Written by Orangeswingza

28 Jul 2015

This past week, I was away on a motorcycle trip in the French, Italian and Swiss alps. During that time wyfie was at work during the day and home as usual in the evenings. Having given Jean his first child and us all mutually accepting that he wanted his child to have a sibling, we have granted him breeding rights. This sort of makes me the cuckold but I'm fine with that because the truth is when your wife is a shared woman, you cannot claim more.

So each day of my roadtrip would begin with a call or FB messenger chat, to say I'm having breakfast or leaving for the day's itenary or that I've arrived at my hotel for the night. Late evenings we'd have our intimate telephone calls.

All went this way from the Saturday I left on my trip to Tuesday. Tuesday evening I called her. We chatted and then she told me that Jean said he was coming by later. Kids were well asleep. Wyfie said she'd be downstairs and let him in without doorbell ringing and then end up in the guestroom downstairs, which is pretty much out of sight and well insulated from the rest of the house, certainly the rooms upstairs.

So she took the hand set of the IP phone and we chatted while she walked down and poured herself a glass of wine. She told me that she was wearing a silky nightgown with just a sleep shirt beneath that, nothing else. I told her, that hearing that, made my dick hard and my mind jealous! She chuckled that I was the one who went on the road trip. Well, eventually Jean arrived and she said she'd open the door for him, leaving the hand set aside.

She neglected to cut the call.. which left me curious and so I hung onto my phone. Jean greeted her and I sensed an urgency in his voice. They had no intention of going slow, as I heard both on the bed. Wyfie was talking to him until I heard a zipper being undone rapidly, then she didn't finish her sentence as I think her mouth got presented with his cock.... I cut the call......

Next morning, I called her. She answered in a very tired voice. I told her she forgot to cut the call, she was amused and at the same time excused herself for not doing so. I told her it was fine, that I just heard what I heard before cutting off the call. She confirmed my suspicion, Jean was in a very horny state, and he needed to feel her mouth on his cock, so he basically ushered her from the entrace hall to the guest bed. Once there, door closed, he'd kissed her, while locked into her, caressing her ass and back. Then her legs made contact with the bed and she sat down. That's when he unzipped and and stepped foward, cradling her head with his left hand and holding his cock with his right hand. Wyfie said she looked into his eyes and and there was this look of lust that consumed him. She opened her mouth and pleasured him, taking time to press his cock up against his belly and suck his balls, kiss her way back under his cock till the head then engulfed the whole cock and felt it digging deep in her throat.

After a while, Jean pulled her head from his cock and pushed her gently onto her back, threw her thighs either side of his neck and shoulders and made love to her clit and pussy with his rampant tongue until she orgasmed. He drove his tongue up her fuckhole and revolved it, trying to seek out her fuck juice until that act in itself, pushed her even deeper into the throes of passion.

He sucked her inside out and suckled her clit, licked her from ass to pussy, while his hands caressed her breasts and his fingers tortured her proudly erect nipples. He pushed a finger into her asshole and tongue fucked her pussy, while flicking her clit with the other free hand's finger. Wyfie said she could barely breath from the way he was stimulating her and that she soon erupted in another orgasm. By this time, she said she wanted him so badly it hurt.

She told him so. He flipped her over, and off the bed, her knees on a blanket. He got into a doggy position behind her, dragging his cock over her clit and between her labia, he found her wet pussy and plunged in gently but firmly and until she yelped as his head locked into her cervix. Jean held it in to the hilt while he caressed her ass and thighs and back, running his hands over her side until he cupped her breasts and rolled her nipples. Then he leaned back and held her hips, while he proceeded to fuck with every muscle in his body focused on his hard thrusting cock. Wyfie said she felt so good at this point, she pushed back against him so his thrusting and hers got him bumping her cervix. She felt his hands clasp around her hips, then both over her neck, while he gave her pussy a fucking she'd been craving with me been gone.

She felt her knees tremble as his fingers grazed her clit below and his cock threatening to take his balls inside her. Jean felt her reaction and upped the pace before he asked her to reach below and squeeze his balls. She did as told amidst her own intense pleasure, then heard Jean groan. She felt his hands move from clasped around her neck to clasped over her hips, he pulled her to him, sunk his meat deep and she felt his seed strike her insides repeatedly. He just held her while he inseminated her and this drove her over the edge. She tried to move back against him, but he wouldn't move, he just held her and kept his cock locked in while he drained his balls inside her.

Eventually spent, he released her and slowly picked her up and onto the bed. On her back, he threw his legs over her, either side of her chest and place a conti-pillow behind her head. Then he leaned forward and pressed his wet cock to her lips. Powerless to resist, she tasted his and her spunk and gave him what he wanted. Hard, he went down, raised her legs and pushed her knees back, then pressed that into her asshole. He spend the better part of their time together, fucking her ass....Then they curled up and slept a bit. Towards the morning, she felt him spoon into her, she felt his erection, guided it to her pussy and guided him in. He gave her morning seed before leaving discreetly.

Jean was back there every evening until the day I returned from my road trip. Wyfie was tired, almost exhausted but very happy. That night, I picked up where Jean had left off. However, his seed inside her for those consecutive days, I think he may have given her their child. We have to wait to see if she misses her period.