10 Mar 2016

In the first part I spoke about how I got involved with a married couple where the husband is a cuckold and I the wife's bull. It was a fantasy come true, here I was servicing a beautiful woman with not only her husband's consent but his help and enthusiasm as well. I visited them only once a week at first but soon I would spend the night and very quickly it was two to three nights a week. At first he would sleep in the spare bedroom and his wife and I had the main bedroom to ourselves. But as things progressed he eventually also joined us for all-nighters. At this stage he regularly played with my cock and balls and sucked me either before or after I fucked his wife. She found it incredibly sexy watching her husband suck my cock while I was busy playing with her breasts or sucking them.

One evening after she and I played a bit she asked whether I would consider playing with her husband in like treating him like I do her, kissing and fondling and the like. I was a bit taken aback but she said her husband confided in her that he would like to have sex with me and she found it quite a turn-on. At first I was a bit hesitant but with everybody being so open and honest about their feelings I had to admit being curious myself and admitted that I have had fantasies about playing with another man.

He also admitted to feeling girlish around me and got dressed up in a sexy nightie of his wife . We then started making out with his wife having a glass of wine and playing with herself while watching us. We started off by me taking him into my arms and kissing him the way I used to kiss his wife. My hands drifted down to his bum pulling him closer to me. The next thing I felt his cock stiffen and rub against my denim covered crotch. I got undressed and pulled him closer again, this time feeling his silk covered hard-on against my naked cock, getting me excited and stiff as well. I reached into the silk panties and freed his cock talking to him as if he was a girl asking if he liked me playing with his cocklette or clit.

He really enjoyed being treated as a girl and went down on me sucking my cock with gusto. At this stage I looked over to Rita and saw her frantically fingering her sopping wet pussy. I winked at her and she smiled back saying she would like to see me fuck her husband. I had him in the doggy position and used some baby oil to lubricate his asshole with first one finger then two. He opened up nicely and when the time was right I slipped a condom over my cock and took in position behind him. At first I pushed against his ass and found it a bit difficult to enter but suddenly my cock head popped in. Then I pushed right in and he gasped causing me to wait a bit. Once he was ready I started moving in and out picking up a nice pace. I fucked him good but didn't last long because of the excitement. After I came i removed the condom and he was immediately there to suck my cock clean.

At this stage his wife was so randy she just wanted to fuck. I had to beg for a chance to recover first. From that night on things changed a bit with me having two gorgeous ladies to make love to although the one has a cock.