Written by JR

21 Feb 2019

I needed to tell you; my first anal experience, we have being in the lifestyle for a long time, well experienced on foursomes, threesomes, orgies, house parties and going away weekends. We met a couple online. They were coming down for a week holiday and wanted to meet for drinks. On the day they arrived, it was a Friday night they sent us a message that were here. I replied, great we can meet tomorrow afternoon at Hooters and chat. Hooters was close to the hotel they were staying. On the Saturday we met them, he was tall and good looking, she was very sexy, great body and beautiful. We had drinks, chatted for about 2 hours.

They invited us back to their hotel room for more drinks; we accepted their invite and went to the hotel. We had more drinks; we started playing by removing our cloths, Lee is really hot, sexy, small breasts, long nipples, and long black hair with green eyes. Vim was lean, well built, with an 8” cock with a button head, the head was twice the size of the shaft, and it was round and big. We had full swap foursome; it was one of the best fucks we have had in a long time.

Driving back home I ask Kay what was it like fucking that cock with a button head, she turned, look at me and said; it’s the best fuck I’ve ever had. And she has had thick 9 1/2” cocks before. On Monday I received a message from Vim, we are keen to get together again before we go back, are you guys keen? After chatting to Kay; I replied; yes that will be great, are you guys keen to come to our place for a Jacuzzi? Vim replied yes that will be great; say Thursday evening, round 6 pm; I replied; perfect, see you Thursday evening.

On that evening they arrive at 5.30pm, Lee had a see though blouse on with a short skirt, she looked stunning and Vim had a shirt with shorts on. We welcomed them, went into the house. I showed them were the bath room and play room was. We poured drinks, sat outside by the pool area chatting, had a lot more drinks. It was about 7 we decided to get into the Jacuzzi, we all striped down, got in. the Jacuzzi was set on 30 degrees as it was a bit cold outside. Still chatting, having more drinks. After a while Lee moved over to Kay; started kiss her on the lips, feeling her tits, moved down, sucking Kay’s nipples, Lee hand was playing with Kay’s pussy. This was very horny; Vim and I had instant hard on. Vim and I lifted Kay out the water; Lee started sucking her clit, Kay had multiple organisms. Lee lifted herself out of the water, placed herself between Kay’s legs, pussy on pussy, the two of them fuck each other, screaming out load, oh my god, oh my god. They both had multiple organisms. They both sat back in the Jacuzzi to catch their breath, Vim lifted himself out of the water, pointed his cock at Kay, Kay started giving him a blow job, she could only take his head in her mouth as it was so big for a deep throat. Lee sat on the top rim of the Jacuzzi with her legs spread apart, I moved over and started to lick her pussy, sucked her clit into my mouth, tongue fuck her. We all sat back for a few minutes and relaxed. I got out and got more drinks, Kay said that she was getting out to make snacks for us as she was hungry; Kay got out and went into the house. Lee, Vim and I sat back, enjoyed the bubbles. I opened my eyes and Lee was sitting on the top rim of the Jacuzzi again, she looked at me, inviting me to muff her again, I lifted myself up and stood between her legs, I put her legs over my shoulders, started to suck her pussy, she thru her head back and was in heaven. I felt cold liquid running down my ass, Vim was behind me, placed his 4 fingers on top of my crack, his thumb was massaging my anal eye, putting pressure on the eye, poured more lube, applied more pressure to my anal eye; it started to feel good, I lifted my right leg up, put it on the seat in the Jacuzzi, Vim pushed his thumb into my anal, fucking me slowly with his thumb, it really felt good, I lifted my other leg out on the other side seat of the Jacuzzi, my legs were apart, bum in the air giving Vim better access to my anal, Vim put both hands on my bums cheeks spreading them, opening up my anal, I could feel his cock against my anal eye, he poured more lube on my anal, Vim started to apply pressure to my anal, I felt my anal spreading, he applied more pressure, he started to enter my anal. I started pushing back, wanted his cock inside of me; I got a sharp, piecing pain that went through my body, like my body had an earth quake. It was not the same pain as if you hurt yourself; it was an electric type pain, as I come back to my senses, Vim was inside of me, massaging my prostate with his button, my inner ring has just been shattered, He started to fuck me faster and hard, Kay shouted; come guys the food is ready, Vim pulled his cock out and sat down in the Jacuzzi, I sat down next to him, having a burning sensation in my anal. What the fuck just happened? Lee got out and went to assist Kay, Vim got up placed his cock by my mouth, I gave him a bow job, and we both got out and went inside the house.

We ate, had more drinks, went to the play room and fucked like bunnies; I must say that I had never had orgasms like the night before. I still have flashed backs, as this was not so long ago. Consequently I have had m2m sex; not into kissing and cuddling; only sucking and fucking.

Here’s the thing; when I see Vim again; do I thank him or fuck him;

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