Written by michaelx

26 Oct 2014

I was working on a solar plant in Boshof but stayed in Kimberley. I put out an ad to meet couples and or ladies. I got a response from a couple and made arrangements to meet at the Horse Shoe Inn. Saturday arrived when I walked into the place, a saw a hand wave and gestured I come over. I introduced myself and sat down. We ordered drinks and Mrs. Got up and came and sat next to me. We ordered dinner and carried on chatting. Mrs. Whispered in my ear that she is not wearing any panties and took my hand and put it on her thigh. I slowly and gently moved my hand upwards touching her pussy on a number of occasions whilst she ran her hand over my cock. Our food came and Mr. asked the waitress if she would like to join us later and she said her shift finishes at 11pm. We sat and waited until the waitress met us outside. Mrs. Said she would drive with me to their place and the waitress left with Mr.

Whilst driving, Mrs. slip a hand down my pants and started stroking my cock which was now hard. She said she can’t wait to play with it. We arrived and the couple went to freshen up, leaving me and the waitress in the lounge. We started to kiss and undress each other as the couple walked into the lounge saying you guys starting without us. Mrs. came and sat between us and helped undress me completely. Mr. was recording, as both ladies started exploring me and each other. My hands were all over the ladies, teasing their nipples and I started to suck and nibble the nipples. Mrs was now very wet as I was moving my finger in and out of her pussy. She was clean shaven. I moved down to taste her...mmm...sweet, her clit had gotten hard as I teased and licked her. I looked to the side and saw Mr. Had put down the camera and was working his magic on the waitress.

It was decided that we would move to the room. Mrs. was guiding me with her hand and as she lay on the bed, she opened her legs and asked me to fuck her hard. I lifted her legs to open her blossoming rose and guided my cock into the love hole. She started moaning as I moved slowly then deeper into her wet tight pussy. Mr. And the waitress was also busy at it. We changed to doggy and I could feel Mrs. was about to cum. She could feel I was about to cum and asked me to cum on her clit. She rolled onto her back as I came. We watched Mr. with the waitress as they too were going to cum. We sat chatting for a while longer then it was time to go. I volunteered to take the waitress home but that’s a whole other story