22 Feb 2017


As i really enjoy all the different platforms on the SH site, i read many of the story’s and the comments below. I love to talk in the Chat Room. There is sometimes such a diversity of people. Some don’t enter the Chat Room and talk in messages.

And then we meet many people from the site. There is just so many complaining about the approach of others in messages etc. I do agree that i wish people will read a profile and only make contact should they be a fit. That would make the process of finding the correct crowd you wish to meet quite easy.

But what really got to me lately is all the judgement going around.

Single Men: A few single men are crude don’t have manners, but not all are bad. Some are really nice men also enjoying the lifestyle. Now they have been told they don’t belong on this site by a few couples as this is swing. Yet at quite a few party’s they are invited to play along and be a “tap out”. So let them be here why not? If they are not for you just pass them by. Just surprises me that none of the single lady’s are being told they don’t belong here.

Single Lady’s: We all love the lady’s on this site. The only judgement they go under is who they choose to play with and who not. They have a right to choose!!!!!!!!! Let them be. If you are the right one they will respond to you.

Married men playing alone: These are the most judged on this site!!!!!!!! Now i need to tell a short story of someone i know personally. This couple loved each other had 2 kids grown up and busy with their own lives. When his wife was diagnosed with cancer. For 3 years they did as much as they could do together while she was undergoing treatments. He was at every appointment she had to be and made sure all was well at home with her while he had to work. Then she became weak and did not leave the house much. He created a cosy environment for them to spend time together. Then she became unable to leave her bed. He got a day nurse to take care of her and after work he would do it all himself. He even went for training to take care of her. Every night he would feed her clean her if she did not say she needed to bathroom in time. He made straps over the bath so her body would not hurt, as she lost so much weight it hurt to sit in a bath. Once or twice a month a family member would take care of his wife and he would go for a few beers with some friends of his. Well deserved. Some nights his wife would be depressed as she could not see how he could still look at her in a sexual way, as she was not capable to any of that. He would dress her in her sexy lingerie and tell and show her what she still did to him. This he has done for 2 years. During the last year of her life, on one of his off nights his buddy had and emergency and cancelled. He thought he would still go to a local pub and have his beer. There he met women. He told her straight away he was married and his situation. He really enjoyed the company of this lady. So on some of his off nights he would meet her at the pub. They would chat and laugh and he could even cry for his loss. They became good friends. Then about six months before his wife passed. The friendship turned sexual. But every day after work he would go home take care of his wife who only spoke death and was extremely depressed. He made her laugh when he wanted to cry. Till the day she passed away he gave her all his love and attention. After her passing he told the family about the lady he met and how it all happened. They all crucified him. Even his own children. Now in my opinion this man was a hero and true gentlemen. He did all he could do. Why judge him. The other lady was just taking care of his mental, emotional and sexual needs, as he was attending to his wife’s every need. No judgement from my side.

Now here are many men in similar situations so don’t judge.

Now i know that there are many who this is not the case. But till the day you provide for his family and see to them you don’t have a right to judge. What his reason may be to be here is none of anybody’s business. That does not make him a bad person. You don’t have to play with him that is your right and choice but you don’t have the right to judge.

Bi curious , Bi and Gay men: Shit how they suffer. Yes i know some of them contact straight men and try to convince them what they are missing by not being sucked off by another man. Ignore them if it does not float your boat. But you don’t have the right to tell them not to share their experiences on any of this site platforms as it is considered disgusting to you. It is their right to enjoy what they prefer. Respect that.

Bi curious, Bi and Gay lady’s : Nothing has passed me about them. Seems men and women here have accepted their choices.

Couples: Most couples are judged by the outside world but who gives a crap what they think right. I have been judged of many of my preferences. One being as i do play with married men. It is my choice and my right. Judge if you like i really don’t care. Then i have been called a racist because my preference is to only play in my own ethnic group. I have a right to choose. That most certainly does not make me a racist. Seems race is the only thing some give you a name. But I may choose not to play with bi men or bi women then it’s called a preference. Bullshit. We all have the right to have our own preferences. I do not judge those who cross the racial barrier so don’t judge my choice not to.

I guess at the end of each day it all boils down to having respect for each and every person here. Respect their choices and their preferences. Don’t judge a whole group because there are a few idiots. And in all honesty i really don’t care what people think or judge. But i have seen some people being rudely crucified on many of this site’s platforms. Thinking some of it could be hurtful.

Leave each to his own and don’t JUDGE.