Written by who knows

29 Oct 2014

A couple of years ago we met up with a couple and we had a couple of great play dates together and it seemed like a perfect long term relationship was developing. Unfortunately they moved away and left us longing after them.(Me at least). The lady was a petite ravenhaired dark complexion beauty with blue eyes and the hubby a bit smaller than me in most aspexts. I will call the lady mrs x and take it from there. The first time we were together was abit awkward as the lady had never had sex with any other man than her husband and he is much smaller than my 8 inches and she has never had anything that big in her before. It all ende well though! The second time round she was abit more relaxed and after she and my wif e gave us a great show me and mrs x fucked like rabits for hours on end. All good thing came to an end when they moved away! We maintained contact though and mrs x and me built up some steamy conversations over the phone talking about if we were to ever meet again and what we would do to each other! After not seeing her for about 2 years I had an oppotunity to fly to jhb for business and as my luck turned out her husband would be out of town while I was there. He subsequintly decided that they were not swinging any more. Soon after my plane landed I got into the rented vehicle and drove traight to wher she was staying. On my arrival at about 8 at night she opened up the door in a very skimpy night dress with her nipples very proudly pointing at me in greeting! We embraced fiercly and our mouths found each others and we kissed as if we wanted to cause each other pain! She was standing on tiptoe and I had to lean down to kiss her and as I held her my hand slid down the small of her back over her very tight and curvy ass all the way down so I could get under her nighty! It was no surprize to find that she was naked underneath and as I slipped the garment over her head I pushed her away gently so I could view her in all her glory! She was simply gorgeous with firm almost c cup boobs and perky nipples rising rock hard from small dark aereolas! She laughed as I was voiced my appreciative oppinion and toomy hand in hers leading me to her bedroom! To be continued