31 Mar 2016

Had a late night visit from Jean and his wife Karine.

We were not expecting them, they decided to surprise us.

Wyfie had just stepped into the shower in our bedroom about 10min before.

I poured us all a glass of wine. Jean took a few sips but seemed restless. He was itching to get his cock into wyfie. Who was I to stand in the way of that pleasure. I winked at him and motioned him upstairs. He left quietly. I heard the shower stop running, a laugh and then the laugh was stopped suddenly....suppose he kissed her.

Karine smiled at me and well, we sat closer and slowly made body contact. She wore a black skirt that ended above her knee and a white shaped top that had three buttons creasing the mid section between her voluptuous mamories. I let her know that my eyes were feasting on her sexy body and that I every intention of letting her have my cock. She leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back, sucking her tongue into my mouth and holding it in. Her hands found my cotch and she began unzipping me, before freeing my cock. I needed her mouth. Breaking the kiss, I stood up, took her hand and led her upstairs to join Jean and wyfie.

In the room, door closed shut and locked, we found wyfie on her back on the bed and Jean straddling her chest, his cock in her throat and his balls blissfully bouncing off her chin. Her legs parted, he had one hand behind, encirclin her clit and making her horny and aroused. It was a beautiful and erotic sight and both Karine and I took a moment to appreciate that. I sat Karine on the bed next to wyfie on the lower end, while undoing my trouser. My underwear beneath my feet, I moved in and cradled Karine's head, one hand at the back, one beneath her lower jaw. I guided her to my cock and I watched as it slipped into her warm mouth, her tongue swirling around my shaft.

Karine worshipping my cock, my eyes remained fixed on Jean's long and deliberate and slow talking of wyfie's mouth and throat. He would go deep and gag her. Then he'd pull back slowly until just the tip sat on her lips, her tongue swirling and flicking at it. He knew how she loves the cock and she knew how to accept and pleasure him. He'd hold it from her, making her reach up with her mouth to grab at it, before letting her suck it in again.

Karine was sucking harder. She wasn't too happy when I pulled it from her mouth, that familiar pop sound telling me she was really working my shaft over. I helped her out of her clothing and kissed her from head to breasts to her pussy, before pushing her flat and parting her legs over the end of the bend. Kneeling I buried my face in her sex and sucked her like her's was the last pussy on earth. I flicked her clit back and forth and dragged my tongue from her wet fuckhole to her clit. She moaned her approval. I continued my work of passion.

Jean was now knelt to wyfie's butt, her legs raised either side of his shoulders, him holding her legs, he was slamming her pussy for all he was worth. The sounds of wet pussy and escaping air filled the room as Jean gave wyfie a nice deep internal massage. I could see her bite on her lower lip, eyes closed and head arching backwards as her pussy wilfully accepted the physical pounding from Jean's rampant cock.

I got Karine to orgasm, licking and flicking just enough, just at the right moments to keep her going without oversensitizing her clit. She literally held my head and ground her crotch into my face. Getting face fucked this way by Karine was a sign that she was really hot and horny. Jean's cock worked in a steady rythm and he had wyfie's chest rise and fall, made her moan and got her to say, "fuck me Jean, fuck me..." she was enjoying the cock. I picked myself off the floor, flipped Karine onto her back with knees on the floor holding the bed. Moving behind, I penetrated her hot wet cunt like a hot knife through butter with a throbbing cock. Burying it to the held and locking out her cervix, I slowly pulled out till the tip then ran it back inside her again...and again.....and again.....my hands over hers, she clutching the sheets, my balls slamming her clit as my cock bore into her pussy repeatedly. Karine gave these little grunts each time my cock bottomed out inside her. I love that feeling of knowing I'm hitting it deep. My hips swivelling every now and again to make sure her pussy feels the rotative action of the my shaft as well as it plunging in and out of her.

I heard Jean moan. He released his grip on wyfies uphelp legs that then found their way locked around his back and waist. He leaned forward and pressed into her, kissing her while his cock jerked and spurted his seed inside her. At that moment, I thought he was fucking her with his kid inside her. That was erotic and sensual and so damn horny a thing to do. He would give her two or three strokes inbetween his ejaculating inside her. I could see from behind his cock penetrating her pussy and the white creamy stuff starting to seep from her to his balls..I went deep, hammered his wife and came with her. Jean cuddled with wyfie while I finished off inside his wife. His cock still inside her, he kissed her neck, imprisoned her nipples and caressed her breasts.

Karine was through with her orgasm but my hand reached infront and below and I incircled her clit and kept it going until she orgasmed again while my cock stuck inside her.

I let her enjoy the moment then we joined Jean and wyfie on the bed. It felt good. Jean removed himself from the missionary position and instead spooned into wyfie from behind. His cock limp, he kept a hand over her crotch, rubbing their wetness over her clit and labia and occsionally penetrating her with a finger then two. Karine kissed wyfie full on the mouth, then went down to her nipples, her breasts and then wyfie's pussy. Jean removed his hand and instead held and guided his wife's head to my baby's pussy. Holding his wife's mouth in place, Jean and I took turns to French kiss wyfie. Then I felt K's mouth on my cock again. I let her nurse my cock back to full mast! Then I flipped her onto her back and took her asshole like it was her pussy. Jean staddled wyfie's chest and put his cock in her mouth for a while before he did like I did. Ass fucking them both on the same bed was so fucking horny. I came up K's ass. Jean chose to withdraw and cum over wyfie's tummy.....

We took a shower in pairs. Then went downstairs, had coffee......before seeing our guests off. Jean would have preferred to stay but K had early morning committments. That was that.