Written by KdpCouple

14 Nov 2016

This is not a story as such, this is more of a general overview of some of our experiences in the cuckold/ hotwife lifestyle.

I you have read our story “Where it all started” you will know how it all started for us. After that encounter we met a couple and tried the normal swinging thing, but for me personally it was always just about watching my wife having sex with other men. Seeing her with other men was the ultimate erotic experience for me. Nothing could turn me on more.

Now my wife is a huge slut. But no one in our family knows about this. Most of our friends does know, because she has fucked most of the males. At one stage we went as a group to Ellispark and whilst looking at the group I realised that she has had sex with 4 out of the 5 guys there, none of them knew about the other and their wives obviously didn’t know either. She is very beautiful and sexy and very outgoing but seem very innocent in it all. She is about 1.6m tall with long blonde hair, nice wide hips but a small waist with about C cup boobs. No man she has ever approached has said “no thank you” ever.

Our usual “modus operandi” was to go to a night club, with her dressed very provocatively, I would find a nice spot where I could sit and watch her and she would flirt with everyone. She would dance, grind, grab, kiss and rub her ass against as much men as possible, making out with anyone that wanted to, all while I watch. This was always white men though. I was always introduced as the friend or sometimes she would tell them the truth. Then around 2 or 3 o-clock in the mornings she would invite them home with us and she would fuck them properly while I watch or listen in. One time she brought the guy to where I was sitting and sat on his lap. She “danced” on his lap for a while and after a while they stood up and she whispered in my ear that she just fucked him and handed me the used condom!! There were others that fucked her in the back seat while I was driving, some that fucked her in the car in front of the club, in a dark alley close by, in the male restrooms she has probably fucked in more places than you can think of. Afterwards I was more than happy to “clean her up” and have sloppy seconds. I loved how other men loved to fuck her and I kind off grew addicted to watching her have sex.

Then we started discussing interracial sex… We went to Presleys in Boksburg one night and she started dancing and flirting and making out with an Indian guy, god it was sexy, I almost came in my pants just watching them. She told him about us and he was comfortable with the whole idea. He invited us to his place. We followed him home to a house close to Gold Reef City. We got comfortable and then started playing, she gave him a blowjob while I was fucking her, then sight of her sucking on a dark cock took me to the point of cumming very quickly. I pulled out and at that moment he blew his load all over her face and in her mouth, she immediately pulled me closer and came forward to kiss me, her face and lips covered in cum, I hesitated for a second and then went with it… She filled my mouth full of his cum. We continued to make out for a little and this must have excited the guy again because he got on top of her and fucked her bareback without even asking. We were all so horny that none of us hesitated about it. We drove home that night with her full of cum from a guy of another race for the first time and we both LOVED it!

We started discussing the idea of trying a real BBC… Then one day we decided to try it. We drove around a suburb close to where we were staying and noticed a young black guy walking on the side of the road. She went up to him and told him that she would like to have sex with a black guy and if he would be interested. He could not believe his luck and invited us to his house. When we went inside he introduced us to his father that was sitting in the living room and we went to his room. My wife got undressed and laid down on his bed. He put on a condom and got on top of her. She was extremely scared and just laid still until he got off. She got up and we left… She did not enjoy it and I was also unimpressed. Fast forward a couple of years and we decided to try it again, but this time in our own house. We placed an add on gumtree( those days Gumtree still had a “personals” section), a couple of black guys responded and we decided on the one guy. I set up a hidden cam in our room and he came over. He had one huge BBC and although my wife was very nervous, she soon relaxed and really started to enjoy him pounding her. I was not allowed to watch, but I had the hidden cam and could her her screams of pleasure as he pounded her. They were busy for close to an hour, after he left we both watched the video while she rode me cowgirl, she told me that she is definitely doing this again and I blew my load in her as she told me how good his black cock felt inside of her.

After that encounter things changed a bit for us. We still went out to clubs and the wife still brought home guys, but now, after these guys left, we drove around looking for BBC for her. I usually got into the boot of the car and she would stop at the petrol stations and ask the attendant if he would like to fuck. Then she usually fucked him in the backseat of the car with me in the boot…lol… We once stopped at a ATM and there was a security guard at the ATM, she flirted with him and before lons she was bent over in front of the ATM with him pounding her from behind right in front of the CCTV cameras… It was not long before we started going to clubs where black guys frequent. At the one specific place she met this one black guy. They danced, fondled and made out on the couch inside the club before we went to his place. It was a security complex with a lot of flats. They fucked on his bed with the lights on, windows open and curtains drawn, she was moaning loudly and with the curtains drawn anybody could see inside the room how he was fucking this gorgeous blonde girl.

We were active in the biking scene at that stage as well and went on a lot of rally’s. The one time we went to the Impala rally at Hartbeespoort oord. We went on the Wednesday already. That night it was kinda boring, not a lot of people and no music playing so my wife went to one of the black security guards and kept him company while I spied on them from a distance. It was not long before he followed her to our tent, after about 20 minutes he got out and disappeared and I went inside, my wife were laying there half naked and freshly fucked, she told me that the condom came off while they were busy and neither of them realised it and he came inside of her… I immediately knew I was going to eat her out. I laid on my back and she sat on my face, and for the first time I ate a black guys cum out of my wives pussy, god it made me very horny, that was one of my favourite moments. Even though it was accidental and both of us worried about the consequences (all turned out good) it was the first time a black guy pumped her full of his cum and remains one of my favourite experiences.

One Saturday evening we were sitting outside and I saw a black dude approaching a couple of houses away, I ran into the house and hid in a room while she greeted him and invited him inside… Soon enough he was fucking her on our bed. He became a regular visitor and over time my wife told him about me knowing and approving of her fucking him every so often, one night we decided to take him with us to a club, my wife of coarse going as his girlfried. We went out, they danced, made out and she was blowing him on our way back home, she was more horny than ever for some reason and when we got home, he went to sit on the couch and she immediately took of her g-string and sat on his lap (facing him), while kissing him passionately. I never expected for it to happen (even though I was secretly wishing for it) she reached around and guided his cock into her pussy bareback!! There I was sitting, watching as my sexy white wife was guiding a black cock into her waiting pussy without any condom. Even though this was not the first time she fucked a black cock bareback, this was the first time she did it on purpose fully aware of what she was doing with plenty condoms available. She rode him bareback for a couple of minutes and then got up and took him to our room where he continued to fuck her bareback for the rest of the night. I could not wait to eat her out as soon as he left. They fucked bareback every time since then.

There was this security guard at our complex that my wife fancied, one morning when it was quiet she asked him if he would like to have sex with her, they went to our house and fucked and this soon became a regular arrangement as well. One night we went out to a club and when we came back, I got into the boot of the car and she picked him up from the gate, she stopped in a secluded space and climbed on top of him, when he asked about a condom, she said she forgot them at home and asked him if he would like to fuck her bareback, soon enough he was fucking her and she begged him to fill her with his cum as he started to cum inside of her. That was so fucking erotic, to hear my wife pleading with a black guy to fill her with his cum.

We went to a small country style rally in the middle of winter once. It was quiet, cold and boring the Friday night. The Security guards at the rally made a small fire close to our tent and we went to sit around the fire with them. I was my wives “brother” and soon enough I excused myself and went into a tent. We erected two tents specifically for this purpose earlier. She sat with them and invited both of them into her tent. Both of them were very happy to accept and soon they were fucking her inside the tent next to me. I could hear them going at it. A little while later one got out and the other finished off alone. When they were done and left I slipped into my wives tent and she told me that she fucked both of them bareback, she stood on all fours while one fucked her from behind while she gave the other one a blowjob, after the first one shot his load the other one went around and also came inside of her. Needless to say, it was not long before I also shot my load inside of her.

We went to Rustenburg kloof a couple of years ago for our anniversary, my wife was drinking Smirnoff Spin each mixed with a shot of Sambuca. We went to the little bar and swimming pool at the campers area. The black barman and the cleaner were the only people around so my wife went up to them and asked the barman to rub some suntan lotion of her back. She bent over and laid across some of the bar chairs while the barman rubbed the lotion into her. They didn’t know it at the time but I was watching them and could see how “excited” they were. After he was done she sat next to him and started flirting with him. They spotted me and my wife explained our “situation” to him. He was uncomfortable at first, but I left to go and check on our tent and she stayed behind. A little while later she came to the tent and told me he has just fucked her bareback behind the bar, but that he did not finish and he wants her to come back later. By the time we went back my wife was kind of drunk and as easy and slutty as ever. She sat next to him rubbed on his cock, played with her pussy and just made him completely crazy. He stood up and went back around the bar. He called her over and she went behind the bar aswell. I could not see him but I could see her as she bent over for him while he fucked her, he then picked her up and put her on top of the icecream fridge (our profile pic) and continued to fuck her, I drew her attention as I did not want him to finish this early, she looked me straight in the face and ignored me!!! I could see she was in seventh heaven and it made me even more excited that she refused to stop fucking him when I called her. When the finished she came back around and we left. She went back to the bar a little later and now he had two friends with him, one was very drunk and was very rude and racist towards my wife, but the other friend had heard what the barman was getting and also wanted some of it… He took my wife by the hand and lead her to the bathroom where he also fucked her hard. Later that night my wife went to the hotwater swimming pool were she met an off duty black police officer. My wife was the only white woman that time of the night with two other black couples making out in the swimming pool. She fucked the off duty cop right there in the swimming pool also bareback.

These are just some of our adventures, all of these stories are 100% true, we have had many many more. She is a real slut for black cock and cant get enough. Recently we have started fantasizing about her falling pregnant with a black guy… We both like the idea and everytime a black guy cums inside of her now she tells me that she might fall pregnant with his baby. There is nothing more erotic for me than to know my wife has got a pussy full of black mens cum. I want her to be filled every day, I want her to enjoy a big black cock every day of her life! The easier she is and the more slutty she is around black guys the more I like it. She is a sexy little piece of white ass made to satisfy black men and I want her to do it as much as possible. If ever there was a white woman made to fuck black cock it is my wife. She is perfect to be used by black men as their little sex slave. There is just something about a sexy white Afrikaans speaking woman from a conservative background having orgasm after orgasm on a black cock…