Written by orangeswing

17 Jun 2014

Last night, we had a late visit from Stephane. Claudine had taken time off to visit with her parents and she took the kids along. This left Stephane a free agent until she returns Sunday. We chatted, shared a drink. We sat so that wyfie was next to me and facing Stephane on the couch to our right.

As we spoke, I noticed the 'tent' that began to form in his trouser. So did wyfie. Stephane eventually grinned and said that he'd been thinking of her all afternoon and now that he was there, well he'd rather fuck her than chat. We all laughed at his honesty and lust.

Wyfie stood up and reached to remove the empty glass from the coffee table, taking mine as well. She left that in the kitchen and returned. Then looking at us both, she held out her hands and we gave her ours. She led us to the guest bedroom. Once there, she sat on the edge of the bed. As we stripped off, she took our cocks and gave each of us a lovely sucking, starting with Stephane. he groaned his satisfaction. We took each of her breasts and squeezed, rolling her nipples. Looking down, I enjoyed how her mouth opened and accepted our cocks. She loved the cock, her mouth eager to please.

Having pleased us, we then got her on her back and both Stephane and I went down on her. He was between her legs on his knees and I to the side reaching her pussy from above. I flicked her clit back and forth while Stephane probed vaginal opening, slowly working his tongue inside her. I could see and scent from his tongue that she was wet. We kissed and sucked her nether regions, his tongue purposely grazing her asshole. Her head thrown back, she was in ecstasy, her breathing rapid and her loins ablaze, we tasted her orgasm as her pussy succumbed to the joys of dual oral pleasure. Stephane went up and straddled her, ran his cock down her throat a few times then pulled it out, much to her disliking. She reached up and took it again. He cradled her head so she could nurse, then he pulled it again. Down below, I just kept lapping at her wet cunt and clit.

Stephane rolled her over, spread her legs and I watched his cock disappear into her, heard her wince as he bumped her cervix. I then decided to have her 69 me, so disturbing them both, I slide underneath her. I immediately felt her mouth close over my cock, damn that felt good. I locked onto her clit and nursed it. She stopped sucking on my cock, but just kept it in her mouth as she was completely submerged by the feeling of Stephane's cock giving her an internal massage and my tongue making her tingle all over by licking her clit and sucking it into my mouth. Even though I was sucking her clit, I was millimeters from his cock. I had a close up view of Stephane's long thick cock fucking my wife's pussy. We were not even 4 minutes into it and she had another orgasm. I released her clit, during her orgasm, as I didn't want her getting or feeling too sensitive there. Stephane gave her long deep thrusts but slowly, making her feel his cock inside her. He pulled it out completely and thrust it back in. He repeated this several times, making her moan on my cock.

Stephane then pulled his cock from her pussy and began penetrating her asshole. I watched her sphincter resist, then give way, his now wet and slippery cock gliding deep into her shitter. His balls slammed her vaginal opening while I sucked her clit. Stephane wasn't in a hurry. Sometimes he would hold it balls deep into her asshole, sometimes he'd fuck her ass full stroke. Again, he'd pull out and push it back all the way. He was enjoying himself. Then he pulled out and pushed it back into her pussy. Now he held her hips and fucked her long, deep and faster until began to see a creamy white coat over his shaft. I flicked her clit while he fucked her. Then he went deep and and I watched his balls rise and fall repeatedly. He was locked in and it lasted about 2min before he began to move and now the coating over his cock was thick. I began to taste something different and swirled it around her clit. By now she was moaning loader and I exploded into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed, taking my sperm to her tummy. Stephane had gushed his load up her womb but kept her fuckhole plugged. Still there was some seepage and I faintly tasted their juices...strangely I didn't mind....

We both went up and lay on either side her, while she remained on her tummy. We ran our hands over her, enjoying the feel of her skin, enjoying her sexy body and both hoping his sperm went home.........a while later, Stephane was over her from behind and came again inside her pussy. I took her ass after that while he positioned himself so his cock served her mouth. We looked at each other, our eyes meeting, Stephane and I agreed we were enjoying her. Later we dp'd her. It was late we went to bed leaving Stephane in the guest room. Around 5am, Stephane came to our room on tiptoe....snuck in...and by the time I sensed his presence, he'd given her his morning sperm up her womb......I watched them breed.......Stephane used her pussy two times after before he snuck out...but promised to be back tonight.....