Written by oraltz4u

17 Dec 2015

So I joined the site last week not knowing what to expect. It took a couple of late nights and some messaging to begin to get a response. To my delight, a sexy Cape Malay contacted me. We began corresponding over a 3 day period, getting to know one another and discussing the erotic possibilities. As luck would have it, her husband is out of town and out of country until early next year! Last night she contacted me telling me how horny she was and how much she craved a cock. She said she was tired of masturbating and wanted real contact with a real man. She begged me to cum over this-morning and have a cup a coffee with her and to see where it would lead. I am happy to report it led right to her bed! You might say I had the ultimate cream in my coffee this-morning!

Once we were behind closed doors, she dropped her robe down around her ankles and exposed her finely tuned BBW frame, sporting nothing but a bright red thong! My cock soared to the stratosphere at the site of this beautiful bronze creature whose erotic pose said "Fuck me ... Fuck me NOW!" She quickly helped me out of my clothes and into her arms. It was one of the most passionate kisses I ever enjoyed as our tongues lustily entwined as one while we eagerly groped one another. She grabbed my throbbing pole and began to tauntingly stroke and coax me into an erotic delirium. It took every fiber of being from blowing my wad all over her. For my par,t I latched on to her gorgeously swollen nipples and patiently sculpted each nipple into steel-like spike.

Once the job was complete, I slipped my left hand further south and dipped under her the elastic of her silky red veil. Her peach was ripe for picking. So I slowly rubbed her aching clit while she gracefully gyrated her hips to the rhythm of my fingers. All the while her melodious moans hung in the air. The sweet fragrance of her blossoming flower now wafted through the room spurring me on to greater heights as I teased my hot, wet, writhing lover. I dropped to me knees and she intuitively spread her thighs and drew me into the rush of her ribald pleasure. My tongue tantrically danced around her nectar soaked mound before sliding down between her wet trembling crevice while her fountain flowed very generously. My face was now awash in her essence. This served as the ultimate aphrodisiac urging me to pleasure my lover across the first finish line. Her hands drove my face deeper into her hot tasty hole while her gushing ejaculent dripped down her mound and oozed between her thighs. Then her back tensed, and the volume of her groans intensified before her she completely exploded, wildly thrusting her hyper-orgasmic pussy uncontrollably. I feasted on her succulence, savoring every last drop of her hot buttered muffin. Her legs trembled with excitement, almost buckling from the intensity of her orgasm.

When the worst (best!!!) was over, I stood to my feet and kissed my bronze Aphrodite while she excitedly tried to lick her fragrance from my tongue. I reached down yet again to feel her saturated, pulsating pussy. I pulled her to an arm-less chair. I sat down and led her onto my lap, as I coated her buoyant tits with edible lube. I proceeded to voraciously consume the breast confection, much to her delight and my taste. As I suckled her delicious nipples, I donned my ribbed jelly finger on my left middle finger and plunged it deep into her still simmering hole. I began to pound her with this wonderful orgasmic-producing device. In no time flat, she wiggled,then jerked, dancing all over my lap as as I simultaneously teased her tits with my tongue and right hand. She squirmed and moaned and placed both hands on the back of the chair to support the volcanic eruption that was about to ensue. Faster and harder I drove the nefarious little device into her convulsing mound. Applying pressure on her G-spot was like turning on a rocket booster as she erupted in the most exquisite climax I think I've ever seen. She cried out "Oh, FUCK ... Oh FUCK" before squirting a steady stream of her lust lava all over me. Then she collapsed in a heap while we held each other and then sensually kissed.

(For the main event there will have to be part two!)