Written by Buchos

06 Dec 2016

Hello once again.....some months ago I wrote an article about an affair between a naughty, sexy white girl and an indian guy (me). Well this is a continuation of that escapade and whilst it may seem like something not worth mentioning about I feel it necessary to vent my emotions. I turned 42 around a month ago, and as things go these days I received well wishes from my friends, family and old lovers if I may add.

One particular entry on my phone really sent the surprise to the next level. It was my ex-mistress wishing me well, being the guy that I am was very surprised and felt the gesture sweet. I couldnt help but continue chatting to her and we got hooked again. Lord knows I tried keeping this platonic but I was lying to myself and knew it was going to be more. She works out in Sandton and manages a fairly good operation which I had the opportunity to visit - (the last time we were out there we fucked each other silly, so silly I still smile about it in my sleep). Our first meeting was rather casual with neither of us giving too much away in the field of emotions and lustful thoughts but believe me looks are so fucking deceiving.

We chatted each other up for a few more weeks before I got an invite to her place. Now , shes still married and so am I. She isnt happily married though, and lacks the flame she so desires to make her feel wholesome, sexy and all the important stuff woman need. We speak much about how we feel since the first day I met her 13 years ago, and its almost like our escapade really will never be over...

As I said I visited her at her office one late Friday night, it was so hot - I rode my bike there so I was relatively cool. We spoke some words and I reached out and kissed her hand (I always tend to do this when I meet my wife, female friends and relatives which gets me much admiration for it if I may add - a tip for the slap dash bastards out there!). Her hands were soft and smooth, it was a bit strange at first but the feeling fell into place and it felt like I never left. We kissed each other - her lips felt firm and she tasted just the same as she did 13 years ago. I ran my hands down her hips and she just fell out of breath as I did this. I dont think she realized that she had my tongue in her mouth as she sucked my lips really hard. I must be honest, I didnt bother resisting the temptation and trying to justify why we should not do this - I just let go of my emotions and that was too fuck her.

I lifted her dress and touched her fanny, she was so hot . I pulled her nickers aside and slipped my fingers in her. Now at this juncture I wanna say this, you know when a woman is being fucked regularly because she feel different now this gal was tight. I placed her down on her carpeted office floor running my fingers in her honey pot and hearing her moan. She is loud this one, very loud - in fact a bit too loud. But that didnt matter because we were alone and I fucked her accordingly to her expectation.

We are some weeks into this and enjoying the sex, I am actually happy with this new arrangement we have however I know it will not last another summer. I also know that I may not last another summer and see no purpose to change course. I am feeling a bit lively these days away from the mundane crap we have to deal with, when we together we smile and talk smack but thats fine with me as well......

I just thought I should share this, it may not be everyone's cup of tea but then go have coffee. We dont have a tomorrow's future planned and we jive when we have too. Theres no expectation of leaving the spouses or adding to that portfolio, we just happy and re-live our past 13 years apart.......................cheers!!!