Written by Anonymous

28 Jul 2019

The year is 2006.

I was almost 21, and the platform to meet new people behind the safety of your screen was Mxit.

I started chatting to a girl, she was fun and soon she turned the conversation in a semi sexual direction, which I had no objection too being a hot blooded young horny guy...

A little about her at this time, she was in Matric, she had turned 18 January that year. She has been very inexperienced and a virgin, but her appetite was triggered this Sept holiday when she had found some porn online. She was about 1.65m tall, Brunette with green eyes. She was skinny but not overly so,. She was good looking but not the cool girl, mean girl of the school type. Average pretty young girl. They stayed on a plot just outside Pta and she was in school close to me. Due to this she would spend weekends in Pta with friends.

I was also still staying with my parents at the time.

Over the next few days with her being at home alone during the day she started sending me photos showing cleavage, later on it turned into lingerie and then photos with just her nipples covered. The more we chatted the hornier she got. Soon she had sent me full on nudes.

She has perky A or B cup boobs, they were small but not bee stings, kind of Conical in shape. Her pussy was bushy, a girl that has only ever had her bikini region shaved. This was uncommon as most girls had either trimmed and/or shaved their pussies. I had told about shaving her pussy and she seemed keen to do it.

They day came where we planned a meet up. She was going to a mall with a friend, my parents was out for the evening at a braai.

I picked her up from the mall, heart racing as she approaches the car. As we left she asked to stop at the spar, but I must wait for her. I was driving hand on her leg, semi hard from

excitement, she kept on staring over at me with a nervous naughty smile. Stopped at the Spar. When she came out, got in the car and pulled a razor from her handbag, telling me we are shaving her pussy. I almost came in my pants from the thought of that.

We got to the house, and then the awkward moment settled in. What now....

Poured a cool drink, sat on the couch.

Nervously she said I must take the lead, I moved closer and moved in for a kiss. We started making out.... she breathed heavily.... I moved my hand up her leg, to her tummy, then brushed agains her boobs and she tensed up and pushed closer to me. I suggested the bed which she agreed to immediately. As we entered the room I had her against the wall, stopped and reconfirmed that she wanted to continue.... She answered by removing her top. Wearing a standard t-shirt style bra I was now so much closer to feeling and kissing her boobs. I laid her down on the bed, removing my shirt.

Mere minutes later I has her out of her bra. Her boobs were soft, but firm and perky. She had beautiful pink nipples two shades darker than her skin. They were standing erect. As I was viewing them, caressing them and kissing them, she was moaning like she was about to orgasm. She then started undressing me, she was hungry to see and hold a cock. She nervously took off my underpants and started stroking it.... she soon started kissing it and licking it. Asking if she can put it in her mouth, I said do as you please....

As she was kissing and exploring my cock I was playing with her boobs and then started rubbing her pussy over her jeans. Then stopped het and proceeder to remove her pants. She was wearing a red cotton g-string/thong type thing. Her underwear was soaking wet, she felt self conscious and said that has not happened thinking I might think she is weird. I told het how sexy that was. I got her out of her panties and exposed her bush. Started rubbing her pussy lips, pushed her down on her back opened her legs and started muffing, slipping a finger into her vert tight pussy,.It felt like a few seconds and she erupted in an orgasm that lasted a few seconds. All she could get out was wow wow wow. I moved up and started kissing her, my cock rubbing against her pussy. She said put it in, Pushed the head against her, and slowly started entering. She was tense and excited. We took it slow, got it in with a few moans, we made out and slowly had sex, to the point where I had to cum. Just missionary this time. I pulled out and came over her boobs. She was surprised at the warmth and stickiness of cum.

We laid chatting for a while, when she asked if I could run her bath and if we could shave her.

At that point, her wish was my command. I ran a bath. Lit some candles (which was kot ideal for first time pussy shavers, needed more light).

She was comfortable being nude, got in the bath and washed of the now very sticky cum.

Then the shaving started, applied some cream, and she shaved the top, then asked me to shave the bottom, I was so scared I was going to nick her or hurt her, but really enjoyed exploring her pussy as I helped to shave her. Once done she was quite impressed with the look, but had some concern that her mom might comment on why she had shaved as she regularly enter the bathroom when she is bathing or showering.

We got out of the tub and kissed some more, spent time on her boobs, but when it came to her pussy she was to sensitive after the sex and shaving. We spent more time naked, got dressed and then I took her to her friends place.

This was the start of a few sexual firsts for us both... more to follow if you want to hear more.

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