Written by orangeswingza

25 Feb 2013

I had a quiet weekend. At least, that was until wyfie suggested we go see Karine. I asked her what would be the 'point', if we went because we could only just 'visit', as it was the weekend, which mean't her hubby and kids would be there. "Wrong", said wyfie. Apparently he has taken the kids to go see his folks that live along the coast, about 90km away. Karine wasn't quite in the mood, needed some time to rest so didn't go. Karine had eventually taken a long lesuirely bath and called wyfie, saying we could come have coffee if we wished. Our sitter confirmed, we left the kids and went to Karine's on pretty much short notice.

On arrival, she had a fire going in the living room fireplace, we smelled filtered coffee and she was just taking an apple pie out of the oven. We greeted each other with a hug and the traditional French kiss on the cheek. We chatted, sipped coffee. Karine lived on the outer radius from town, so next house was like a mile down the road. Their garden was like a park itself, you needed a tractor to sit on and mow the lawn! Nobody in sight, no curious neighbors and nobody home, I figured it would be an opportunity(as opposed to screwing her early mornings or evenings during the week). Her three month pregnant belly had a bulge now, but her slender form and long legs barely gave her away, unless you looked at her from the side. Her breasts have filled out more, more voluptous. She wore a track suit pants that didn't leave much to the imagination around her crotch. My nostrils seemed to tune in and my senses began to heighten.

I then excused myself, popped of to the loo, relieved my bladder and returned. Both woman looked at me and there was a glint of something in wyfie's eye. Karine's look was less easy to fathom. She wasn't uneasy, but rather one of surprise. "Whats up with you two?" I asked. Karine was first to answer saying that my wife wanted to watch us 'make love'. I was smiling ear to ear hearing this. I know how wyfie thinks. What she mean't, was she wanted to see me 'fuck' Karine. Still I smiled at wyfie and let Karine, in all her pregnant splendour reveal what they discussed. That said, I figured I should cut to the chase, so I walked around to Karine and bent over her from behind, kissing her neck while cupping her breasts and taking her nipples between my thumb and forefinger over her T-shirt. Karine turned her head and let me kiss her. It was nice exploring her mouth and tongue. All the while, my hands fondled her breasts and soon found their way south, caressing her pregnant belly, before going further down, cupping and rubbing her sexy crotch over her track pants.

Wyfie seemed to enjoy the sight and sat back in her chair, legs slightly apart and a hand subconsciously dropped into her inner thigh. I'd enjoyed Karine's mouth, groping and fondling her but now, it was time to feed her. I continued kissing her, but now I unzipped and slowly pushed my underwear down, exposing a rapidly erecting cock. I pulled on it, back and forth, to make sure it was nice and rigid. I love presenting a nice hard solid thick and long tool. Satisified, it was in a state that I preferred, I broke the kiss and stood with my cock poised at Karine's mouth. Her mouth, still opened from having just kissed my mouth, now accepted and closed over my cock. First she sucked the head, swirled hed tongue around it. Then she began to appreciate it's length and girth and soon, I felt the back of her throat. At this point, I looked at wyfie, she smiled at me, as we both looked down again at Karine, watching her service my dick.

Wyfie now had a hand over her crotch, firmly clutching at it. On my side, my cock was being pleasured, worshipped and used in ways that make describing it difficult. I didn't want any more oral attention, I just wanted to get my dick into Karine's pussy and fuck her like she wasn't pregnant but wanted to be! I gently motioned Karine's mouth off my cock. She wasn't ready to give it up, so she moved her head forward and locked her mouth onto it again. Wyfie looked at me and smiled, "she loves your cock." I let Karine suck a bit more, then I pulled it out of her mouth, leaned forward and kissed the mouth that had just been making love to my cock.

I led Karine from our seated position, upstairs to her bedroom. Wyfie and I undressed her. She was very beautiful, more so with that pregnant bulge! Wyfie then removed her jeans and sat on the bed, legs apart. I knew what she had in mind. I pulled Karine to her knees, then to all fours. Wyfie pulled Karine's mouth to her pussy, raising herself a bit so Karine's tongue could find her slit. I sank to my knee's behind and ran the shaft up and down Karine's slit, which was sopping wet.

She moaned when I enterred her pussy. It seemed literally 'hot', a familiar feeling of pregnant pussy heat. I was gentle as it took time to find the depth. Once I got balls deep, I paced myself and enjoyed fucking this pregnant Frenchy while I kept her head trained on wyfie's pussy. Wyfie was now flat on her back while Karine's mouth worked hard between wyfie's legs. It wasn't long before wyfie orgasmed. I was still enjoying my taking of Karine's pussy. I briefly interrupted fucking her, so she could get 69 over wyfie. Then I reinserted into her pussy, while wyfie licked her clit. Karine her her mouth over wyfie's cunt when she moaned as her orgasm washed over her. Wyfie flicked her tongue back and forth across Karine's clit, while cupping and squeezing my balls. I went deep, hammered Karine's cunt, held, ejaculated. As I ejaculated, wyfie's tongue licked the underside of my shaft, where it met my balls and also made contact with Karine's vaginal opening, which seemed to be stretched around my shaft like a rubber band. I felt my tip pulse wave upon wave of thick liquid which seemed to make Karine react everytime it struck her inside.

I pulled out, my cock lowered into wyfie's mouth. I let her suck. I loved her mouth. Wyfie herself soon orgasmed from the sucking she got and looking forward, I could see that Karine also had fingers working wyfie's pussy. I slowly regained my erection. Wyfie pressed the cock back into Karine's pussy, pushing back into all the semen that was about drivelling out. I'd had about a dozen strokes when wyfie pulled it out of Karine, who groaned her disapproval and tried moving back onto it. Wyfie positioned it higher, indicating Karine's asshole. I spread Karine's butt cheeks, exposing her wrinkled and puckered anus. I reached forward, ran two finger slowly into Karine's pussy and drew them out covered in semen. I rubbed that over her asshole then worked one finger into it. I've been fucking Karine the last four to five months and she's learned that I need to and will fuck her ass everytime I fuck her. That said, her sphincter did not resist too much. While opening up her asshole, I'd reinserted my cock into her pussy, so as to not lose my erection. Her asshole primed, I pressed my cock into it and made her hold her breath while I slowly fed by shaft into her anal opening. Once in, I gave her a chance to adjust and get used to it, then I set about fucking her asshole. Balls slapping her labia and slit, wyfie nursing her clit, I slowly reamed her out, making her grunt as my balls threated to follow my shaft. Wyfie had two fingers inside Karine's cunt and was still nursing her clit. Karine couldn't concentrate on sucking and pleasuring wyfie. She was concentrating on the fucking she was receiving. Soon, I couldn't hold back and Karine's quick breathing told me she was close. Wyfie's fingers acted like a cock. Her mouth locked on Karine's clit. I hammered K's asshole before spilling whatever seed I had left up her bowels. I felt wyfie squeezing my balls while I ejaculated. It felt so good. I evetually pulled out. As I did, some semen began to trickle back out of her ass after a bit and some visible from her pussy. She was a mess down there. A sign that we'd truly fucked her properly. Karine won't tell Mikael she's seeing us. He has no clue. Wyfie figures she's responsable for her choices, for her actions. As long as she wants my cock and is willing to play, we'll exploit her lust, enjoy her and let her worry about her private life.

We eventually had to leave. Karine was exhausted but clearly happy to have worked and been a slave to my cock, glad to have experienced wyfies mouth, tongue and fingers. She needed to shower again before hubby got home. First, she'd sleep a bit. I went to the bathroom used wet wipes to clean off. When I returned, I French kissed Karine before leaving. I'd shower once I got home. That night, I slept like a baby. The following morning, I awoke to my cock in wyfie's mouth, ended up taking her ass and pussy, in that order, before leaving the bedroom.....