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10 Jul 2014

Invited to Play, Not Just Watch


7 minute read

In retrospect, the invitation should have given me an indication of what to expect! Instead, I thought this was another opportunity for me to be watching them. They had invited me to come over late one afternoon, “for some more story material”. But instead of meeting at the park as we have done previously, I was to meet them at their place… I got there, and sent a message to say I was parked outside. They soon replied asking me to wait a minute or two, they had been at the shops but were on their way back. When they arrived, I followed them up the stairs and into the apartment. She was wearing a short and very clingy blue dress over pantyhose, a very shapely soft bra, and not much else by the looks of it! They dropped the food parcels in the kitchen, and we each took a drink from the fridge and headed out onto the patio overlooking the park. We chatted for a bit, her sitting on the couch and constantly having to smooth her dress down, while I stood where I could optimise my view of both the park and also up her skirt! From the way the conversation drifted, it became evident that this was now to be MY opportunity with her! We chatted and watched the gathering twilight, enjoying our drinks. They love reading the stories that I have written about our encounters, of each of which I have given them hard copies. But English is not their first language, and occasionally I have used words with which they are not familiar. And one such word was “areola”! They couldn’t remember the word, but wanted to know what it meant. He went off and came back with the copy of the story containing this word they did not know, they scanned through the story together and found the word, and asked – “what’s that mean?”. I decided the easiest way to explain was to demonstrate, reached out to her left boob (we were now standing close together looking at the pages), and made a show of running my hand all around her boob, saying “that’s a boob”, then finding and teasing her nipple through her soft bra before saying the obvious “that’s a nipple”, and then tracing my finger tip around the imagined outline of her areola, stating “and that’s the areola!!”. “Ah, of course!!”… She and I embraced and kissed, and he announced that he was going off to the kitchen to start making their supper. She and I followed him through as far as the lounge, where she started moving seductively to the music of the CD he had put on. I asked if she would dance for me again, and went and sat on the lounge couch. She obliged by dancing even more seductively, for my watching pleasure. The more she danced, the more her dress rode up. After a couple of minutes, she excused herself and went off to the bedroom, soon to return dressed in a very short denim skirt and a fishnet blouse, through which her beautiful boobs with their big nipples and the big prominent areolas were very visible. She resumed her dancing position a couple of metres away from me, facing the TV, and bent and twisted and writhed, and it looked very definitely as if she had nothing on underneath that skirt! She backed seductively over to me, looking over her shoulder, until she was no more than half a metre away, and slowly bent forwards, her legs spread, and looked back at me. I reached out to touch her pussy – it was bare, apart from the sparse covering of neatly trimmed hair, and was wet, very wet! While I was fingering her wet pussy, he came out of the kitchen, and made some very appreciative noises, also evidently enjoying the view. He came closer, and offered her his dick, which she started to BJ while I was fingering her from behind. She seemed to be just getting into it, when he pulled away, and went back to the kitchen. She moved forward and resumed her dancing, while I started to discard clothing. He went and stirred something on the stove, then returned, carrying an apron. He quickly stripped off, and put on just the apron, and again offered her his dick to suck, just for a short while, before disappearing again. He returned and placed a condom on the side-table next to me, obviously intended for my use. She sat next to me on the couch, and reached for my dick. “Slowly, this time!”, I reminded her, and she did just that, giving me the wonderful blowjob that I have come to know, but this time stopping before I reached the point of no return, and waiting a while before continuing. What bliss! I left her sitting on the couch, but pulled her forward so that she was right on the edge of the seat, got down on my knees on the carpet between her spread legs, put my mouth to her slit and started to muff her with gusto. In each hand I held and massaged a boob, playing with her engorged nipples while licking her very wet pussy, and in no time she was moaning with enjoyment. Although her legs were pressed up against my ears, I heard him say – “Oh, she LIKES that”!, and realised that he was back watching us again. Soon she came on my tongue, and clamped her legs around my neck as she did so, moaning in pleasure. And that set the pattern for the evening, she and I having a leisurely and most enjoyable time together, taking turns to pleasure each other, while he disappeared off into the kitchen, did some more food prep, and then came back to watch us and comment, wearing just his apron and calling himself the Naked Chef, and occasionally fingering her pussy or playing with her boobs, whichever was available to him at the time, while also getting little BJs from her. She decided when it was time to put on the condom. She did it with experienced fingers, and the lube that it contained resulted in a wonderful feeling as she wanked me a couple of times, before moving off the couch and onto her back on the carpet, and beckoning me over. I knelt between her legs, and entered her, and she smiled and stared beautifully up into my eyes as we fucked on the carpet. He came and sat on the couch to watch, then also got down on his knees next to her head, lifted his apron and again offered her his dick, which she slurped with gusto, until he again disappeared back to the kitchen. From all the stop-start BJs earlier in the evening, as well as the use of the condom, and the fact that after 20 minutes I was getting carpet burns on my knees from the continuous motion, I realised that I was going to need some different stimulation before orgasming. We went back to the couch, and she enthusiastically took me in hand, and soon had me cumming. As we had been enjoying each other’s company for going on two hours, I needed to get going home, and their supper was nearly ready to be eaten! So we washed up and said our goodbyes, they saw me out, and I left them to enjoy their supper, and the special time they apparently enjoyed together afterwards. I did not immediately write up the story. About a week later, he sent me a message asking what had happened to the story, as they were keen to read it. I apologised for the delay, promising to get to writing it soon. To my reply, I added two provocative sentences – “I have a friend who would very much like to meet you guys. What is the possibility?” He replied that this sounded like a great idea, we should arrange it! But THAT will be the subject of another story…..

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