Written by Dogging

04 Jul 2012

The idea of white married women had me the first day i saw interracial pictures....

Pre 1994 this was a thing far far far from reality, but i so wished by some stroke of luck or magic that this would happen to me.

Post 1994 met a women who out of couriousity suggested we go and check out a swingers claub now that we alllowed too in a new South Africa.

Excited looking forward to the Saturday night , spent the day deciding on what to wear and maybe sure my body was devoid of hair, well i read somewhere a hairless cock looked bigger, ha ha ha .

Saturday we arrived all excited and nervous we made our way inside, greeted with an ice cold stare and that uneasy feeling of or you should not be here but we were and excited.

We took the tour and was happy with what we saw, music food and dance were the order of the night.

The party had began and i decided to leave my friend to her own devices and headed off to a secdulde pool and jucuzzi in a quite part of the place, jumping in naked with that warm hot water soon found me excited and in an aroused stated, when in walked a stunningly beautiful white married women and her husband.

Asking if i had any objection to them joining me, playing it cool not wanting to show my excitment i said sure no problem and watched them undress, she is a goddess and i had to pinch my self to make sure i was not dreaming.

i stood as i took her hand to help her in the jucuzzi, her eyes fell to check out the package on display , even i was surprised when i looked down at my cock it look at least 5 times bigger than when fully erect all veiny and hard.

She smiled and asked if i was happy to see her.

i am no prude and check out her white hubbies cock which was short and stubby actaully quite fat, we took our seats chatting and making small talk her nipples hard like bullets i could tell she liked the conversation and what she saw.

She wishpered something to hubby and hubby turned and asked me what i have waited to hear for years, " would you like to join my wife and i in a private room" lucky i was sitting otherwise i might have fainted, barely able to speak i nodded yes and we stood to find that love shack for the three of us.

I followed nervously and with a stomach full of butterflies wondering if my dream was about to come true.

We found a quite spot and closed the door behind me, laying on the bed chatting make small talk, i turned and slowly started rubbing her tummy she felt like a heavenly white goddess it made me rock hard, my cock grow so hard and so fast it hurt my skin and size bigger than i have ever seen it, in fact it looked angry veiny and shinning...

i started rubbing her white angel like tits her nipples hard like bullets a clear indication she was liking what what happening.

Wondering if all white women in South Africa ever thought or fantasied about non white or blackmen.( If you a white women reading this tell me if you had these thoughts and or any of these kinda feelings or maybe any interracial experinces)

i rolled over on my side and started kissing and sucking her nipples and playing with her white titties, hubby was between her legs eating her shaving slice of heaven, his cock equally as hard and fat as it could be.

Rolling her on all fours he fucked her from behind with grunts and groans like a wild pig, her fucked her quick and fast piston like strokes, she moan a little.

she guided me massive black monster cock towards her mouth and i watched as my black monster enter the white cave for the very first time, thought i might cum in here mouth.

Hubby grunt moaned and groaned and tense and he filled her white pussy with cum...

He rolled over on his back and that when i took over i spread her legs open and sucked her clit until she exploded and screaming OMG yes yes yes, was sure she cum becuase she screamed , but was sure she screamed that loud becuase it was maybe her fanatsy cumming true a non white guy eating her small white pussy.

While i ate her pussy she tried to pull away , but i was in heaven and held on tight wathcing her buck and grind her white pussy on my mouth i slide my finger in her ass....

i pulled away and layed down and watched as she climed on top of me her lily white hand reaching down she grab some of my black cock and pull it towards her slice of white heaven.

Slowly she lowered her white pussy over my massive black monster and i watched as her white pussy swallowed my massive black cock, a sight i will never forget until the day i die.

she fucked me slowly take a little more cock each time until she was rocking back and forward saying OMG Yes Yes Yes, oh wow , what a nice black cock oh fuck yes, and this dirty tlak made us both cum together as her clit was swollen and firmly pressing against my massive black cock, we both came hard.....

The room filled with the smell of sex and sweat, i laid there recovering watching hubby get his cock sucked he was hard again.

i watched for a while stroking my cock to anaother firm hard on and i watched her ass sway from behind her small white pussy was red and swollen her lips telling me story.

i moved behind her while hubby fucked her mouth and i asked if it was okay with her and hubby if i could fucked her in the ass, that said it was okay. i was in heaven, never in my days in South Africa did i think i would be about to fuck a married white women in the ass, that was the ultimate for a non white guy, right?

i fucked her in the ass putting spit on her ass hole she moaned and screamed her way through me fucking her ass hole, hubby slippedunder her and force his small fat cock into her cum soaked white pussy and we did her together like the beating of drums to an african rythem we fucked her white ass hole and pussy....

We all came hard and laid there out of breath and sweaty making small talk, enjoying what just happen between us.

i recovered and fucked her one more time while hubby watched and wanked his small fat cock, i filled her for the second time with my black seed, and spent most of the rest of the evening chatting and making small talk.

i thanked them for the experince and said goodbye , wondering to myself would i ever see them again, who knows, well i did and that was another story for another time.

Enjoy my true first interracial sexual experince in a new South Africa.