Written by Funlovingpeopl2

07 May 2018

Last Friday, I was invited to the bar by my friend at around 4 in the afternoon. This usually ends up with her having to be carried home and me having an early night. I arrived at the bar around 5 in the end and settled down gossiping and trying not to drink too much too quickly.

At around 7, a group of three guys came into the bar looking for somewhere to spend the night as they were camping on the beach and it was freezing cold at night. As we have a few spare rooms, I offered them the rooms. We went and had a quick look at the rooms and they all agreed and then we all went back to the bar.

Around 1am, the oldest one of the group and his son decided it was time for bed as they could barely stand up anymore. The last guy and me dropped them off at the house then went back to the bar.

We drank a lot more and I flirted a little with him and he flirted back. At 3 we decided to go back and finish off drinking at the house. I messaged hubby and told him to stay out the way just in case anything happened.

We got back to the house and a quick check off the other two guys confirmed they were both out for the count. I offered my new friend a drink but he asked if he could have a cheeky kiss instead. I walked over to him intending to peck him on the cheek but he turned at the last minute and our lips met. I pulled back slightly then lent in again and that was it; full on passionate kissing. I have no idea how long we kissed but it was a long time! He asked me if I wanted to go to his room with him but I took him to our bedroom instead as it is further away from everyone in case we made any noise.

We got into the bedroom and he started kissing me again. We kissed for ages and then he started to touch me and slowly moved his hands inside my top and up to my bra. He put his hands in my bra and felt my boobs and played with my nipples whilst we carried on kissing.

I lent back a bit and pulled my top off over my head whilst he watched. He reached in and unclipped my bra and I let it fall away letting him see my boobs fully. He lent forward and sucked and played with my boobs for quite a while. We eventually came up for air and I undid the buttons on his shirt. He stood up, took off the shirt, unbuckled his belt and got naked completely. I stood up and removed the last pieces of clothing.

Rather than get on top of the bed, he pulled the covers back and when we got on the bed, he pulled them over us. He started playing with me, feeling my clit and putting his fingers in me. Cum after cum washed over my body and I squirted a few times which he loved.

Eventually, I pulled him close for a kiss, opened my legs wide and felt him move his legs between mine. He gently lowered himself down and I felt the tip of his cock nudge my entrance. He pushed slightly and slid into me slowly. He took his time until he was fully inside me, still kissing me all the time.

He started to pump me slowly at first. I came 2 or 3 times before I felt him speed up, tense and shoot his cum right into me. He relaxed and lay on top of me, his cock still inside me. Normally, I would get up at this point and either go to the bathroom or go see hubby (have no idea where he is at this point) but I was so relaxed I just stayed where I was. A few minutes later, he started to move in and out of me again. He carried on pumping into me, kissing me all the time until he came again in me. He relaxed to my side this time and carried on hugging me. After some time, I rolled around so he could spoon me and hug me better. It was so relaxing.

At 8.30 in the morning we were woken by a banging on the door. We hd fell asleep together. His friends were looking for him and they opened the door and caught us still cuddling up together. I bet he got a lot of questions later on!

He got up, we kissed and he got dressed, kissed me some more and left.

Hubby came in from our spare room and we kissed and went back to bed for more fun. It’s the first time I have ever slept (fell asleep) with anyone other than my hubby and I felt a bit weird about it but hubby soon made me feel much better and I got his cum in me shortly afterwards.