Written by Majesticpe

26 Apr 2015

In 2013 my wife started working at a firm for a female boss. Very sexy mature lady and very friendly , yet utterly professional. Also a married lady with 3 grown children , it never went more than just a naughty liking in her boss , as my wife is bisexual so it was kind of fun us both eyeing out her boss. From time to time I was asked to assist the with various business matters at the office and then I was offered a job at their firm , which I accepted as it was an awesome position and a good opportunity. The wife was pregnant at this stage , so I could be there for her ( in fact it meant I could be around to satisfy her horny needs of a pregnant woman) !

Things had become very friendly with our boss , but still only to an extent and after that it remained professional. The boss had started becoming more friendly and at ease and started flirting a bit more and more , but all innocent fun and harmless jokes.

The boss strictly forbid any employees from partaking in sexual interaction at the workplace , but deep down in her mind she probably knew me and my wife were shagging our brains out at each opportunity we got ! The wife's girlfriends at work would even join in from time to time and it really was the height of my sexual activity !

Then the wife goes into labor and me and the boss spend all night at hospital waiting and making sure all is ok. Wife is ok and daughter is ok , but they are kept in hospital for a few days though. The next day the boss is briefly in and leaves , the following day she visits for the day and carries on with paperwork. She insists nobody bothers her and asks me to get her lunch and some "medication" she left at home.

I return with lunch and her "medication" and she continues on. We have lunch and continue on working , but unknowingly she spiked me with a sexual stimulant. After a long while she enters my office , asked me if lunch was ok ? So I say yeah it was awesome thanks , I feel totally refreshed and kind of energized I can say. She shows me the stimulant and laughingly says , so the "medication" worked for you too. Get this , she sits straight down on my lap (by now I had a hard - on that could break her in half) and says let's have another one. I didn't know if I should be embarrassed or excuse myself or what , but having gone without good sex for almost a week , my manlihood did the thinking for me and I gently slipped my hand down between her legs and started rubbing what was already extremely wet and I could seriously hear and feel her moaning and quivering and at that stage I knew I was in for a long rough day !

She just sat there waiting for me to get her rubbed up real good and eventually I couldn't wait anymore and slipped down off the chair and in under my desk , spread her open wide and started licking away at the wettest pussy I had had in a long time ! Now of all things , this is by far my favorite , so the more she was getting wet , the more I was just licking it all up orgasm after orgasm ! I had her pussy in my mouth many a time as I licked and sucked her till she told me to get up there and give her a kiss. Oh what a moment , for the first time since she laughingly indicated that she spiked me , did we look in each others eyes and it was filled with lust and passion and you could see those eyes were begging for more , shit I could hardly believe what was going on so I wasn't going to complain ! We locked in and sucked tongues for a little longer and then she started wiping the precum over my dick and gave it a few good plucks , then pulls her tongue out of my mouth and says let me taste it - I knew exactly what she meant and by golly did she do a good job a gulping my stiff wet cock , but then she licks it off and says this doesn't feel right and gets up.

She walks over to her office , which is next to mine and stays there quiet for a minute or 2. I wondered what was going on so I peeped in and asked "Boss sorry , but are you ok"? There the sexy beast was sitting on her chair 2 fingers in the pussy and 1 in her ass quietly fingering herself away and tells me all calmly , "oh I thought you were having second thoughts" ! I was lost for words and all I could get out was , does it look like I'm having second thought and looked at my cock still stiffly sticking out of my chino's , wet from her earlier visit to my lap. She had stripped down naked while going into her office and told me I was welcome to join , but I was overdressed ! I stripped down in no time , moved in and kissed and licked just about every part of her body while she sucked and played with my cock and kept talking about how she had fantasized about this and how jealous her husband was of me (the only male employee at her company). Then she tells me how her husband asked her to arrange a couples thing with me and my wife , he was happy to share his wife providing he got to share my wife. We're an open minded couple and not jealous and enjoy our sexual experiences , together or apart but the boss had denied him the couples evening as she had naughty ideas of her own.

The more she talked the more I was aroused and the more I gave her every body part attention , the more her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. I pulled away , asked her to excuse me , because I had to do a cleanup as I slipped in under her desk and started now wildly eating away at her pussy and her moans now turned into much louder groaning and the occasional scream as she was cumming in my mouth I was just sucking all her pussy cream in and enjoying every moment of it then she kind of yells at me and says make me cum again and you can fuck both my holes ! I ate that pussy like a champ and had her lifting off her chair as she came again , then she sat back in her chair and looks at me and says "fuck now I'm horny".

I had no time to wait , grabbed the sexy thing and bent her over her desk and shoved my precumming dick in her gloryhole and started working at it and my goodness was she tight !!! She moaned at me don't cum please and I said no I know I don't have a condom and she says no man , I mean don't cum , I want you to take my asshole too then you can cum. After working her pussy till it was creaming all over , she said just be gentle at first I haven't had anal sex yet , just the odd finger and toy and that was like oh yeah - her ass is mine ! No other dick had been in there yet , so this was where I was cumming today ! I worked her in gently and then got my fuck on properly , until the boss asked me please cum now , we can fuck again later on and after another few sweet minutes I slowed down pumping in and out very slowly so she could feel as I let off my motherload in her ass ! I had just broken the bosses ass virgin and left a cumshot in there to prove it. We were both exhausted after that and never had sex later that day , but we did have sex a few times again in the following days.

The wife was told about everything , as we have an open relationship and we enjoy sharing each others experiences. A few weeks later , the boss again requested my presence in her now new office , moved away because we were just having too much sex being neighbours in the office. I had arranged to have her desk customized with a snazzy glasstop and she called me in to discuss some staff matters. As I arrive , I realize she is sitting on the glasstop desk , skirt pulled up and her naked wet pussy is on the glass. She asked if I would mind helping her out , so I obliged this sexy beast of a sex freak boss I have. Her hubby helped create this office , as he was too thrilled to know that she is not in the same building as her sole male employee , no idea that what he is afraid of has happened many a times over already ! And now it was going to happen in this safe , far away new office too !!! Man I ate that sweet cleanly waxed pussy like I knew she liked it , but the wife was back at the office too and she happened to wales in and see the show and ask if she could watch , upon which the boss just giggled and said come watch closely. The wife fondled away at my dick , while the boss was flat on her back and me eating her pussy and all this was a bit much for my wifey , so she started playing with herself and also helped me onto the boss , so she could get a good show of how we fuck each other. My wifey leant over me as I was pounding our boss and they start kissing and my wife says she wants me to cum in the boss and the boss says to my wife she's just talking big , wait till I cum then she wants me to pull out. The more they talk and dare each other , the more I'm spreading my bosses pussy wide open and getting turned on by this cum inside the bosses pussy ??? For real ??? No Condom ??? Then my wife hugs me from behind and hugs around the boss too while she rubs her sopping wet pussy on my back and ass cheek and she whispers in my ear , cum inside her - don't pull out and after you cum , keep fucking her ! Almost instantaneously I felt I was gonna blow and it was a major cumshot , it felt like forever and the more I was shooting inside her pussy , the tighter my wifey was grabbing us both so we couldn't split up or pull out. I had filled the bosses ass with cum , she had sucked and swallowed and even got some cumshots on her body and face , but here now was the mother of all - a hot load deep in her pussy , while laying on her back. All she said was shit I could feel you cumming deep in my pussy , but I liked it !

Man I watched the cum eventually dribble out on the glasstop and remember her saying , don't worry lover - I'll just have to take a pill in the morning !