Written by redbruce

10 Sep 2013

We had been talking to one another for quite a while on the SH site before it finally happened. They had said they were wanting to be watched. They were new to the site, and also quite new in their relationship (not married to each other), and were thinking about starting swinging or at least same-room-sex, but were not 100% sure. So they wanted to take it slowly, and ease themselves into it gradually. I offered my “services” as a watcher, I think they replied with something like “maybe, one day”, and then it went quiet for quite a while.

Out of the blue, a mail arrived asking if I was serious about wanting to watch them. What a question to ask someone like me!.... I replied “of course”, and asked what they had in mind (they felt that just being watched by someone else close to them was a good starting point, as they had never ever had sex in the presence of anyone else before) , and I asked who else they were asking. I was truly surprised by the answer that it was only me they were talking to! And then the discussion started… Have I done something like this before? How often? What would I do while watching? They’re not Barbie and Ken, would that make any difference? Lots of question and answer messages for a while, but still no action. We had talked about the possibility of outdoor sex, did I know any good locations in their area, so it did at least seem like it was building up to something. Then another surprise mail – “we’ve found a suitable venue for a quicky”!

One Saturday morning some weeks later there was a really pleasant surprise in my inbox! “We’re going to be at the venue at 3 this afternoon. Can you make it?” You bet!! I made a quick plan, so I could attend. More messages – “it’s not a given that anything will happen, SHE will decide once we’ve met, you have to accept that possibility”, and “she says there is to be absolutely NO touching, just watching, IF anything happens. Can you accept that?”, and I replied that I could be trusted in that matter. It was obvious that they, and particularly she, were very nervous about the impending meet. We made final arrangements, and he gave me the details of the venue they had discovered.

He and I met at a landmark close to the venue (she was already there waiting), and I followed him there. The venue was one of the smaller sex shops, which has a couple of small viewing booths, containing a TV screen and a DVD player on a stand, and a small two-seater couch, and not much else! They had been there before, and enjoyed the use of a booth as part of their own “step by step” development. He went to the manager to book a booth “for three of us”, while she pretended to browse the shelves “looking for a DVD”. The manager nearly fell over backwards! “We don’t allow three in a booth!” After a bit of awkward discussion (this was an unforeseen obstacle!) he eventually agreed to three in the booth, provided we paid a slight premium on the price. The fact that we were the only three people (other than the manager) in the shop probably assisted us in persuading him. Up to this point it was all a bit embarrassing, but we quickly selected a (irrelevant!) DVD and made our way into the booth, and popped the DVD in the player (if nothing else, it would provide some interesting background / covering noise!).

With just space on the couch for two people, the couple sat down together, and I leant against the (rather thin!) wall of the booth near the door, introduced myself to her, and we started talking. And then she quietly started undressing!! I was not entirely sure what they were expecting of me (other than to WATCH!), so I did not just presume and start getting naked, until he said “we’ll probably all feel more comfortable if we’re all naked together”, at which instruction I also stripped off.

So here was this shy, evidently embarrassed, rather reserved lady, who “might or might not do anything…”, and she was the first to remove all her clothing! She then reached into her large handbag, and produced a rabbit vibrator, turned sideways in her seat and sat butt naked with her legs spread apart so that I had a superb view, turned it on, and gently started using the vibrator for the purpose for which it had been designed! Sometimes she watched the porn DVD screen, a lot of the time she was looking at me! I could hardly believe my eyes!!

He had removed his shorts, and slowly started wanking, while stroking her inner thighs and playing with her boobs. For me it seemed the most natural thing in the world to also start wanking. It was great, watching them playing together, and particularly her using the vibrator on herself, which is a massive turn-on for me. She seemed to grow in confidence as we just enjoyed being together, he and I chatting a bit, but she saying very little, just pleasuring herself with her vibrator, progressively increasing depth and speed of movement. And then it became evident that she was getting closer and closer to an orgasm, her breathing changing and her moans getting closer and closer. Her climax was long and very evidently enjoyable, and quite loud (I was wondering if the manager was listening to us through the thin walls!), and it was beautiful to see the flush of her skin develop on her lovely creamy breasts and then move up across her upper chest to her face as she came.

He then offered her his dick to suck, which she did with finesse, and almost brought him to climax, him stopping her just in time. And then they started making love (and it WAS making love, not just fucking!), in a number of different positions, and he kept asking “can you see alright, Bruce?”, and moving so that my view was optimised. After a while she got onto his lap and rode him in reverse cowboy position, and he suggested that I should kneel / sit down on the floor so that I had the best possible view from closer up. I was in “watcher’s heaven” just being there so close to them, and here they were being so intimate and yet so considerate, ensuring that I too was having the best possible time!

When he felt he was getting close and wanted to climax, she asked if they could do it “doggy-style” again, which is apparently her favourite position. They stood sideways on to me, she with her head down on the couch, and he pounded her until they both came, her boobs swinging wildly, and her trying to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

As they separated, there was a big leak of cum, which she grabbed for with one hand so it didn’t land on the carpet, and then turned and stretched across very close to me to get at the paper towel roll which had been thoughtfully provided in the booth by management. I so nearly reached out to cup her pendant boobs as she stretched past, but I restrained myself, keeping meticulously to my promise of “no touching”.

And then it was all over… As we cleaned up and got dressed, we talked about how it actually hadn’t been such a traumatic or daunting event for them after all. She admitted that she had had serious reservations beforehand, but had just decided to “get on with it”, and then found herself REALLY enjoying it as he and I expressed and showed our appreciation for what she was doing for us. She seemed initially embarrassed about the fact that she didn’t “look like Barbie” (but then neither of us males looked like Ken either!), so it was wonderful to see how her (actually their) confidence had developed during the course of our time together, and the nervousness turn to enjoyment and then to ecstasy.

We all enjoyed the meeting immensely. I was grateful for the privilege of having been able to share in their love-making time with them, and for the privilege of being a part of their “development” as a swinging couple. They say they appreciated my “experienced presence” (it seemed reassuring to them that I had been with other couples a number of times previously), and the fact that they felt they could trust me when I promised that I would not touch or try to get involved in any way. I kept that promise, which I believe helped in the maintenance of a trusting relationship, which led to the pleasure of the afternoon.

Did I want to touch and “get involved”? Absolutely!! She had a lovely mature body, and beautiful full boobs that I would love to have played with while they were busy making love, but I managed to restrain myself! I just wanked gently while watching them, and then put “meneer” away once they were finished, so as not to impose me on “their” occasion.

Would I do it again? ABSOLUTELY!!

So to my new friends, if you are reading this, this is my way of letting you know just how much I appreciated our time together, and of saying thank you for inviting and allowing me to watch!