Written by Maz

02 Jun 2018

I don't even know whr to start. I'm sitting here still feeling them in me that's how hard they fucked me, I meet them here they didn't know each other, when he I will call him Ethan messaged me saying his coming to Pretoria and he was serious about meeting me I thought he wasn't serious as I have talked to lots of guy's but they got cold feet at the end of the day. But he was. "I'm picking u up at 11" the message said and I was still in bed it was 10:30 then. I got into the shower and quickly showered got dressed and as I was finishing up a text came "I'm out side" my heart skipped a bit and I touched my p letting her know that she has been starved enough buttoday she is getting feed.

I went out side got into his car I seat at the back because we had talked about this as he drove to the hotel I was playing with my self and I was getting really horny watching him watch me. I was texting number 2 guy letting him know which hotel we going to so that we meet up there. Finally I was going to have my three some w my white guy's.

To be continued....