Written by Charlie

03 Oct 2017

My heart was racing as I unlocked the hotel room door on the first floor. The room was facing north towards the N1 Highway and was filled with sunlight which glistened off her hair as I lead her into the room. My bodied filled with tingles of nerves and excitement, this was the first time I had dared to live my dreams and if it wasn’t for her encouragement, or had she not befriended me on Facebook without knowing me and hunting me down like the hungry cougar she is, I might never had, but now I was on the road to setting my mind free from the shackles of marriage. Just moments ago I paid for the room while wondering what the clerk was thinking or if he even had an idea we were about to indulge in the sweet pleasures of infidelity.

I pinned Kate up against the wall holding her hands above her head and started to kiss her deeply but softly with the pent up energy of the excitement. I remembered her mentioning this turned her on and today I was going to do everything I possibly could to please her beyond her imagination. Our kisses brought out a soft whine as Kate pulled her hands from my grasp and placed them gently on my chest, her body small against mine, her hands softly pushed me away.

“The rooms a bit light” she whispered, “won’t you go to my car and fetch my blanket in the boot?” I obeyed; after all, a slightly dimmed room would be more exciting although I wanted to savour her body with my eyes. We hung the blanket over the window and closed the blinds before she disappeared to the bathroom to change. She instructed me to remove my clothes and wait for her on the bed, it was clear she had a plan. I stripped to my shorts and lay waiting on the bed, naked just felt a bit awkward but my manhood was already hard and straining at my boxers but I would let her set me free.

“Are her ready”, came her sweet voice from around the corner. She stepped out in the sexiest lingerie I had ever laid eyes on, her soft white skin contrasted against the black lacy number stretched tightly over her body revealing a well-shaped and looked after female form, forcing my body to tingle with more excitement. As I tried to sit up she pushed me back onto the bed and pressed me to the bed with her body as our lips met, her warm skin against mine contrasted against the feel of the material wrapped around her body scratching lightly as she swung her leg over to sit on me. My senses went wild with the feel of her sexy female body on top of me. My hard cock could feel the soft warm form of her womanhood through the black panty pressing onto my cock as our lips messed and tongues softly danced.

Her hunger was driving me mad, her female body so close against mine but separated by thin fabrics awakened my animal instincts, my body was screaming a primal scream internally, I wanted to throw her off and pin her down while tearing the material off so I could ram my hard cock deep into her and plant my seed deep in her belly where it belonged, the urge was strong to do just that and it took every grain of self-control not too. My mind knew there were many pleasures to come and making slow passionate love to her would eventually allow me to enjoy them.

As our lips parted she swung her soft hair over to tease my body as her tongue gently traced down over my chest, my skin alive to her every touch, my body aching for more of her feminine touch. Lips as soft as silk kissed their way over my belly, my hips lifted as I wish her further down. Then heaven erupts as I feel her warm breath through my underpants on my cock. She softly bites my manhood through my shorts. The muscles in my back pull into a spasm of delight, I hold my breathe in anticipation of the pleasure I know is coming.

Gentle fingers free my manhood from its prison and in seconds I am totally naked as her soft lips kiss my swollen head. Her warm mouth opens and sucks me in sending waves of ecstasy through my body. Softly she kisses and sucks at me, her tongue flicking at the tip of me. I can feel I am about to release a drop of pre-cum. As I do she lets out a small groan of pleasure and looks up into my eyes as she whispers, “you taste lovely”. Slowly Kate is driving me to an edge of no return. I reach for her body, I want to please her too, I want her body as she has mine, I want to taste her sweetness too. My hands on her hips I bring her legs around while her mouth draws all my energy from me, I am hers totally in this moment. My nose fills with the smell of her womanhood as she straddles my face, her black panty stretched to perfection over the smoothest bulge, the site of which ignites fires in my belly that endeavour to drive me even further into her web. My teeth bite lightly on the warm soft bulge beneath her panty, my hands are moving to remove this beautiful barrier but Kate stops them from doing so.

She sat up and reaching for her handbag while still straddled over my face said” We will need to put a condom on your naughty cock before those come off”. As she sat upright straddled over me I could see the wetness shining through her panties. I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed to taste her, I reached up and pulled the thin g strings aside. I ran my tongue quickly through her pussy before she could object. My mouth filled with her glorious juices. A slight murmur escaped her mouth.

She was trying to tear the condom open with her teeth still. As I ran my tongue over her pussy again my eyes saw her clean pink anus. The strangest thought passed through my mind suddenly. She was so fine even her anus was cute. Without thinking I kept moving my tongue through her clit until it moved out and onto her anus. She froze stiff letting out another tiny exclamation like sound dropping the condom in its half open wrapper onto my belly with surprise.

It felt like an eternity she didn’t move, not away, not closer, I needed to do it again, this time my tongue circled around her anus, her body trembled as she went down onto all fours opening her butt just a little more. I felt her soft hair land on my cock. I ran my tongue over her anus again pressing a little harder and with that I felt my cock getting engulfed in her mouth right down to its base and felt my cock head hit the back of her throat. Her ass pushing backwards onto my face. I rimmed around her anus and then pushed the tip of my tongue into her anus. I felt her bite down pretty hard on my cock and release what could only be described as a growl. Her nails digging into my bum her teeth clamping down on my cock, the sound of the growl all pushed me to a crescendo. I felt the pressure building in my groin. I rimmed her anus over and over again as she fucked my cock hard with her teeth, tongue and throat. I held onto her hips and pulled her harder onto my face, slipping my tongue into her anus as deep as I could. Her legs started trembling and my face was flooded with a gush of juice. She growled like an animal and it felt like she could almost rip my cock off as she took all of me into her mouth violently. I came so hard and she just kept sucking and chewing on my cock until every drop was swallowed. Her body quivered as she lay with all her weight on top of me.

Slowly she turned around and we kissed gently but deeply while our bodies slowly recovered from our orgasms. Slowly her hand caressed my cock back to hardness and before I knew it we were making slow passionate love, the half opened condom still lying on the bed beside us. Thrusting slow but deep I could feel the pressure in my groin building to release yet another load. Although every part of me wanted to cum deep inside her I started to pull out. At that moment her legs locked behind me, looking into my eyes she whispered “Its ok, you can”. With that she pulled me back in and I lost all control. Her nail dug deep into my back as I filled her with so much lust.

Yet again we collapsed and took a while before we were able to tear ourselves from each other arms. We knew it was time to get back to our separate lives. We showered together before getting dressed and kissed under the warm water. I longed for us to just stay there and make love over and over again but reality was back and we had to go our separate ways.

Kate and I never managed to find the right time together again but remain in contact. I still dream of our beautiful encounter, although she was almost 10 years older than me she is the most beautiful women I have ever made love to and will always have a special place in my memory.