Written by Anon

04 Mar 2016

We are relatively tame in the bedroom but have had lots of experiences together. To get started let me share a quick story that gets me going everytime.

We enjoy fooling around in public spaces which started when we were in varsity and obviously need needed some places to release some pressure (if you get the idea). R is extremely attractive and I enjoy showing off her sexy body, in a way it makes me feel good showing everyone what I get to bed every night. We have only ever had sex with each other and love each other dearly so we know we will never cross the line.

Last year we decided to go to the movies since we had some time off work. When we went into the cinema it was empty, this already gave me ideas. As we sat down I kept an eye on the door, the movie started and still no one in sight. This is when I initiated the first move, I gave her a deep kiss and lay my hand on her thigh, without hesitation she slightly spread her beautiful legs (this is what I love about her, she always enjoys my touch and will to experiment with me). I accepted the invite and moved my hands to find an entrance to her waiting pussy, I slid my hand under her panty and began to play on the outside of her tight sexy pussy. She also started to rub by cock through my pants. We dint care about the movie, this was just more fun. R than masterfully removed my now throbbing dick from my pants and stroked it with her craft hands. We looked around and by this time realised no one will be coming in so far into the movies.

R then got onto her knees in front of me and began vigorously sucking my cock. I just put my head back and enjoyed every second. She has given me a blow job in the movies before but this was different this time she was not trying to be discreet. The thrill of potentially being caught was getting to me and I knew I wouldnt last much longer if she continued. I have never received a blow job from anyone else but I can bet no one can sucking cock like her.

I decided to swap places with her and without even asking she knew exactly what was on my dirty mind. I kneeled in fron of her and like a hungry man (more like a teenage boy) pulled off her panties completely. She moved forward so that I could reach my target. I stuck my face deep between her legs and tasted her sweet pussy juice. I moved her left leg to the armrest so that I could get my tongue deeper into her pussy. She was so wet even my chin was dripping with her juice.

She couldnt wait any longer, she raised my from knees and asked me to fuck her. R does not swear unless she is extremely turned on. I needed no further encouragement, I dropped my pants all the way while she spread her legs as far as it could go. I slowly guided my erect dick into her warm pussy and began to pump her to ecstacy. I must admit, I did not last long and neither did her. Just as I came I whispered into her ear that someone could walk in at any time I would not stop, this pushed her over the edge as well.

We cleaned ourselves up and continued to watch the movie. This was one of the best sexual experiences we have had and are looking to have more similar exciting adventures together. I love R tremendously and I am grateful she is open to experiment with me.