15 Feb 2017

Hi guys

After a recent experience with my wife's toyboy we were curious to see if our SH account was still open. We were like, "Why don't we do this more often!?" And what do you know, like the vampire Lestat sleeping in a tomb, "smalltowncouple" was eagerly awaiting it's resurrection. So we jumped on the party bus, took some pics, wrote down a profile description and then...

...then we realised our profile description had the same bitter tone as anyone else's. I started remembering why we left the site (twice already) before!

Now before I continue I have to make something clear. We stay in the platteland and the pickings here oppieplaas is maar skraal. Meeting people you connect with on the site is almost impossible as we can only travel over weekends; IF there's no school sport, IF I'm not on standby and IF we can find a babysitter. And that's before we've set up a playdate. Nevertheless, hope (and hornyness) is a strange, sometimes consuming fire.

Back to my story. The first profile description I wrote left a dead animal smell in my mouth. It was extremely negative, with phrases like; we know what we want..., all winks will be deleted..., looking to meet SERIOUS people..., not going to accept your friend request if we haven't even talked..., no married men..., NO SINGLE MEN, NO SINGLE MEN, NO SINGLE MEN!!!... and of course the brown, boring, about as useful as a WWE referee, paragraph: WARNING: Any person or institution blah blah blahdiblah...

We write these things, because we've all had shit experiences with people in the past. We want to be safe, not have to worry and just have a fucking good time! But unfortunately people are arseholes. This we know. It's not news. And does these warnings and rules deter single guys from sending you dicpics or winks??? No. It doesn't. Because men are always jags. Deal.

I feel like we're stating the obvious too much, instead of being a tad more personal, vulnerable and creative. You don't have to open their emails, private albums or winks. Just put it in the bin, guy. Report them if they don't behave. Or name and shame the cowards and hollow bastards that don't show up for dates. Or even better, praise the ones who are great folks! I really think we should use our instinct and street smart spidersense to sort out the kief from the kak. And isn't this part of the game??? Make peace with it or move along.

But when we post negative phrases like that on our profile, it spoils the mood man. It gives power to the dark side. It makes us appear self involved, shallow, ignorant and weak. And who wants a lover like that.

Guys, I know it's tough. We know. We had some horrible experiences, BUT some great ones. People we still love to this day and wish we could see more.

Be the change. You are inside the world outside. Just be lekker.