14 Dec 2015

We, as a group, used to go to the Irish evenings once a year. It was a Round Table event for charity and quite popular so we book well in advance and I had two tickets. Near the time of the event I asked this friend if she would like to go as I had a spare ticket and the evening was a hoot with way too much to drink. The arrangement was to meet at my place, leave her car there and go together. This was about as far as the planning went.

The evening was a blast with way too much to drink and when I got home I invited her in for coffee and to give her time to sober up before hitting the road so to speak. It was soon quite obvious that she was not going to drive anywhere soon so I suggested that she spend the night and head back the next day. She thought that was a fine idea so I offered to make up the spare bed. She said it was not necessary as she would crash with me. I then told her, in that case, we should take a shower because we both smelt of cigarette smoke and she was covered in beer and because I really wanted rub my soapy hands all over her. This just caused her to snort and laugh. When pissed shit is sometimes just so funny. This is about when it hit home, I was getting into a shower with a friend I have known since I was 9 or 10 and who had, about 3 years prior, given me a blow job because she felt like it. (Another story)

I turned on the water and started to get undressed and was soon sitting on the edge of the bath watching her fight her way out of her clothes. The funniest was getting her shoes off. Every time she bent forward to reach for her feet she would topple forward. I offered to help and I was told that she could manage and she promptly sat on the floor to remove her shoes. I helped her back up and now she is in her bra and tight jeans. This was going to be interesting. Off came the bra. The early thirties just has to be the sexiest age for a woman. With her back towards me she starts to remove her jeans. Clearly there is a problem from the waist down because again she starts to topple forward. I grabbed her waist to steady her and she proceeds to peal her pants off leaving what must have been the skimpiest thong ever. With her arse in my face for what seemed like ages she finally gets her pants over her ankles and stands up triumphantly with her pants in hand. She now tells me to help her with her panty because she is feeling light headed from all the effort. I slip the tiny garment to the floor and she then turns round and asks if I have noticed that the rug matched the drapes and bursts into fits of laughter. Hell yes, a true red head!

By now her nipples are like rocks and her body is covered in goose-bumps from the cold so we climb into the shower. With the appropriate oohs and aahs we warm ourselves in the cascading hot water. I remember so clearly the heady scent of her perfume as we warmed up. She grabs the soap and starts washing and I do the same. While trying to keep our arses off the cold shower glass we are bumping and touching and before you know it I am washing her back, her shoulders and my hands are everywhere. Soapy boobs, slippery arse and hot lips. Her pubes were silky soft and her pussy welcomed my exploring fingers. The whole time we are kissing and touching. Turning around and around in each other’s arms, not wanting to loose contact for the briefest moment. With her back against me and my arms around her, a boob and nipple in each hand, my soapy cock slips between your thighs. Her fingers are guiding me into her and as she leans forward and I slide into her. The heat of her pussy is so intense. With my hands on her hips I slowly but deeply thrust into her. I can feel her fingers rubbing her clit and pussy and she is gently mewing lick a kitten. My hands are everywhere, touching, exploring, feeling and caressing. I can feel her pussy clenching as she goes all quiet and with both hands against the wall she shudders and thrusts and finally lets out this guttural moan as her climax saps all her strength and her legs go week. Still inside her I start pumping into her. Now she is encouraging me, egging me on by saying all the things we guys like to hear and soon I am unloading into her. Turning her around, we start kissing again. I can feel her soft soapy hands washing my softening dick. We must have used up all the hot water so we got out and went to bed. I remember lying on my back with her one leg thrown over my leg, her head on my shoulder and her hand lazily playing with my spent manhood.

When I woke in the morning to the sound of the phone we were in the spoon position and I felt like I had down 10 rounds with Mike Tyson but my "mini me" was at attention and firmly wedged between her butt cheeks and thighs.