20 Jul 2017

Of all the great things in life - Sex - can be one of the most rewarding. When done correctly and for the right reasons, Sex can improve our relationship(s) and our sense of well-being. Not to mention, it feels pretty dam fucking amazing.........Yes?!? But, for a man having Sex with a woman, there is ONE think he needs to master, before she can achieve the highest levels of sexual pleasure and that is...........Knowing The Vagina.

When it cums to a woman's reproductive system, things can get complicated fast! Shit, that is an understatement, most of the time. The vagina, often what many mean as the vulva, can be delicate and complex and if we all did not already realize, as tough as fuck too!

A man's understanding of the vagina can dramatically change his love life and if well-versed in the VJ, the chances of his partner being more randy and more often. It will lead to a slew of health benefits for both, as Good Sex not only releases endorphins (the happy hormones,) it also reduces stress and improves sleep, besides the cardiovascular benefits of improved heart health and reduced risk of cardiac disease.

Better Sex and foreplay do not happen overnight and with some sound knowledge and LOTS of patience and practice, the Fine Art of Good Sex is within the sexual repertoire of all men.

Technically speaking, the vagina refers only to the muscular, elastic canal, which leads to the cervix and uterus. This is the hole where the penis or fingers are inserted during intercourse and through which the baby passes during childbirth i.e. the birth canal. The external genitalia the labia - the larger, thicker and smaller, thinner folds of skin - protecting and covering the hole (and, the urethra the smaller urinary opening in front,) together with the clitoris (still to be discussed) are what make up the Vulva - a woman's passion flower. (This is everything you will see should you be lucky enough to be down there, WITH the lights on!)

When a woman is aroused, her clitoris becomes erect; just like a man's penis, only smaller and more feminine; the small round nub, where the two small inner, thinner folds meet. A womanly "erection" is incredibly sensitive, when excited and engorged with blood.........So, be careful! Being over-stimulated can cause the clitoris to retract and move in under its hood (like a tortoise into its shell) so communication is essential and it is best to start slowly and gently; be guided by her, as to the extent of attention she receives there.

With over 8 000 nerve endings, the clitoris serves ONE purpose and ONE purpose only - to make a woman feel good. It is the ONLY human organ purely for pleasure and there is more to that beacon of ecstasy than what is peaking out. It has extensions to within her body and they run alongside her pubic bone, therefore, it is essential to explore the entire structure and its overall stimulation. (Possibly a future topic?)

While women are capable of lubricating naturally, circumstances can make it more difficult (birth control, menopause, increasing age, medication, menstruation etc.) and as such, vaginal lubrication needs to be understood by men. A woman can be aroused without becoming wet and for many, as the time in the relationship lengthens, there seems to be a directly proportional decrease in moisture. Sad, but true. Why? Because, the romance and excitement, which causes the butterflies and the resultant chemicals and the hormones, rushing through her body, literally............ run out. Hence, men should be more patient and increase their romantic foreplay, in order to improve lubrication i.e. be more understanding of WHY it is taking her longer to get aroused and wet. Romance is a great lubricant!

There is NOthing in a woman's vagina, which if struck right, leads to an orgasm. Woman DO NOT have mind-blowing orgasms from penises alone..........Sorry! It seldom happens that way. Again, foreplay and external stimulation are far more important than penetration, when it cums to the Big O. It is also, ALL in her mind! The easiest is to gently use all at your disposal: your mouth, your tongue and your fingers - to have her crying out in sublime satisfaction and possibly, asking for final release from your tool.

One of the biggest mistakes men make, is assuming that all their women are the same. Women are NOT all stimulated the same way! Every woman is different and they respond differently; they have different sensitive parts of their bodies; they prefer different kinds of stimulation; and even, different types of foreplay. The trick is to switch your approach, techniques and positions to find out HER best responses. I promise, the effort will be so worth it!!! There is NO point in forcing a woman into having an experience that you THINK she should be having. There IS fun in exploring what gives her pleasure and what turns her on and that, should be mutual.

There is an area in the vagina - the holy grail of sexual pleasure for many - the elusive G Spot. It is NOT a spot, but rather an area of glands and it is a woman's more erogenous zone (other than her brain!) It's location too, varies from woman to woman. With a palm facing upwards, the lubricated index and middle fingers of a DOMINANT hand (the hand a man writes with) should be inserted into the vagina to reach ALL the way up to her cervix; retracting slightly, the fingers need to rub the top wall of the vagina to find a SPONGY patch with curled fingers; much like calling somebody and saying: Cum here, Cum here! Increase the pressure and be insistent with the beckoning, as she responds accordingly, and slowly turns to smutty-putty.

The most important thing for any man to remember, when observing, handling and or adoring the Vagina, it to understand its Keeper - the Woman - to whom it belongs.


Vagina's should NOT be a mystery and yet, it makes sense really, as in addition to the historical taboo's associated with female sexuality - unlike manhood, which metaphorically and literally dangles proudly out in the open - the passion flower sits quietly tucked away; out of sight and out of mind, and hence, the result is that many heterosexual men are positively baffled by the most critical part of the female anatomy.

Of course, it goes without saying that our lack of understanding of the human anatomy goes both ways: After all, it is not like women know everything about penises, either. But, for those men, who feel like they could use a refresher course in the female reproductive system.....................

Having already read this far, you should know what a vagina is and what it is not.

We all know that abstinence-only sex education has been, put simply, a colossal failure. One of the results of our poor sex education system is that most men (and women, sadly too) do not have a clue, as to what the vagina actually is (or even, in some cases, where it actually is.) Honestly, most people do not know about the vagina at all and I have cum across those (even women!) who thought [women] peed through their vagina. They themselves, did NOT know [they] had a urethra, a third opening down there - the one right in front.

It is general anatomy all people should know and if asking a random person on the street, about how a vagina is constructed, 9 times out of 10, they would not know the difference, between the actual vagina, clit, urethra, etc. Physiology is so misunderstood. But, hey, at least some know there is a "baby hole." (The middle of the three!)

NEVER underestimate the importance of the clitoris, as many women orgasm solely from clit stimulation and NOT from penetration at all. We do not turn on like a damn light switches; we {our VJ's} have to be warmed up first. Literally..........To satisfy a woman, a man needs to pay attention to her clit and for this reason alone - the importance of paying attention to the clitoris during Sex - is a recurring theme among sexually-dissatisfied women. The majority of women prefer clit stimulation to vaginal, because the vagina is basically numb. Ask the vagina-haver what her preference is before becoming a human jackhammer. That said, a man needs to approach the clit with care!

Apparently, while some men are not paying enough attention to the clitoris, others are focusing on it a bit too much. Direct clitoral stimulation sometimes hurts and it can be pretty damn sensitive. There is such a thing as too much stimulation, and it is NOT fun. In fact, clitoral over-stimulation from excessive vibrator use has been proven to dull sensation in the clitoris, albeit temporarily. When it cums to foreplay, do not head for the clitoris immediately, like a bull roaring out of the gate. The little nub should be approached with both care AND enthusiasm; not just enthusiasm. Besides, the other parts of the vagina need loving too.

Although the clitoris is usually the star of the show, when it cums to delivering orgasms, the rest of the vagina is sensitive in its own right. For example, the G-spot is, for some women, even more of a pleasure zone than the clitoris. When it cums to Sex, many women would like to have a bit more love for their vagina's and men should take the time to get to know their woman's VJ, rather than just heading for the G-spot or the clitoris. The entire vulva is an erogenous zone. It is not just plug-and-chug....................... So please, get friendly and explore!

Oh, there is ONE thing ALL men would do well to keep in mind, before they go spelunking: Cut your nails and wash your hands!

Vaginal discharge IS totally normal. Every woman has a certain amount of vaginal discharge, although the amount may vary throughout her menstrual cycle. In fact, these fluids keep the vagina healthy - flushing out any unnecessary bacteria and restoring its natural pH level. So, gentlemen, if you spot a mysterious spot on the sheets or on your significant others' panties, do not freak out: It is totally natural, as that stain you see in her black underwear is because of the slight acidic discharge women have; much like an antiseptic, which is why your semen or ejaculate or cum is alkaline - it neutralizes the acidity of her vagina.

Some vagina's are allergic to latex (which condoms are made of) and although less than 1 of the general population suffers from latex allergies, women who are allergic to latex, typically have three common types of latex sensitivity. The first, and least threatening, can result in itching and burning skin; the second is a bit more severe and can possibly spread. The most dangerous of latex allergies is latex hypersensitivity, which results in not just skin issues, but also cramps, pink eye, irregular heartbeat, pain, difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock; the latter will require a trip to the ER.

Vagina's do NOT just magically lubricate themselves, without any stimulation beforehand. Some men think that women's vagina's have the ability to self-lubricate, without any arousal whatsoever, as if Niagara Falls itself was located in their panties. Sadly, that is not the case. It takes a LOT more than a few seconds of foreplay, to prep a vagina for sexy time, especially, if a woman is on the Pill or other medications, like antidepressants. Not all vagina's self lubricate effectively and for some, lubricants are important for a lot of their pleasure. And, do not think Mother Nature will do the trick either, as saliva does not justify as a lubricant when a woman is dry.

If a man wants to know what a vagina want's, he should probably just ASK. Not only does communicating during Sex give you a greater insight into what your partner wants or does not want (and, it works BOTH ways) but talking about Sex, while having Sex, makes for greater sexual satisfaction. Seriously! Stop generalizing about what is good, bad and ugly....... ASK.

Porn is NOT a manual for how to please a vagina. While porn does have its place, it is NOT OK to use their content, as a manual for what women want in bed. STOP assuming something feels good and using porn as a guide. It is NOT a good idea to rely on porn for your understanding of vagina's. Women's vaginas are like snowflakes: None of them are exactly the same. When using porn as a guide to have Sex, men are ignoring what their partner might want and are focusing instead on an unattainable fantasy. Do not try to have Sex like or with a porn star. When having Sex on film, there are all kinds of angles in certain ways and doing that at home ..................... it is just going to be awkward.

Stop thinking about that clip you saw (whenever) and start thinking about how to best please the vagina that is right in front of you. She WILL thank you for it later.