28 Oct 2018

I was introduced into the swinging scene at a young age of 21. This is a story for another time.. but being trained by a closed group of 4 woman how to pleasure a woman.. truely skills you hahaha

So when I met my wife at age 25 and got married at 27 i was still looking at those ladies who need a guy to help them now and then... My wife os a good christian girl and over the years i threw in some questions to exploring with no luck from her. She was a bit boring in bed so i had 2 get my fun and pleasure somewhere else.

While on holiday years later we got a bit drunk and we actually had great sex. She is petite 1.58m 44kgs and 32b cup. Im 1.65m 65kgs muscular and have a fat cock... her very tight pussy normally struggles to handle me but when drunk she relaxes and we have fun. Laying there after sex she said she wants to share something but I mustnt think bad of her.... i said yes... she told me that she and her 4 ex varsity mates sometimes chat out of their marriages...and share what their hubbies gets up 2 in bed. I was a bit mazed but she continue... the other men was a bit boring so she told them how i eat her pussy for long periods and then how i do different posistions with her... and yes they talk sizes as well.

I knew about a situation where she and 2 of her friends got drunk one night at varsity and actually tried a 3way lesbo..they all loved it but promised 2 never talk about it again.. That was with Karen and Jenna.... then she hit me.. if.... i could who would i bone? i said without thinking Karen... Karen is 1.77m tall blond brown eyes small boobs and a great cyclist with amazing ass and legs... mmm she says she would also do her... i asked and you... she giggles and said Jenna. Jenna is 1.68m browm hair blue eyes and a bit more curvy with big 34D boobs. mmmm i say that sounds fun... she then said yes... that night the 3 of them explored they loved it.. She and Karen sucked and kissed Jennas big boobs and then my wife laid down and both ladies ate her little pussy and then tall Karen sat over her face and while Jenna was muffing her and fingering her she ate Karen... she smiled and said that tight ass babe has a juicy pussy... my dick rose amd became very hard... she told me how they made turns to lay while the other two muffed the lady.... Jenna growned like a hooker and Karen took control and was the bossy one... and they had great fun... my dick was so hard i rolled on to my wife and her pussy had never been that wet.. then i fucked her slow and deep for a long time...the next moring we both woke up with a massive hangover.... and for a few months we didnt discuss this... untill April 2012....

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