01 Nov 2016

She came to work for us in the spring. She is in her early 30s but looks 16 unless you study her face. She is slim, smallish but cute with little perky boobs.

After she had worked for a while I was working at home one day. I heard her fetching the small kitchen ladder to reach the shelving unit to clean some ornaments. I offered to help her get up on the ladder as it is notoriously unstable. She accepted and held her hand out to be chivalrously lifted up. I stood in front of her to support her up there and my mouth was at a level with her bust. She looked at me with a cheeky grin. I leaned forward and brushed the uniform with my mouth. She undid the top of her coat and I reached in and unclasped the bra. Her breasts slipped out and the nipples were pointed at me like little guns.

I took the one on the left in my mouth and circled it with my tongue which set her off moaning and leaning back to give me more access. I reached out to tweak her other nipple with my fingers and she let out a growl like a lioness.

I slipped the coat and bra off her shoulders and, while still sucking, undid the buckle on her jeans and slid them off over her slim hips.

She was standing there in her panties on the top of the ladder. I started to gently rub her mons with my thumb while sill sucking her nipple. Now she was writhing and groaning with that growling noise. Her pants were soaking. I slipped them down over her lithe legs and threw them on the TV couch. My finger now was able to slip into her vulva and, as she was so wet, two fingers went into the hole so I reached in to touch her G spot. She started screaming and called out - can she come please - I said yes. She was starting to rock on the ladder so I wrapped my arms around her butt and carried her to the couch, laid her down and resumed massaging the gspot while sucking on her nipple. She was really going now. So I pulled off my shorts and aimed my cock for her hole while still using one hand to keep her excited. I took my hand away and put my cock, now rampant, at her hole and slowly started to enter. She suddenly raised her shoulders and stared at me in the eyes with a look of bliss and amazement. She was still cumming, endlessly. I entered her and began to pump mercilessly as we were both past the romantics and into fucking frantically. She grabbed my cock and pulled it out so that she could spurt her cum out and then pulled my cock back in to continue.

Afterwards we both lay on the couch quite spent and giggled at each other.

Since then the signal of the kitchen ladder heralds another round of fun.