21 Apr 2016

When I split up with my ex wife I moved into a granny flat in the back of people’s property. The landlord, woman in her mid 50’s good looking with short brown hair, with very sexy pointing tits. With a body that is good looking, and short in size. For me it was custom to walk naked in the evening after a shower and then do some paper work so I don’t have to do it Monday morning. The door of the flat was on the back side so I can keep it open. So butt naked with an open door, that is how most of my evening was.

One Friday about nine in the evening when I was working, the landlord came over with coffee with whisky. Well she caught me a bit off guard, me sitting in my chair butt naked and she just walking in with the coffee. First, she was without words, and just looked at me with that question mark face. Quickly I said to her let me just get some clothes on my butt. Well she replied don’t bother you don’t have what I haven’t seen. As a matter of fact, I would prefer you not to put on any clothes. I don’t mind a naked man.

She pulled up a chair and sat next to me handing me my coffee. We started to talk about my work and her work and all the other small stuff. Just off the blue she said to me I am horny, and moved her hand over and started playing with my dick, it did not take long for me to get rock hard. She turns the chair and starts sucking me, wow I needed that. Gets all the stress and tension out my body, sex is the only thing that works. It did take long for me to cum as I was working too much and no sex. Well that first blow was big as it was building up for a long time. She did like the idea of me Cumming in her mouth as she got up to spit her mouthfull of cum in the toilet. Waiting for her returning from the toilet I went and stood before her, and unclothed her so I can see her sexy naked body. Kissing her in the neck, while I was playing with very sexy pointing boobs, suck those small nipples, yummy. So when my hand went down to feel those lips for the first time, they were soaking wet and I mean soaking wet. My finger just slipped in, I could feel how her wet pussy juice just ran down my hand so horny she was. What I did know is that she gets very loud when she cums. Well at that point, I didn’t mind I was just as horny. I put her down on the bed and opened those legs wide so I can see her wet sexy pussy that is dripping, I started to finger fuck her on the G-spot, what a blast she had, at that point I didn’t know it was her first time that she cum that way. She only told me afterwards. Put your dick in, just put it in, no I want to muff you first, I want you to cum more. I started on her, eating her wet juicy pussy, suck on the lips, the clit even, spread the lips open and sucked her juices that tasted like honey. I was enjoying eating her pussy and made her cum and cum. While I was having great fun eating her nice honey pot, I started to get rock hard again. Now or never, I moved up so I placed my rock hard dick in to those wet lips. She felt so good. I fucked her missionary, doggy and any way she wanted me to fuck her. She got on me and rode me until I cum. Then start all over again.

Well I stayed for 5 years in the flat, and we would fuck each other, If not in her house then at my flat, even in the garden.