Written by Graham_Elliot

03 Jan 2014

I wrote a few weeks back about my better half's introduction to swinging...and boy, did I never know what I might have unleashed.

This past weekend between Christmas and New Year we had a bit of a break between family responsibilities, but, as luck would have it (or so it turned out) we were asked if my wife's 19 year old nephew could sleep over at our place.

He's a good kid, lives out of town and was home for the holidays but his folks had a house full, so I had no reservations. Little did I know how the weekend would turn out. Pete is a high-school first team rugby player, works out and is good enough for any girl or lady to turn their heads... I did not think though that my wife would also be turning hers!

Anyway, Saturday night we enjoy a braai with the family at our home, and eventually by about 11.30 everyone has departed. Pete & I started cleaning up the mess, and he stripped off his shirt, onto which he'd dribbled some sauce while eating a boerie roll. His muscular upper body attracted my attention...boy, this boy has been working out...but I soon noticed that Clarice had also notices. She playfully ran her fingers over his rippled chest (nipples) and down over his six-pack. I saw that light come on in her eyes as she chuckled and moved away. "I'm going to take a shower," she called out and left us boys tidying up.

Dishes cleared away, Pete & I slumped down in the living room and flicked on the TV, channel hopping as one does late at night. I poured Pete & myself a Scotch (Glenlivet 18 year old) and one for Clarice in case she joined us after her shower.

Pete had the TV remote and suddenly said...have you ever seen the stuff they show late at night on Channel XXX? He flipped through until up on the screen appeared the late night "soft porn" show. Of course, Clarice & I had watched it often, but I made out this was new to us (after all, he's the nephew, how much could I let on?) The action was quite hot & steamy and I noticed that Pete's shorts were beginning to bulge at the front...typical of a young rugger lad, they were simple rugby boxers... and I felt I was also starting to stir.

Suddenly Clarice appeared back in the lounge with a "Hey...what's this going on behind my back? Watching something naughty are we. Peter, you are too young for this, off to bed!" Ha ha...Pete chuckled, then commented, with typical teen bravado..."this is nothing, you should see some of the stuff that's out there!"

Clarice sat down on the couch alongside Pete, feigning an "old aunty" attitude, saying..."Peter, are you a naughty boy now? You never used to be like that..."

She had returned to the lounge with a (very) short nighty on, with a light gown over the top, but I could see that her breasts were heavy and nipples erect. Had she been playing with herself in the shower, I wondered. Clarice sipped at her whisky, then clinked glasses with Pete "To my grown up nephew" before leaning over him to clink my glass. I saw her boobs brush his arm, and then come to rest in his lap as she stretched to reach my glass.

Pete blushed to his credit, and Clarice sat up, also blushing a bit...then said: "Oh Peter, it seems like this movie is getting you hot." His reply stunned me..."No Clare...you are making me hot when you sit so close and lean over me like that!" Eish...before I knew it she'd taken this as a challenge responding, "yes, I don't know what I was thinking putting a dressing gown on on a night like this...it is steaming hot in here." I took a deep sip from my Scotch and stood up to refill the glasses when I saw Clarice (or Aunt Clare) shrug her gown off her shoulders and ask Pete to help her. he did try to be proper, but Clarice's nighty left little or nothing to the imagination. Fortunately the lights were down, but I took the advantage while standing pouring the drinks of turning the dimmer switch right down...but even in the soft light I knew Pete was looking straight through the filmy nighty at my wife, his aunt's breasts...with their hard and erect nipples. There was not much modesty at the top of her thighs either...

Now, I knew that Pete was a 100% masculine male and that I was unlikely to entertain any bi-curious opportunities tonight, but I was more than happy to watch the situation unfold...and I could see it was likely to happen quite quickly from here on in.

Clarice was getting bolder still, stared straight at the by now prominent bulge on Pete's front and commented..."Oh, are you getting hot young man? What's that you have in there...it was never like that when I used to bath you as a 3 year old! Lets see what you've got then..."

Pete, turned to look my way, but I was standing some distance away, so I'm not sure if he saw my nod, yes, go on, but he raised his hips and slipped his shorts down. Underneath he was wearing a pair of thin boxers, keeping his modesty, but Clarice was having none of that. "Off with them Pete..." she murmured, sliding her hand onto his by now rigid cock and looking questioningly my way. My hand by now was deep inside my own shorts and I nodded happily.

I moved across the room to where they were slumped on the couch. Pete leaning back with his eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his aunt's fingers on his cock. I reached forward and slipped the nighty off Clarice's shoulders, letting it slip down exposing her large boobs, then leaned over and started caressing her very erect nipples. Pete's eyesd flickered open, perhaps in shock, then he turned his attention to my wife, his aunt, moving over and taking her other breast in his mouth, sucking loudly on the nipple. I saw his hand slide down to her cunt, and Clarice uttered a brief moan and thrust her hips forward...she was enjoying that.

I noticed then that Pete's pubic area was totally shaved and his erect cock was more than a handful for Clarice as she pumped it up and down. Her other hand was fondling his smooth balls and she then pushed the young many back, leaned over and took him in her mouth. Of course, like most youngsters I guess, he reached his climax quickly, murmuring "I'm coming, oh, I'm coming, yes...yes" before he shot his load into my wife's eager throat.

But of course, like most youngsters too, no sooner was he done than he was up again. I'd been fingering Clarice's cunt vigorously and she was very wet and horny now. "Peter, fuck me now!" she ordered...looking straight into my eyes with lust and excitement very evident. The young stud did not need much encouragment and soon his smooth hairless balls were slapping into Clarice's crack as he plunged his thick 8" cock into her cunt. Doing her doggy style meant there was a whole lot of action to be had at the front end, so I moved on to the couch and Clarice took my cock into her mouth, sucking like I'd never experienced from her before...

In our respective positions I was looking straight at Pete's face...and he had a grin that said it all..."This is something I've fantasised about with Aunt Clare since I started to wank as a 13 year old..."

After pete shot his load into Clarice's dripping cunt and I'd been sucked dry at the other end, we all collapsed in a heap on the couch, hands roaming over each other's bodies. I was desperate to feel Pete's thick cock and fondle his balls, but kept my hands away, scared I'd scare the young man off. But then, Clarice took the matter in hand, guiding Pete's hand from her breasts down into my lap, asking "have you ever played with another man's penis?" Pete started to wank my cock gently then with increasing firmness, saying: " Of course, I was at boarding school...most guys try it sometime or other!" My cock was now fully erect again, and Clarice went down into Pete's lap for another dose of semen while he wanked me tenderly. I reached over my wife's back and took hold of the boy's balls, squeezing them gently, while with my other hand I rubbed Clarice's clitoris hard, the way I knew I could make her cum, quickly. It was only a few minutes when there was a simultaneous heaving and thrusting, moaning, whimpering...Oh god, yes, yes....I'm cumming again!