Written by Dogging

22 Jul 2014

Male grooming very girlie thing todo buy hey I love it, during the day I cut my hair veeted my legs and pubic area which always makes me feel super sexy and a little horny. After all it was Saturday night and I was going to the swing club, which is always exciting.

Picked up my girlfriend which of course was really my girlfriend but more my sexual adventure partner. She was looking so good as we walked into the club and of course it seems everyone looks at you when you walk in.

Sitting at the bar order drinks and enjoyed the vibe when across the room I noticed a women and her hubby, no it was nothing sexual just notice she was a lot taller than her hubby and of course a wedding ring on a married white women for me is.a massive turn on.

Food served, drinks flowed and the tour over for the new comers the club was opening with the dance floor filled everyone dancing and enjoying the sounds been played.

Strange I was feeling a little sad don't even know why because I mean I was in heaven, pussy heaven as I watched my girlfriend dancing semi nude on the dance floor which she loved by the way.

I decided to take a walk around the club to see what was happening, check around and found people everywhere but I continued my search, search for what I had no idea. Found it the last room in the corner with a small jacuzzi and decide it was mine and I was not sharing so I jumped in to relax and enjoyed the beer I brought in with me.

Now jacuzzi's always makes me horny so my dark cock was semi hard under the warm water when the couple from upstairs walked in and they smiled and said hi and asked if they could join, I said sure and watched them undress my cock getting harder seen the white wives naked body, as she made her way to the stairs to offer my hand to her to help her in, think also a bit of me wanted to show off my semi hard well hung black chocolate cock, her eyes lit up seen my cock.

Sat down and watched hubby jump in his cock was very short stumpy but fat and of course white. Two different cocks in the jacuzzi polar oppersites. The white was beautiful sexy young firm and a great body nice white hairless pussy.

Introductions and small talk out the way I complimented them on what a nice looking couple they are, also asked if they would be keen to invite to watch them, they said sure why not and invited me into a room with them.

Watching him kiss and play with her married pussy made my cock super super hard and she noticed my cock while her hubby was fucking her missionary position she reached out and invite me to her mouth, she sucked so hard thought I would cum so fast had to control my breathing and my thoughts.

Hubby exploded in her and with his cum face he rolled off her clearly not down she guided my cock towards her wet white married pussy OMG I was in heaven as she guided my cock into her she moaned as her hubby stroked her hair and I began to slowly inch my way deeper into her pussy. Not to brag but she was moaning with each rhythmic stroke she moaning a little and huuby was soon hard again and was forcing feeding her stumpy fat white cock.

She was enjoying the feeling, we fucked and sucked our way until the early hours of the morning , I just could not get enough of licking her white married pussy and tits, she was divine watching her small petite white married wedding ring hand wrapped around my cock sliding in and out her mouth was all I could take, lost count of how many times we all came, but after a while we laid there chatting about life and how good the evening was.

I thank them and left the room to find my girlfriend who was still dancing and drinking.

Who out there thinks I saw this couple again?