24 Jan 2016

We are in an open relationship and we can meet and fuck others as long as we are safe.

So, my man started chatting to a girl here on SH. They exchanged numbers and were soon chatting and trading pics on WhatsApp. At first I was OK with it AND I was turned on by her large tits and gorgeous body.

Soon, we set up a date and we are Going to have a nice FMF date.

Closer to the meeting date I was notified of an important business meeting that I just had to attend. He really wanted to fuck her and I wasn't going to deny him the pleasure. So off he went on his overnight date. I really was OK with it.

Knowing he was with someone else and enjoying her body filled me with the worst sense if jealousy.

When he got back the day, he looked so satisfied I was jealous. We were supposed to meet friends for lunch at a restaurant but I wanted to know how he had fucked her? How many times? had he cum? had she cum? how many times? It was driving me crazy! I was sitting on the couch demanding to know the details when he lifted my buttocks off the seat, took my panties off and started caressing my clit with his tongue. I pushed his head deeper into my pussy and came into his mouth. This is his pussy. No need for others. He should smell it, taste it and enjoy it. I moved over to the bed and lifted my dress, in a doggy position. I felt his cock slide into my wet pussy, he fucked me, in my head I was giving him all the pussy he needs. He fucked me fast and hungrily then we had an amazing cum together. I slid my dress down and we left for our lunch , my panties still on the floor. I have never experienced jealousy like that before but I was turned on by the thought of my man enjoying another woman.