19 Apr 2018

I am English, wife is (Durban) Indian.

Her brothers wife has come to stay with us for ten days.

Monday evening my wife has a church meeting and, as my sis in law is Hindu, she stayed home with me.

About 8o'clock se said she wad going to get teady for bed. Afew minutes later she reappeard wearing what I wojld call long baggy silky pantaloons and a bra.

She came and sat by me on the sofa and began chatting.

Before long we had got onto the subject of sexual habit differences betseen Indians and English and did I think she was sexy. Very soon she had encouraged me to stroke her over her bra top and within twenty minutes or so, we had reached the point where she had got my shirt and shorts off ( leaving just underpants) and she had removed the baggy pants to reveal no panties and I had unfastened her bra.

Despite my reluctance do do any mor than touch, she persisted and quite soon I was all of six and a half inches bareback and deep inside her belly with her moaning in pleasure.

When I warned her I wad about ti climax she held me tight and that resulted in my shooting my baby making fluids deep inside her. Thank goodness she was on birth control.

Ten minutes later, we were at it again but this time I found she had a taste like my wife for bareback anal sex .

We had two sessions like that before we had to sort ourselves out before my wife came home.

She promises (threatens) to visit from Durbs more often now as, according to her, and my wife has often said the same, White guys have bigger and harder dicks and know how to use them much bdtter than Indian men. They both also say that Indian men don't/won't lick and finger pussy for foreplay and, sis in law says she has never had her gorgeous bum rimmed ever before.

Looks like I have lit a fire that her husband is going to have follow.