Written by Buchos26_30

20 Apr 2016

I've always loved women in all shapes, color and sizes, I even recently hit on a midget....but that's another story. About 10 years ago I had an affair with a white chick, it was like any other situations bored married Indian guy meets single good looking Afrikaans girl they hook up bang each other and fall in love. Sadly we never made it together, split and went our own ways.

About 2 years ago I connected with her on Facebook, I cant say it was by accident because I still in a way wanted her and hoped she'd reply - which she did. She was going through some bad patch in her marriage and we started talking, eventually after a couple of calls and emails back n forth we met. It was coffee at first but it was like we at that point somehow needed to connect (crazy I know). I knew this was going to get tight but I still pursued, she played like the good faithful wife and desisted most of my advances. We eventually met on a beautiful Saturday afternoon at a local pub n grill, had some dinner and listened to some really cool 80's music - in her car!

The scene was right - in the car park. We touched and kissed for the first time in 10 years I could feel her body get hot and breathing get deep. I knew this was wrong but man it felt right. We caressed each other for some time before she confessed she had the spare key to the office in Sandton. I jumped into my car and went back to the office with her. We didn't even last a minute of entering the office when we started ripping into each other. I didn't fuck her at first, I just played with her and pleasured her with my fingers. She came at least 4 times before she pulled me in. I was hard as hell and she was tight as glue. We spent the next 3 hours together that night and we enjoyed every moment of it.

Its now around 2 years later, for sure we aren't together but I still have this feeling for her. I keep telling myself 'let it go' but cant seem too......maybe its never really over!