Written by doosancat

18 Mar 2013

We met our neighbour through tragic circuimstance

But we became friends.We went over for a part one

Sat evening,he just wanted me to go with them to a

Club.Unfortionatly my girl wanted to leave so we left.

Two weeks later I get a call from him.He wants me to

Go to a party with him(mainly cause he didn't had transport)

So he convince my girlfriend and we left.We got to the party,

Got us drinks and he started inroducing me to everyone.

There was this one woman that kept looking at me and eventually

I walked over and started talking to her.I could see she's into me

And I started to flirt.I openly told her I would like to fuck her and her friend.

They laughed and she said I must come with her.We went to a flat at

The back of the house.My friend was there with another woman.This

Girl told my friend what I said and that's why we are there.My friend

Smiled at me as I started to to take Emilies top off.She first protested

But I told her everyone there has seen tits.I started sucking on her sexy

36c tits like never before.then I loosend her jeans and pulled them down.By

The time she protested it was already round her ankles.Once again I told her

Everybody has seen pussy before.Her friend asked if I'm going to fuck her infront

Of everybody?? I said yes and that she's next.She smiled and said no.I took my chlotes

Off and pushed Emily on the couch.I took her G-string off and started sucking,licking fucking

Her clean shaven pussy.She had the most gorgiuos pussy lips.I played with her nipples while

Sucking on her clit.I felt her grab the back of my head and she started riding my face.She

Squirted with a loud scream and let go of my face immediatly.She appologised as it was her

Time squirting.I assured her I loved it and proceeded to lick her again.She squirted again,only

This time pulling my face closer into her.I tried to eat as much as I can.She let go of me and I

Got up,slid my dick into her wet pussy before she coulld say anything.I looked over at the other

People.My friend is bussy fucking the girl he was with.Emilies friend,Ester is playing with herself.

This gave me motivation and I started pounding Emily like there's no tommorow!!! She started

Scratching my back with each stroke.She pulled me close and orgasmed again.I pulled out,sat next

To her on the couch and told her to ride me.She asked me to fuck her friend as she neva came so

Much and hard before in her life.Her legs was weak,she crawled to the loo.I told Ester to ride me.

Her pussy was dripping allready.After a few strokes she have her first orgasm.

I told her to get off,I lay on my side.Tell Ester to lay on her side infront of me.

I slid into her wet pussy before she could get her lay.I started pounding her while

Playing with clit.She started to ride me back and I told her I'm close!!! She just

Nodded and mutterd that she was close too and with that she orgasmed.I jumped

Up and shoved my dick in her mouth and started going for it.Wasn't even five srokes

And I shot my load down her throat.She sucked me clean and dry.

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