30 Dec 2017

Hi again! So my story the other day after a long of while of not fucking around and any new experiences me and the girlfriend left for holiday up the route. So Im a bit pissed and cummed drunk writing this on the phone ....lol!!

So I was sitting here having a drink or 5 while the rest at tje beach I had to have the inevatible piss....on way to the bathroom I greeted a not bad looking muscle bound guy,now being quite a big guy myself the greeting is usually mutual...lol!

So settling back after my piss I sit down to continue my drink amd smoke my pipe,sure enough mr muscle and his lady move to towards the exit outside where Im sitting for a smoke also.

We start chaiiting and I complement him on his development having been in the game myself and his girlfriend is not looking bad either. Small tits,but nice enougj body,small and a bit insecure lookinh for some reason. Mr.miscle is a bit intense I have to say.

Chatting abit and drinking and evemtually the need to piss arises...I say need to go slash,they say have to go also... on the way to the loo O say the boys can sommer piss togetjer. Mr.muscle waz a bit uncomfortable,but when youneed to go you need to go. So having the piss I notice he is quite long and I am short....lol....Im more of a grower then a shower...? we finish up and I we go out. I just suggesy a good blow would be awesome now,his girl next to us..booze talking and all. Sure as shot after the laughing she is rubbing our crothes...

Well,behind the pub we found a quiet area and she got our cocks out. Dont know how it happened...but tjere she was sucking our cocks. See mr

Muscle doesmt grow tnat much and the cycle has shrunk his balls abit...lol. she had small tits,but ok,I came quite quick down her throat but mr.muscle not so much. He had some trouble,not quiet hard etc...ha ha! Would still suck his cock though. Was as veiny as his arms! Ha ha ha!

Anyway,I went back to my table,tjey smoked a cigarette anf we exchanged nr's. Hope to see thise snall titties some more and eat that oussy and if me.muscle like help getvthat cock hard! Will see what happens.

Going to have a wank for sure later! Lol.

Me out! Happy holidays all!