Written by georgeous

14 Sep 2013

As promised here is my first introduction into dogging and still loving it.

I was on holiday in Ramsgate. It was a hot and sunny day so I decided to take a walk down to the private beach to relax and soak up the sun. Boy was I in for a surprise. As I walked down to the beach I heard a noise coming out of the bushes and shrubs. I peeked in to see where the noise came from. There in between the bushes were a man and a woman on a blanked. I could see that they were stark naked and the man was busy going down on the woman. I stood there still, not knowing what I must do. Walk away or stand there and see what they get up to. I decided on the latter. Luckily they didn't hear or see me.

The woman was really enjoying what the man was doing, she was making noises of pleasure. The view wasn't really good as I could not see what he was doing to her, his back was facing me. After a few minutes she moved his head away and started to sit upright. She took his head and pushed it between her boobs. You ould see she had nice full and round boobs. As he started to suck on her one nippel she opened her eyes and looked straight at me. Oh damn what do I do now I thought. Should I run away before she starts screaming or what. Instead I stood there still, looking how he was sucking on the one boob and playing with the other one.

To my amazement she didn't do anything, she just winked at me. I reckoned that it was ok for me to stay and enjoy this private show. She moved to the side so I could actually get a better view. WOW she had a nice body. I could see every line and curve of her. She told him to stand up. He did as he was told and she started playing with his man hood. It was hard and I could feel that mine was just as hard and needed attention. I took mine out and slowly started stroking it as she played with his balls. She started licking his balls and along his shaft. She looked out the corner of her eye and saw me busy with my own cock. As if she knew what I wanted she started sucking his head and nibbling on it. He gave out noises and she knew she was doing it right. I love that feeling too. He started pushing her head over his cock and she obliged. She took it all in and he started to fuck her mouth. Not once did she stop to regain her breath. Every now and then she would gag a bit and that makes me even more hornier. I started to jerk mine faster and picking up the pace as they were doing.

By now his was fucking her mouth hard and fast. I could feel my balls tightening and I was close. As I started shooting my load he said that he was close. She carried on sucking him until he started to shoot. Not once did she remove her mouth off his cock. She swallowed every last drop.

I pulled up my shorts and walked down to the beach. After about 15 minutes I saw them walking along the shore line. She saw me lying on my towel and walked up to me. I was a bit worried as I did not want to cause any troubles. They came and sat next to me. She turned to him and said that I was the one that watched them. He just gave a smile and nodded. She smiled and said that she didn't wasn't satisfied enough yet and wanted to know if I would be interested to meet them later at their place for some drinks and possibly more fun. I agreed and we exhanged numbers. Who wouldn't say yes?

What happened that night is another story for the future.