10 May 2019

This story starts with a dream, now i don't dream or when i do, i can't remember. But for some weird and wonderful reason i remembered this dream. Lets back up a bit before i get to this dream. Me and the hub used to swing/swop with our friends until they moved away. We started talking about possible replacements and the only person i kept on saying i wouldn't mind having sex with was my hubby's brother. Obviously for him it was an absolute no go. I understood that. And that was also the death of our exciting sexlife. No more other partners, just us. Well i still got ants in my pants ( which ended with me being on the site), and it was just so boring to just have my hubby. Ok so this is where the dream comes in. A couple of years after the well of other penises has dried up, and no more exciting nookie to be had, i dreamed and remembered it!!

In the dream i was in my brother and sister in law's house, and he was sitting behind his pc. I walked towards him and stood straight behind his chair. He looked up, and in true spider man fashion, kissed like 69! It was the best kiss I'd had in a long time.

And that was the end of it, until we went to their kids b day party. The party was at a kiddie place and later we moved onto their house and ended up kuiering there till late. I suppose booze was involved, and at a time the two of us were alone in the kitchen getting drinks. I shyly told him i dreamt about him. He wanted to know what how where!! So i told him the dream, even if it is very mild compared to some of the things my mind has come up with. He grabbed me and kissed me. And believe you me, it was the freaking best kiss i ever had. So as the night progressed we ended up more alone together in the kitchen than what we should have been. Every time kisses were stolen, and we started talking of taking it further. We drank a bit to much that night,but the kisses and the booze was magical.

Moving on to 2 weeks after that night, we have been chatting and trying to work out our schedules,and eventually we both had time off on the same day. As i have never done anything without my hubby,it was scary, my conscience were sitting on my shoulder telling me not to do this, but alas,my little devil has always been a bit stronger. I met him at his house, and after a bit of chatting we kind of jumped each other. His kisses send my hornyness to a new level, his tongue dancing in my mouth, his lips, soft and full. I was dripping by the time we got undressed. Just to make sure he was at the same level of desperation i was in, i took his cock and gave him a bj that was straight out of a porn movie. I licked his head, got a taste of his pre cum and savoured it, i licked the underside of his cock from his balls all the way to his head. I swirled my tongue around his cock and took him in my mouth. Bopping up and down lightly sucking his head. Just to take him all the way until my nose touched his pubic hair and his balls were dangling against my chin. He pulled me off and said if i wanna feel his cock inside me i will have to stop. He lay down on his back and said i must ride him. Maybe it was the naughtyness, or maybe it was my level of horny, or even just the fact that his cock were perfectly bent to touch all the places inside me to make me go crazy, but as i sat on his cock, i was in a constant state of orgasm, i could not move. Everytime i moved,i would cum. Eventually after laughing at me for not being able to move, he threw me off, and climbed on top of me. He entered me hard and fast, setting a pace i had a hard time keeping up with. In no time we both exploded. My insides tingled, my legs rubber. What a feeling.

After that first day we kept on seeing each other for 2 years, always kissing and always having orgasms out of this world. And always struggling to drive afterwards, because my legs do not want to co operate. I forgot how it felt, feeling like that, until recently, but that my friends is another storie all together!! Hope you enjoyed! Mwa

Tags: affair