Written by Peter1970x

06 Feb 2019

Lat night at around 21h00, I came across a certain profile. No pictures very brief....and online. I sent a short message "Mmmm tricky..." the reply I received was ..."Tricky?" I said yes, not much info, I'm sending you my non-dick pics as I am sure you know what these look like, the general rubbish. I sent the pics with my number stating "the ball is now in your court, if you call that would be great and if not also fine. Lo and behold I received a reply, I promptly asked approximate distance and asked if I should come over. The reply was ..."is it not a bit late?" My answer....not for me. Agreement wad reached and I knocked in the door around 22h10. We got along from the start, I jumped through a quick shower and strutted around like Adam and Eve but no fig leaves to which she commented...quite the exhibitionist...from there you probably gathered correctly we had a good few rounds and it was more than pleasurable. I left there at about 01h15 in the morning.

Great fun, great girl.

Woke up at 05h45 with an interesting smirk on my face. Who would have guessed that it could be so impulse and so much fun at the drop of a hat.

Happy days.