besides," she continued, "it's sort of dark anyway."

"Come on up, then," I said as I sat up and pulled my legs up close.

As she got up on the raft I could see that she had on a white bikini. She quickly sat down on the raft pulling her knees up close to her body. We both sat quietly for a moment not quite sure what to do next.

"My name is Marinda," she said quietly. "And you are?"

"Embarrassed," I replied with a chuckle.

"Don't be." she smiled. "Actually, I had planned to do the same thing, but chickened out. I think it's neat that you had the guts to take everything off."

After a moment of silence I said, "I'm Mike. This isn't my normal behaviour but something about the lake has an unusual effect on me."

"I know what you mean," she replied, "I couldn't sleep tonight and felt the pull to come down and go swimming. I waited a long time thinking that I would have the swimming area all to myself."

"Sorry about that" I said.

"Don't be" she laughed. "Actually this makes it a little better. What fun would it be to do this all by yourself."

After that we talked and shared things about ourselves and our kids. Like me she was divorced and had brought her two boys up to the lake for a vacation. Her mother had come along and was in the cabin with the two boys. Like me her days were very busy and this was some alone time that she relished and was taking advantage of.

She smiled several times as we talked and as she became more at ease, stretched out her legs and leaned backed with her arms behind her. She appeared to be tall and slender with a rather nice build. Her swimsuit seemed to be rather sheer and I could make out a slight bulge in her top about where her nipples would be.

"I haven't seen a white bikini in a long time," I said surprised at my brashness.

"Actually, this isn't a bikini. I was going to skinny dip but chickened out and wore my bra and panties." She caught my eyes looking at her body and a smile broke out on her face. "Kinda see through isn't it", she laughed.

"Not as see through as mine," I replied.

After an awkward silence she sighed. "I wish I would've been braver."

In my mind I was thinking the same thing. I wish she would've been braver too. Feeling a little braveness of my own I stretched out my legs and leaned back in the same style she was sitting. As I did so I noticed she was trying to be polite but still wanted to catch a glimpse. I wasn't completely hard but there was definitely some swelling there. The way the moon was shining I'm sure she could tell.

"Nice", she smiled.

"What's nice?" I asked.

"Sorry", she said. "I took a peek."

A little embarrassed but pleased I said, "I like what I see too."

She smiled. We sat for a moment quietly. After a bit she sat forward with her legs still stretched out. She looked at me several times like she was going to speak but didn't. Finally I asked, "Were you going to say something?"

"Yes, but I chickened out," she said softly.

"It's okay," I reassured. "This is our time to relax so you can do just that." She smiled but was quiet.

"Okay, I'm going to ask."

"Good", I replied.

"Since I chickened out earlier would it bother you if I took my bra off?" she asked rather nervously.

"Be my guest", I said trying to not sound too anxious. I watched as she reached behind herself and unfastened her bra. She expertly let it slide down and off her front. She smiled at me nervously knowing that I was enjoying the show.

"There", she said. "I've been wanting to take it off for quite awhile now."

"I'm glad you did. Now I don't feel quite so conspicuous", I quipped. "You have beautiful breasts". "I can't believe I said that. I'm sorry", I fumbled.

"To be honest I kinda like it that I'm out here and being seen. I guess that I've fantasized about this a lot but never thought it would happen like this." she said matter of factly.

"Me too", I said.

"Mind if I take a good look?" she suddenly asked rather bravely.

"Long as you don't mind me looking back at you", I grinned. I spread my legs a little and felt myself getting harder. I noticed that her nipples were also very hard now also.

"I guess we can't hide a lot right now", she laughed.

"Yeah, I guess not", I said with a little laugh.

We sat for awhile gazing at each others bodies I'm sure thinking what it would be like to touch or feel each other, but neither one of us said anything.

Finally she broke the silence. "I guess I'd better get back before they come looking for me".

"Me too", I replied. She stood up and began to stretch a little. I stood up and as I did saw her look down.

" You're even bigger than I thought," she laughed.

"I really can't hide it now", I said.

I could tell neither one of us really wanted to leave but both felt like we should at this point. I was really wanting to touch her or feel her up against me or at least tell her that.

"Shall we go on the count of three"? she asked.

"Maybe", I replied.

"Maybe"? she quizzed.

Suddenly I felt brave. "Can I give you a hug before we go"? I asked tentively.

"I'd like that", she smiled. She moved toward me a little so I thought what the heck. I moved closer and reached out for her. She came willingly at this point and I slid my arms around her slender but shapely body. I felt her breasts push up against my chest and she let her bottom come close enough to feel my hardness. I pulled her closer and gave her a firm squeeze. For a moment our bodies pressed against each other. I felt her instinctively push her bottom up against my hard penis and move a little to say I'm here. I think neither one of us wanted to let go but being the gentleman

I said, "Thank you. It feels so good to touch someone again."

"I know what you mean", she smiled. "Thanks for the talk and the .........you know." she said with a giggle.

I smiled. We moved to the edge of the raft. Suddenly, she said, "Oh what the hell!" In the blink of an eye she pulled off her panties tossed them to me and dove in the water. I quickly slid them over my arm so as not to lose them. I picked up her bra that she left in her haste and dove in after her. She quickly got to the dock and started up the ladder. She was at the top just before I reached the dock. As I climbed the ladder I noticed she had picked up her towel and had begun to dry off. I climbed up the ladder and said,

"You may want these".

"So where is your stuff", she asked.

"On the end of the dock over there", I replied.

She quickly walked to my things and picked up my shorts.

"Mind if I keep these as a souvenir"?

Smiling, I replied "Not if I can keep yours".

"There all yours!" she said with a laugh.

She tossed me her towel picked up her shirt and began to pull it on. I watched as she slid it down over her full breasts.

"I'm going to need my towel after you get done drying off. I forgot I didn't wear any shorts down here and now that you've got my panties........."

Feeling brave I quipped, "It'll cost you another hug".

"Ummmm...", she said, "Thought you'd never ask".

I walked over close to her and set the towel on the bench. This time we both moved close and embraced. As I pulled her close I could feel her breathing quicken a bit. This time she slid her arms around me and pulled me close. I felt myself get hard really fast and was almost embarrassed as my penis stiffened right against her bare pussy. She parted her legs a little making room for my hardness. Instinctively she pulled her head back a little and our eyes met. Her eyes went to my lips and mine to hers as if asking for a kiss. We leaned forward and our lips met. We kissed a little.

"Oh, God", she moaned. "I've missed this so much".

We continued to kiss letting our tongues meet. As our kiss grew more passionate our breathing also grew more intense. By now our bottoms were working up against each other and I could feel an intense warmness down there. I slid my hands across her bottom and up her back just under her shirt. As we kissed our hands became more active and before I knew it I was pulling her shirt up. Still kissing she raised her hands inviting me to lift her shirt off. We parted just long enough for the shirt to go. Quickly she pressed back against me this time not hiding what she was thinking and wanting. She ground her mound against my swollen penis. A little moan said it all. Fumbling for the towel she threw it down on the dock. Still kissing we dropped to our knees. Without warning she pulled me over and we fell to the dock. She quickly positioned herself and pulled me on top of her.

Our tongues quickly met and I could feel my hardness pressing against her. I felt her hand reach down and take my penis. She began to massage but quickly moved the head toward her wet opening. As my penis moved against her I felt her thrust her hips forward gasping as she did so. Her hands locked on my bottom and I knew this was the moment we both had been thinking about on the raft. I felt myself penetrating into her warm wetness. Shocks of electricity swept through my body. She lunged upward taking me completely inside. I slid my arms up under hers and pressed firmly against her heaving breasts.

Our bodies still wet from our swim began to melt together in heated passion. We quickly found a rhythm that sent us reeling into deeper passion. We kissed deeply as I stroked in and out of her. Her body began to tense and tremble. I knew she was ready to explode. I drove deep within her confines and felt my penis begin to pulse oozing drops of love juice into her warmth.

"Do me all the way", she panted. "Do me good".

With that I could no longer contain myself and exploded filling her with every ounce I could muster. Her body trembled with her own explosive orgasm and we clutched each other so tightly we seemed to be just one solid mass of lustful flesh. She pushed her opening hard against me engulfing every inch of me deep inside herself. I pushed back hard wanting to go in deeper than I ever thought possible. She gasped suddenly. Panting she pulled me harder unleashing another powerful orgasm causing her to jerk hard against me. I pulled back and slammed hard against her suddenly feeling like I could explode again. Totally unaware of anything but her pulsing body I pounded harder and deeper into her beautiful womaness.

As I felt her fingers dig into my skin I exploded. Powerful convulsions rocked our bodies as we ground our pubic bones into each other. Wetness streamed down the insides of our thighs and beads of perspiration slid off of our hot sultry bodies. She pulled me tighter as her body shook and trembled from still another orgasm.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt her body start to relax. We rolled over me still inside of her and lay for a long time letting the night air cool our bodies. I stroked her hair gently while she lay limply on top of me.

After quite some time had gone by I heard her whisper softly, "I wish this moment would never end". Somehow I thought to myself that this moment truly will never end. How could I ever forget something so wonderful.