01 Oct 2016

Waking up at 2am from the wildest dream I lay in bed shaking , was I crazy??? Did I really watch my wife having fun with a friend, it looked great and it turned me on so much I had to do something about it. This started me indulging into the fun part of adult life. To explain briefly my wife is gorgeous and loves sex but with that said we have experimented a few times with couples and a single guy and to say the least it was fun. BUT the mind wants more and the body wants to experiment .

So last night after my dream I turned over and started to slowly undress my wife , not that she wore mush but enough to keep the mind wondering. Slowly rolling my thumb over her nipples and with my other hand edging her now wet panties she awoke with a naughty smile. Don't stop I have just had this extremely wild dream.

Naturally the question was _About what? She explained that we had a friend over for a braai and she noticed that he kept looking at her when she sat up or walked to the kitchen , what she also noticed was he was looking at me and adjusting his pants. Long story short it turned out to be a great relaxing afternoon leading some heavy drinking... About 10pm we decided to have a swim so Gregg and I left for the pool. I stripped down and took the plunge and he followed . The water was great and then my wife arrived and stripped down with a towel covering her and told us to look the other way.. This was the wine talking and before we knew it she was in. 2 minutes later she started saying she was cold so I pulled her closer and held onto her. didn't help she said so I motioned to Gregg to help. With a shy approach he took hold of her shoulders and started rubbing them.. Well this got me extremely hard and very horny . Not long I decided to slip my hand between her legs to see if tonight we would play to find Greggs hands already plunging into her. I smiled and she took my hand and directed it to his swelling cock. My first ever but didn't object so just started to play , grip and rub his head. This again got them both aroused and before long the cold water was forgotten.

After about 20 mins of touching and playing my wife motioned us to the bedroom on her rules...... mmm She told me to lay down and told Gregg that she always wanted to watch 2 men playing.. By now I was slipping my fingers into her and my mind was fast becoming spaghetti.

As she told me the story she mentioned that Gregg had never done this before and she showed him what I enjoy, I was now bursting and before I knew it my mind went into her dream and I could feel this man feeling licking and squeezing my cock. My mind and body wanted more but I didn't know how or what to say. Am I Bi or just curious.. I want to try but couldn't tell my wife. I wanted to lick her while she had another cock plunging into her. I wanted to taste her off a cock I wanted everything and I started to want him.. To continue