Written by oraltz4u

17 Dec 2015

So after my sexual starter (see part 1), a luscious chocolate eclair, my bronze temptress climbed off my lap and onto her knees so she could pleasure my rock-hard cock, which was pulsating and begging for erotic relief. She applied some edible lube to the throbbing member and began to stroke me in ways I never imagined. I spread my legs leaned back into the chair savoring her skill and expertise in the matter at hand--or should I say the matter in her hand! She reached under my aching torpedo and massaged my balls in such a seductive way I almost came right then and there. After she taunted and teased me for a few moments, she leaned over and placed her gorgeous lips on the head of bulging pole.She sensually flicked her tongue across my dick and then began rotating it in opposite directions while sucking and sliding up and down on my pleasured pole.The cherry flavoured lube was really to her liking as she gobbled up my dick with audible slurping sounds and moans of approval.

I took it as long as could. The erotic sensations she showered on my horny person coursed through every inch of body. My eyes rolled back in my head while I transcendentally savored this moment. Then it happened. A man can only take so much. I wanted to give my little lust maiden fair warning, so I blurted out "Oh, FUCK, I cumming ... I'm cumming baby!" With that, the Aswan dam of desires burst with a torrent.She dutifully and lovingly stuck to the task as I filled her mouth with musty magma. I came so hard I was afraid it would cum out her nose. Her moans of delight coincided with my own as I ran my fingers through her silky black hair and pulled her towards my evacuating member. She gulped down all of my tangy zest that she could. Although, she gurgled a time or two. She was like a consummate professional coaxing out every last drop that she could. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, having been relieved of such a overwhelming burden. She finally pulled back sensing that I was through. She looked up with a huge grin on her face and licked her lips with the residual cum dripping down the corners of her mouth.

We cleaned each other up and then hugged. She took me by the hand and led me over to her bed and requested that we lay side-by-side and gently kiss and caress with erotic touch. We both embraced this very sensual moment while we aroused the embers of just a few moment ago. In short order, the sexual conflagration burned out of control again!!!! My cock had sprung back to life while her pussy was warm, wet, and waiting. She crawled onto all fours and begged for me take her doggie style. I happily obliged and mounted this brown-skinned sex goddess from the rear. I slid my reinvigorated cock into her hot heaving hole. Her pussy instantly clinched my member while I swayed gently back and forth. She leaned back into my thrusting hips while I seized the moment and fondled her bouncing tits. I incrementally increased the pace and intensity with both us working as one to achieve the ultimate prize--a simultaneous orgasm! I could hear her muffled groans, and read that as her stamp of approval on the proceedings. Her mound was so hot, wet and tight, encouraging me as I pumped in sync with her gyrating hips and ass. I sensed she was about to blow, so I furiously drove her to the edge and then leaped off into sexual Xanadu with her as we came together. She leaned back into my ejaculating cock and we seismically came as one. I could feel the warm rushing flow of her bubbling fountain as we orgasmically approached the final finish line. When we both crossed the line, I dismounted. We smiled and laughed at what had just happened. We got dressed and made our way back to her kitchen for that cup coffee and a hot buttered muffin with jam! She asked me if I wanted cream in my coffee, but I assured her I had already had enough cream and chocolate milk to get me through the day.

In retrospect, I can't believe my luck. My FWB has a husband that is out of the country more than he is in it, which bodes well for 2016! Thanks to SwingingHeaven, I'll be in hog heaven as I bring in 2016 with a bang! I look forward to spending some quality time with my new "friend" and hope to meet a few others along the way!