24 Jan 2019

as i walked into my office you were standing at my desk, your back to me, leaning over my desk, reading something. your right foot was curved around your left ankle and you were playing with a pen in your right hand. i stopped dead, mesmerized, just staring...

i wanted to walk over to you, but i also didn't want to ever stop looking at you. then i walked up to you, slowly, quietly, until i was so close your hair tickled my nose. as i stepped closer to you, i could smell your sweet perfume, it filled up my nostrils and i inhaled deeply, as if trying to breathe you into me.

I was dying to just wrap my arms around you, but i didn't, i stood for a moment, millimeters from you, time stood still, and i just enjoyed it. then i brushed the hair from your neck and kissed your neck, lingering long enough that you knew how i felt. you tried to turn to me, but i stopped you, pressing myself against you, and you said "i've been waiting for you". i just smiled and kissed your neck some more, a little bit harder, but also more sensually this time. you put both your hands flat on my desk, as if to steady yourself, and moaned softly. i enjoy your moans, because they tell me you like what i'm doing. so as you moaned i continued doing what i knew you liked.

my hand comes up and rests on the small of your back. your body responds as if it creates an intense reaction to me touching you. i continue kissing you neck, your body slowly leaning forward, over my desk, and away from me. i stop kissing you. i lean back and admire the view in front of me. i feel an intense pressure well up in my loins and i feel a huge wad of precum ooze spill into my boxers. the way you're leaning over my desk pulls your skirt taught, highlighting the curves of your body and drawing my attention to your ass it accentuates that curve. my hand drops, cupping your cheek, and you let out a moan better than when i kissed your neck. i spread my fingers over the black fabric of your skirt, and squeeze, taking your cheek in my hand. i press myself against you as my body responds equally to the instant pleasure released in both of us.

i haven't done anything of note, yet my trousers is straining under the building pressure. the way your body looks against my desk, your sleek, straight hair hanging off the right side of your head as you've tilted your head slightly. your moans also hold my attention. the soft, yet deep and very sensual moans. i find them very captivating and want more. want to give you more. want to do more to you, with you. i want to rip the clothes from your body and have my way with you, but i want to take my time with you and savour each moment, slowly enjoying you. i'm lost, torn between raw, lustful desires and soft sensual yearnings. i release your cheek, and run my hand up your curved body, purposefully slowly. up over your skirt, pressing against you as i pass over the hem of your skirt onto the crisp white fabric of your fitted shirt. running my fingers along one of the seams of your shirt. i feel your body respond to my fingers, and i enjoy the soft moans you can't suppress.

you lower yourself further onto my desk. your hair touching the desktop as you rest on your elbows. it creates an image i fantasise about constantly and i lean back to take in the image before me. your feet tight together, clad in the sexiest matt black stiletto heels with the slightest platform to give the heel extra height. your legs are covered with black stay-up shimmer stockings with a seam running down the centre of the back, the broad lace band on top peaking out slightly from under your skirt. your plain short black skirt is hiked up to mid thigh as you're leaning over my desk now. i run my eyes up the curve of your cheeks, pulled tight in the skirt, over the zipper at the back and over the band on top. i purposefully run my eyes back over your thighs and your skirt and your cheeks, lustfully lingering as i work my way up your body again. your bright white fitted shirt stretched over your body. the two seams of your shirt pulling up and stretching out toward your shoulders from the your sides as it is tucked into your skirt. some of your hair is laying over your collar onto your back, some of your hair is hanging on my desk, and some of your hair is tucked behind your ear. i glance down, and follow your body up again, heels, stockings, skirt, shirt. my fantasy is becoming a reality. i feel my mouth go dry as my erection grows harder and more severe. and i feel another involuntary expulsion of precum into my boxers.

i take my left hand and push it into the small of your back, my hand flat, fingers outstretched. i press you down onto my desk so that your breasts are pressed down. you have to adjust your stance and brace yourself by spreading your legs slightly. i step up behind you. my wood is aching for you now, i feel it throbbing through my boxers and my trousers. i put my hands on your hips, and i position myself behind you. as i push against you, it instinctively finds the niche between your cheeks. i grind slowly, but hard. with each movement i feel more precum ooze from my now swollen head. you first respond with a load moan, and a loss of control as your body tenses against mine. you have to steady yourself again, and i notice your one hand slip out and grab hold of the side of my desk. i smile to myself, thinking i haven't even started with you yet, but you're already holding on. my smile fades as i continue to grind against you. i grip your body tighter, a little bit more urgently. again, i'm conflicted with how to proceed. lust takes over and i squeeze hard and thrust against you. you yelp softly and follow it up with a moan immediately and i look up and see you're laying your head on my desk.

i lean down, pressing my head down onto your back. i love the way you smell, it turns me on further. my whole body responds to it. i reach down with my right hand and grab at your right leg, just above your knee. running my hand up your leg, palm flat against your stockings. i moan out loud as i run my hand up your leg, as do you, i grunt just a little bit as my hand runs over the lace band of your stockings. i force my hand up further, hiking your skirt up as i go higher. my body is trembling as i go higher, now running my hand up over your bare skin. our moans are almost synchronised, and then i stop dead. i am very pleasantly and abruptly surprised to find you're not wearing any panties. a primal urge takes me over. without warming, i drop to my knees, my face less than a centimeter from your cheeks. more urgently than was required, and without care or caress, i slip both my hands under your skirt and in one fluid motion, i pull it up in a mound above your cheeks. i almost want to sit back and just enjoy the view, but i'm hungry for you. the view of your legs slightly apart, the lace band of your stockings hugging your thighs, and your beautiful glistening pussy sends wicked urges through my body. instinct and primal lust take over when i see there's a trickle of juice from your wetness, down your inner thigh, right up to the top of the band of the stocking on your left leg.

i know i should give you a warning, but i don't, lust has won me over. i lean forward and bury my face between your cheeks. i breathe deeply and stick my tongue out to taste you. when my tongue touches your wet lips, your whole body jerks and you let out a sharp moan. you try to move, but i have you pinned against my desk, your movement has just forced your legs further apart. i use the opportunity to push my head further against you, lapping your juices up. then i pull back my head and hear you moan a sigh of reprieve. i lean further down and angle my head so i can reach your inner thighs to clean up the juice that messed down your leg. you slam your hand down on my desk as my tongue laps up against your inner thigh. my trousers feel as though my wood is going to rip through them, i only feel wetness in my boxers from the amount of precum i've messed. your moans and reactions tell me you're in the same space, wanting the same thing, yearning, aching for it. you are wetter now than before i started eating you out, the beads of juice and my saliva mixed into sticky droplets clinging to your skin, i lap up again, and again, and again. each time my tongue licks over your lips your body jerks and you moan. i want more! right now!

as i stand up, i reach down and make a claw with my right hand, and drag it up the inside of your leg, from your ankle, up, over your stockings, i run it over your knee. as i get to your inner thigh, you can't take it anymore. you push back start standing up. i quickly stand up behind you and force you back down again. flat against my desk. you a little unnerved by the way i handle you, but the moans escaping you tell me you're enjoying it too. i keep you pressed down against my desk with my left hand, pushing you down against the hard desk. your skirt is still hiked up and bundled up just below your waist, and your wetness has leaked even more. i reach down and start undoing my belt and my trousers with my right hand, my left keeping you firmly pressed against the desk. i fumble with my belt, my one hand is taking too long, the sight of your wetness waiting for me is increasing the urgency with which i need to respond to you. my wood is pressing desperately against my boxers, trapped in my trousers. i finally manage to get the belt and my button open and then the zipper flies down. my hand grabs at the edge of my shirt and pulls it up violently. as my hand moves down, my thumb hooks into the band of my boxers and yanks them down. my fully erect cock bursts free, the swollen head glistening and gleaming from the precum it's been messing this entire time. the thick shaft stands taught and proud and is ready for his work. without being touched, more precum oozes from the head, hanging on but threatening to drip. the veins along the shaft look like they can't handle the pressure, like they too are about to burst. my trousers and boxers are untidily caught around my thighs, my cock standing proud, waiting to be used. i need you now!

i struggle to remain focused, and i struggle to keep calm. i am overtaken completely by lust and desire. i look down between your legs and see her dripping down your inner thighs again and i realise you are too. i forcefully grab hold of the base of my shaft with my right hand, i feel the throbbing muscle in my hand and i look down to see the huge mess of precum dripping from the head. i keep my hand on your back and i push my right leg between yours. i use my leg to pry your legs open further. you moan loudly as i push your leg open further still. i step closer to you and i you feel my hand grab hold of your shirt and the top band of your skirt, holding it in my left fist. my right hand still wrapped around the base of my shaft guides the swollen head of my cock to your dripping wet, waiting lips. the moment they kiss, i thrust hard, forcing my hips forward. in my lustful haste and urgency i do not realise that my cock isn't properly positioned and it slides hard against your wet skin, pressing forcefully against your very very wet lips, which causing him to miss his target and slide hard against her, instead of inside her. the action however, has a very surprising result, a deep moan from you and a hard grunt from me. i see how your body responds to that too, you have opened your legs a little wider, she looks almost inviting, wetter and more waiting. i pull back and re-position the swollen head of my cock against your wet pussy lips. i force myself forward. i haven't yet entered you, but you're moaning. the sensation of my swollen head against your wet lips is electric. i'm getting louder too. more desperate, more urgent. i push forward again, guiding my cock better this time, i feel your wetness on my hand, it turns me on further, i find your sweet spot and i positioning him properly, with a slight push i manage to part your sticky wet lips and the swollen head of my aching cock kisses your tasty wet pussy.

desperate urgent lust takes over. the full head of my cock isn't inside you yet, but i let go of the shaft. my left hand is still clutching your shirt and skirt, and my right hand smacks down to grab a handful of your ass. i spread your cheeks and, without thought or consideration. i thrust hard and deep into you. the sensation of my cock being swallowed by your pussy sends a hardened lustful grunt from my mouth. loud, deep, urgent. holding tighter onto your shirt and cheek. my grunt is met with a shrieking gasp from you, louder than mine. both of our animal noises filled with pleasure and satisfaction. i let go of your cheek when i can't push into you any further, my body pressed against yours. i use both hands to hold onto your shirt and skirt as i start to pull out of you, i only make it halfway out and i push back into you. hard! forceful! my balls slapping your pussy as i pound against you. you gasp again, holding onto the desk as if for dear life. i look down and see you close your eyes as i pull back and thrust into you again, harder still. i throw my head back as i try and make a rhythm out of my movements, but the sensations are overwhelming! you're making a low, deep moaning constantly and it's driving me wild! my thrusts become shallower, but faster. the hurried motions make wet noises as my precum mixes with your pussy juice to lubricate our union.

i pull my cock out of you, again without warning. and i kneel down behind you. with deep, hard, powerful licks, i lap up your pussy juice again. i can taste myself on your lips, mixed with your juice. it drives me wild. you're gasping and moaning loudly again, and squirming under my tongue! i'm torn again, between making you cum on my tongue from being licked out like this, or fucking you again. i press my face against your body harder, feeling how hot you are, my tongue licking harder. i pull at your lips with my tongue, until i hear you gasp. i reach down and run my fingertips up your inner thighs again. i feel how everything i do has that very specific effect on you. you won't be able to hold out. so i oblige. i slip two fingers into your very tight, very hot, very very wet pussy. my fingers slide in easily because of how wet you are, but i can feel how tightly your pussy is gripping my fingers too.i can feel how close you are, so i play quickly. your body responds very easily, and your moans tell me how close you're getting. it doesn't take a lot of my rhythmical finger fucking, while biting your ass to send you over the edge at all. you slam your hand onto my desk, and hold the other edge tightly. your face is pressed hard against my desk, and your moans are deep and fast and exhausting. i literally feel your pussy clamp down on my fingers, but the mixture of my precum, my saliva, and your own pussy juice allows me to continue finger fucking you. you cum hard. your body tenses up completely, your moans turn to groans. you have juice oozing from your pussy, running by my fingers and again down your inner thighs. i keep sliding my fingers in and out of your pussy, but your orgasm is taking me unbelievably close to completion as well, and i'm simply not ready to cum yet. i pull my fingers from your pussy, and push my head in close to lick you clean. then i stop and lick my fingers clean.

your sweet, hot, wet pussy looks so inviting that i cannot resist. without thinking, my right hand is again at the base of my rock hard shaft, squeezing, holding it in position. my left hand grabs at your ass. without warning or thought, i position the swollen head of my cock at your dripping pussy lips again. i jerk forward, the head is swallowed up by your very tight, but very very wet pussy. you gasp and moan all at the same time, your body shifts at the unexpected cruel pleasure. you reach back and put your hand flat out against my side, as if to slow me down. i am further excited by your condition, and fuck you a little bit harder, not as deep, but harder and faster. you're screaming out now, but you're not stopping me. both my hands move to your waist, and i lean forward, my head over your back, and i start fucking you deeper. pushing my throbbing hard cock deeper with each thrust into you, pressing my body harder against you. my cock responds differently, and i know i'm getting close. i desperately, urgently want to cum, but i don't want to cum yet. i want more of you, i want you for longer. this feels like i couldn't hold out and am going to cum too quickly. you move your right leg out, spreading wider. i look down and see that very sexy heel, your stocking clad leg, and my rock hard cock thrusting in and out of you, glistening from a mixture of all of our juices.

my mind wants more, my mind wants this to carry on, but my body can't. i've reached the height of pleasure and i cannot hold out any longer. i instinctively grab your shirt and skirt again with my left hand, holding on unnecessarily hard this time. my right hand squeezing your right waist, hard, as if trying to capture you. with each thrust i can feel my body edging closer. i'm fucking you a little harder now, pushing all of my aching cock into your very tight pussy, pulling three-quarters out, and then shoving it back in again! i'm getting very close now, i can feel it. i lean my head down further, closer to your back, it makes my cock bend just a little bit as i continue shoving it deep and hard into your pussy, which threatens to make me cum quicker still. my cock feels like it's going to explode as i keep thrusting back into you, deeper and harder and faster. i can't hold out any longer. my body is tensing up further, my thrusts are hard and deep and fast, and as if you can sense all of this, you whisper back to me in a sexy, desperate murmur: "cum for me baby!" my body cannot resist or hold out a second longer. this is it!!!!

i grunt hard under my breath as a i pull my cock from your tight dripping pussy: oh fuck christine! i'm going to cum!!" and i grunt and groan loud! i cannot hold out, and my aching throbbing cock explodes, spewing thick warm streams of milky white cum.i hold tight onto your shirt and skirt with my left hand as my right hand strokes my throbbing cock into ecstasy. you moan as i grunt as though you're cumming again, and it magnifies my orgasm. thick beads of warm cum shoot over your body. the first shot goes off the to side, clear over your body and lands on my desk. the second and third land across your back, leaving a trail of cum from your skirt up to your left shoulder on your shirt. i keep stroking, feeling the continuous build of pressure and eruption from my throbbing cock. cum spraying out over your body and clothes. i notice streaks of cum across your cheeks, on your skirt and on your shirt. i am overtaken by ecstasy, i grunt and moan out loud. i close my eyes in delight as my cum continues to burst from my cock, making a complete mess of your outfit...