Written by taffy1985

02 Oct 2016

I am one of the few people that had the privilege to have a taste of the forbidden fruit in both skins.I am african black by birth from my intimate experiences with black woman i have noted that they are the true masters of the missionary position especially if you meet the ones coming from Zimbabwe,Malawi,Zambia etc as they go through sexual training school as attested

and they can practically lift a man and shake their bottom until you cum,.Some african woman also stretch their pussy lips using creams like vaseline so that they are longer and hence hold a dick firmer a practise called kudhonza matinji in shona and some pussy tightening herbs. they are also masters of dick riding and the doggy style. from the skin contact sensation during sex with an african lady i have noted our african skins are a bit rougher so the sensation is strong and both the male and female reach orgasm quicker because of the heat generating friction and in as much as they get wetter during sex the friction is still intense

I used to wonder why they were a lot of interracial marriages in Europe than back home,,initial i thought it was civilization until i had a taste of the white forbidden fruit.This is what i discovered white woman are the masters of bjs if you think you have had it all just get one and you will find out you still have a lot to learn,they are great when it comes to moaning and screaming,the pleasure of that moan will take you to the moon and back in a second,they are masters in dick riding and cow girl.Of particular interest to me apart from the soft skin was they get really wet during sex and because of that and the soft skin the friction is not as intense but the wet sensation is great and black guys tend to last a whole lot longer and the dick movement is smoother its like u licking ice cream with the tip of your tongue. to our dear moderators i am not trying to be racist i have opened this diary so that we can all share our interracial experiences for the sake of those that want to give it a try and are unsure of what to do thank u